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Great game. Found a bug in the shop. The image does not show up properly. Therefore not knowing what is being purchased or even clicking on it to purchase.


Hi! I’m so sorry for late reply. You can edit the attributes of Zombies by changing it in inspector. First find the prefab folder then click on a zombie that you want to edit then you can find its attribute in inspector tab.

Sorry for the update too. Im kinda bc at school. Thank you!

Hi! So i manage to check the game again after bc days. I finally find a solution in image bug and i find the reason why its happening. I’m gonna update this game by first week of february.

Updated! :)

Best of luck for your sales

Thank you :)

How easy to reskin?

Hello! There are guides to reskin the game in documentation :)

Nice product

Can you please confirm that the game is supported in the latest Unity version. Also can you try to produce apk file from the copy you are selling?

had unityads?