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Hi, I just installed the script but when I enter the username and password, I can’t login and I get redirected to the login page. I have PHP 5.5 and all the requirements are fine with me. I tried more than one browser. Appreciate your kind support :)

Thanks a lot, the issue has been resolved, fixed the session in php.ini.

Hi, I have sent you a couple of questions by email since 4 days but I didn’t get any response yet. I will repeat them below and I wish to answer me asap.

1. You mentioned that there’s a way to give a cost for each click to be able to calculate the campaign profit/losses, I don’t find any option allow me to do that on the AtomTrack, do you have a video explaining that? And how can we know if a conversion happen for a certain keyword?

2. How to use the pixel tracking and integrate it in the affiliate network & AtomTrack to give feedback about the conversion? and how to read it’s value in case I got response from the affiliate website?

Hi, 1. Please watch the first video on this page: http://www.atomtrack.com/ (from around 11:30 minute)

2. Same video at around 8:15 minute. Usually affiliate back office allows you to add a global conversion pixel otherwise you can send it your affiliate manager.


you plugin do the same like ppcsecure.com? if yes i try to login to the admin but i get error… can you tell me how i see your script admin?

Please try again now.

The counter of the visits doesn’t give accurate readings, do you know why please?

For example, I get sometimes too much visits without any reference.

The references are not returned by browser in many cases so you see that.

In the affiliate network, when they add this URL for the tracking to their network: http://atomtrack.com/cpixel.php?aff=1&subid=#S2#, the affiliate link in the AtomTrack, should be like this: http://www.mb01.com/lnk.asp?o=3221&c=42834&a=15440&s2=

Can you confirm please? Nothing to add after the equal sign which comes after the s2 in the URL above?


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You didn’t asnwer me? Could you please help? In MundoMedia the PostBack URL is: http://atomtrack.com/cpixel.php?aff=1&subid=%SUBID2%, their affiliate URL needs a value for the subid2, like: http://mundomedia-offer-url/&subid2= ?? What is the value please?

hi i has been buy this tracker and try with my server ,, but i got some problem when i try to get put the http://domainahvscha.com/exit.php on the field save to getting global postback url i got error forbiden 403 displayed. help me out

How to add a &payout=parameter&country=parameter&ipaddress=parameter. i just got some &subid= . how to adding more parameter like above.

Hi how i can get offer with the right destination of geo, for example if the restriction of offer are just only for USA country, how i can set this Up. ?

how to getting run all the campaign i create with single link off exit.php for example : if i create 10 campaign and they are having same offer url how to getting the single link with different destination of the campaign. campaign a,b,c,d,e,g,h,i,j,k,l,m,n,o from traffic single link of exit.php


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Could you please help about the conversion tracking? If the PostBack URL is: http://atomtrack.com/cpixel.php?aff=1&subid=%SUBID2%, the affiliate URL needs a value for the subid2, what to add to the affiliate URL? like: http://affiliate-offer-url? There should be a parameter from the AtomTrack like {clickID} to be added to the affiliate URL, what is it please? Could you provide the full URL after adding the parameter? I didn’t find anything in the documentation. Thanks.