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I am currently away from my desk and would be back on 21st Oct so I won’t be able to respond to any comments/emails during this period. Sorry for any inconvenience and thank you for your patience.

Is it possible instead of having % have a Date & Time of Day? Basically i need a QR Code to be redirected to a different url depending on what time it is

Thank You

QR code can be generated from the profile URL. I believe you need ‘from’ and ‘to’ time instead of % for each URL. As it requires various modifications so it would be a custom job.

What’s the difference between a landing page and an offer page? I understand that the content for either would be different, but don’t these two options do the same thing?...direct the user desired URL ? Thanks for explaining.

Hi, The landing page can have a link to offer pages. Let’s say you want to split test multiple affiliate links for a similar offer, for ex a free coupon but you don’t want to do direct linking i.e. want to first send visitors to your own landing page. So you can create ‘Offer rotation profile’ with all your affiliate urls for the similar offer. The rotator would automatically send visitors to different affiliate urls, as per their share %, each time the offer link is clicked on your landing page and this way you can see which affiliate url converts better for that traffic source.

Hello, I bought the script and am wondering whether there is a way to track subids or not. let’s say I want to rotate 2 LPs with subids such as:

http://www.xxxxx.com/index.php?subid=[SUBID] http://www.yyyyy.com/index.php?subid=[SUBID]

Is there a way I can pick up the subid in the main rotation url so that it then passes it on to the LP? It’s pretty important stuff in my opinion. Thanks.

Yes, you can. Please refer to #4, here: http://www.atomtrack.com/wiki/index.php?title=URL_Rotator_Usage so you just need to specify subid in your profile url i.e. the rotator URL that you use with your traffic source. And it would automatically be passed to your LPs. So if your rotator profile URL is: http://www.xxxxx.com/?atomid=2 then with subid it would be http://www.xxxxx.com/?atomid=2&subid=[SUBID] assuming that your traffic source would dynamically replace [SUBID] with the actual keyword/url you’re bidding on.

yes you’re right I found out! Sorry about that, nice script!

It is possible to add multiple users?I added new user in database but i see all profile(profiles from all users).

Is there a way to add multi-user… that would be great.

Hi, I’ll implement it in a future version.

hi, is there a way to limit the amount of visits a url receives. for example, it will receive 25% but up to a maximum of 5000, so it will not send more than 5000 visitors to that url? thanks

Hi, You can only specify share %, for ex: 25 %.

I’ve tried multiple times and can not get install.php to run. I get the following error: URL Rotator AtomTrack Rotator setup couldn’t be completed. Please check config.php for correct values. By AtomTrack

godaddy states this is my host: atomtrack1.db.10906501.hostedresource.com also tried host: database name: atomtrack1 username: atomtrack1 password: I will give it if needed

I can not get it, I need your help. Donald Sr.

Hi, Please send me your cpanel/ftp login along with database information.

Code is ugly, at least use indentation… I have to reindent everything now myself..

As far as original code is concerned, it is indented. But sometimes extra lines/spaces are automatically added to the code after submission.

Hi I would like to rotate a set of landingpages. In the demo that works perfect. I can see in the demo the visits per page. But How can I count the conversions for that landing page. This means, Someone see landingpage 2. They click then on the subscribe button of that landing page. I did not see this option.

Second question. I use one domain in https. The landingpages are all in the same domain. Does the script work with https?

Third question. Can we modify the scriptcode ourselves in the script. ?

Thanks in advance!


1) Assuming that you have a ‘thank-you’ page hosted on your own site which is shown rite after collecting the email, you can place the conversion pixel on it. That is if you collect the emails yourself. If the subscription data is first saved elsewhere and then redirected to your ‘thank-you’ page then refer to this faq: http://www.atomtrack.com/wiki/index.php?title=Frequently_asked_questions#I_am_not_using_an_affiliate_network_and_I_want_to_place_the_conversion_code_on_my_own_website_or_thank-you_page._Is_that_possible.3F

2) Yes.

3) Yes.

Thanks for the good info!

I need to pass the following parameters: &extsubid={transaction_id}&sid={affiliate_id}

So I added those parameters like the following: http://XXXX.XXX/r/?atomid=1&extsubid={transaction_id}&sid={affiliate_id}

But once I check in the HTTP referrer I see the parameters duplicated:



It is the responsibility of your traffic source to dynamically assign them just once so you should ask them about it.

The URLS are shown even when I put percent to 0% it’s still show, I can’t pause them on the profile, and I can’t add more URLS or delete URLS, It’s frustrating…

Also, there is no control for the viewers, I do not know country of visitors or show statistics, just numbers, very limited control panel.

Besides, AtomTrack URL is everywhere, and pictures everywhere as no reason for it too.

Hi, It calculates the total share of all the URLs and it should be 100%. Even if you put 0% for a URL and it comes to 100% for other URLs then it won’t make any difference as that URL won’t be served but you’ll be able to update their share % later as you can see in the demo. For more advanced rotator, you can check the one that comes with AtomTrack pro tracking: http://codecanyon.net/item/atomtrack-pro-ppv-ppc-tracking/7273452

Hello! In the demo I saw this item id=’atomRotator’ and a link to the script link to your site?? You are tracking too? You can change the values id=’atomRotator on your own? Change the settings on your can? The code is open?

No, this is a self hosted version and data is kept in your own database. There’s just a link to the site in logo which is just like link you see on other scripts like WordPress.

Hi the script is working ?

Yes, please check the demo before buying

and if I want to send the reference facebook and not .com AtomTrack?

Hi, Can you please rephrase your question.

Top bin begeistert

Does the script quit when the support expires?

Mine seemed to.

I will consider renewing support if you actually answer these comments in a timely fashion.

Not sure what comments are you referring to.

prejudice I tried a mount at least 200 times, but it does not work you could give me a hand, created the platform create the url unless the profile saves both Url Atom, Atom Track .. (does not work AtomTrack Rotator URL they also AtomTrack Pro PPV, PPC Tracking ) please help

Not sure, what do you mean

I added 10 URLs and gave each the weight of “10”. The admin now keeps refreshing: See the following link: http://www.donate5bucks.com/rotator/index.php

Nevermind. I guess you have to enter http://www.donate5bucks.com/rotator/view.php

hello, i couldnt install the rotator script on my cpanel. i have to follow your instruction on README.txt

can you help me to setup it ? or any video guide for me ? please reply ASAP, thanks