Auction & Bidding with Auto Bid Robot for CS Cart

Auction & Bidding with Auto Bid Robot for CS Cart

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Looking for a new way to make money with your CS-Cart? Well, look no further! We bring you an exciting CS-Cart Add-on which is sure to make you lots of money!

Our Auction Add-on for CS-Cart lets you start making money with your CS-Cart in a brand new way by allowing you to list items for Auction and Bidding with an Auto Bidding Robot!


  • Compatible with CS-Cart 4.x, 4.1.x, 4.2.x (Free & Paid)
  • Free Bidding
  • Paid Bidding
  • Put as many items for Auction as you like
  • You can pick the Starting Date, Time and Duration for your Auction
  • You can pick the Starting and Minimal Price
  • You can set the Maximal Bid Price
  • Option to repeat the bid if not sold
  • Option to mark the bid as Recommended

2 Ways to Make Money:

1) Free Bidding: Free bidding works similar to how eBay works. Everyone can bid and only the winner has to pay. 2) Paid Bidding: Paid bidding works similar to how QuiBids works. Everyone has to pay as they bid and at the end, there is only 1 winner. Typically, sites that run paid bidding attract more traffic because the winner can win the item at 80% or even 90% lower than the retail price!

What is an Auto Bid Robot? The Auto Bid Robot is a bot that acts as a normal website visitor and bids on products for you to increase the price of the products by outbidding human bids. You can set it to bid up to a certain amount and once the bid reaches that amount, bot will stop bidding on that product.

Our back-end is very simple, yet VERY POWERFUL!!!

Your sanctification is guaranteed! Please contact us for all your support or customization questions. If you like this add-on, please don’t forget to rate it *

Please note: This add on requires Cron Job! We have included instructions on how to setup a cron job. If you need assistance, please message us because we offer FREE INSTALLATION of this CS-Cart add on a fresh CS-Cart installation. We also offer customization of this add on for an extra fee.


03/02/2015: Bug fixes