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Hi, I just installed the script but when I enter the username and password, I can’t login and I get redirected to the login page. I have PHP 5.5 and all the requirements are fine with me. I tried more than one browser. Appreciate your kind support :)

Thanks a lot, the issue has been resolved, fixed the session in php.ini.

Hi, I have sent you a couple of questions by email since 4 days but I didn’t get any response yet. I will repeat them below and I wish to answer me asap.

1. You mentioned that there’s a way to give a cost for each click to be able to calculate the campaign profit/losses, I don’t find any option allow me to do that on the AtomTrack, do you have a video explaining that? And how can we know if a conversion happen for a certain keyword?

2. How to use the pixel tracking and integrate it in the affiliate network & AtomTrack to give feedback about the conversion? and how to read it’s value in case I got response from the affiliate website?

Hi, 1. Please watch the first video on this page: http://www.atomtrack.com/ (from around 11:30 minute)

2. Same video at around 8:15 minute. Usually affiliate back office allows you to add a global conversion pixel otherwise you can send it your affiliate manager.


you plugin do the same like ppcsecure.com? if yes i try to login to the admin but i get error… can you tell me how i see your script admin?

Please try again now.