Discussion on Attendance Fingerprint (Smartphone Fingerprint)

Discussion on Attendance Fingerprint (Smartphone Fingerprint)

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Hello , i have a question before purshase de app please.

Can 1 phone be used to manage many employees ? like 50 employees or more per site?? or you need to have 1 phone /emp?

like i have 20 offices en each office have a least 5 employees .

Can 1 phone be instaalled in each offices to manage all the employees?

Yes 1 phone 1 employee.

will you provide the complete code so that I can make some changes according to my requirements?

If you buy it, you get complete code.


you have student attendance app ?

Yes you can use it for student

Hello, I have a question before making the purchase if someone don;t have any finger printe phone how can i mng?

This system is ONLY for smartphones that have a fingerprint.

Unresolved class ‘MainActivity’

Nice update, I think a search should be added to the list of locations in the attendance screen. Because when adding more than 50 sites, the user finds it difficult to choose the appropriate locations. Or if the application can match the user’s location with the registered locations and automatically chooses the appropriate location for it . Thank you

Thanks, will update soon.

Please rate us if you like the update. Thank you…

You have to add payroll system here.

We will consider it. Thanks


at-least add major feature fence assign with user account , so no need to find his location

Hello, I have a question before making the purchase. I would like to install the application on a single tablet and that the employees of my company would all register on that single tablet so that the entries and exits would be recorded on that single tablet, which we would place at the entrance to my offices. Would this app do this, or does each worker need to have the app installed on their own device?

Hi, Android or IOS can’t store many fingerprints, so it can’t be what you want.

Pre purchase question..please can I edit code can I change analytics data to show with attendance and absentees and not come late, overtime and early out time? I am using at my church?

After add purchase code screen loading , not updated purchase code

Hello how to assign user to fence area ???

please check in the documentation.

Sorry , but i check document , nothing to find how to assign user to fence

in this system, you can only draw multiple locations in your office. when your employee is inside the polygon he is able to make attendance, if outside he is not able to make attendance. Please check our description of the main product on Codecanyon.

How user assign to location ??

can custimze Live tracking with KM after checkin till Checkout

thanks , waiting for your reply with time and price

Hi wait from your mail response

Please check your email.


3RIOS Purchased

Incorrect purchase: – Fingerprint Attendance (Smartphone Fingerprint) – By MuliaTech $79 date of purchase January /06/2023 time 14:56

I want this one: – The Smart Queue – By MuliaTech $79

I have selected the same product of the same value and ended up buying it wrong, the product is from the same seller

I would like to change please Fingerprint Attendance (Smartphone Fingerprint) – By MuliaTech for The Smart Queue – By MuliaTech


3RIOS Purchased

already purchased

Hi, Do i receive the code of mobile app (i need to change some parts (need to add a break) and some other things)?

Hai, is it works with ios?

Do attendee get any notifications like to their email? etc. for student, their parent get notification

tidak, maaf. Tetapi kami akan mempertimbangkan fitur ini di masa mendatang.

Ok baik terima kasih

hai, bagaimana saya ingin dapat berhubung dengan anda? boleh berikan email anda? salam from Malaysia

Hi, please contact us at Thanks..

tidak dapat menghantar email kepada anda.

oh sorry, please sent it to

Can I make the employee enter and exit more than once because his work requires going to more than one place? Can I extract a report by the employee or by the place to know how many employees visited the specified place?

needs modification based on what you want. Because this system is only for work from the office..

How much does that cost me

Please email us at with the details…Thanks

does support face id ?


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