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Great work GLWS :)


Hi, I really like the plugin. I’m thinking about buying it for my small business and plan to you use for when customers submit booking request.

Couple questions? Does it have a calendar where a customer can select their date of choice? Also, here is there an option for the customer to select time frames?

Here is my old form –

Basically, I want to make a form using your plugin but still have some of these features such as the calendar and times.

Hi, Currently this plugin have no calendar. but it is nice suggestion, will implement this in next update.

hi, We have update out plugin with date and calendar functionality

This is so cool but does it work with WP Job Manager Field Editor

Hi, This is individual form plugin. Can you explain more, what you want to achieve. We can help you out.

Hello, A presale question.. Can the form do similar to this? Its like they fill the form and when they fill its do a add to cart when all the form you fill up will show and you will send info to them for the quote for all of it?

Please click on request to quote to see..

Please let me know.. Thanks

no this can’t work like this, you need to do custom coding to get it worked.

how can i change the currency of the prices ?

you can change this from file, go to plugin folder and then assets -> js and open custom,js file

in that navigate line 80 jQuery("#amount").val(d+'$ '+ " - " + m+'$');

in this change $ sign to what ever you want.

cool stuff! GLWS

Hi I just bought the forum, however I have a few questions – Could I change the text on the button “Send Project Outline” and Project Scope text etc because the wording doesn’t match my business.

Bump N Play Rental Services – That is the text that I entered.

can you send an email to

Hi, just sent you an email.

Hi, I tried installing but it changes design of whole template. Is it a bug? All buttons and texts CSS are getting after activation changed.. I would like to use this plugin, so please advise what to do

can you show screenshot.

Hi, is it possibile with your plugin two things ? 1. Dont’ show the price to guest customer. 2. Only to registered user, after submission, send a PDF file with quotation price. Can you do it ? Thanks !

no, this need addition customization.