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Hi purchased the item… I have difficulty adapting the index page you provided with the download – for me this is the easiest way to go about using the item.

1. I am trying to delete from the page what is not needed yet it seems that if I delete the last javascript above the (end) head tag, the slider stops working – the script relates in my opinion to the radio buttons/options.

Have tried to replace this script with the script variables you put in HELP yet the item doesn’t work either.

Could you give me a clue how to delete the radio buttons options script there and how to make the item work OK?

2. Could you also tell me, where best to tweak the options for the item (the API as you call it in HELP )? i.e. in what javascript!

Thanks, Bob

Thanks for purchasing the item. 1. The “previous”, “next” buttons can be deleted by set the options “generateNextPrev” to “false”. The “pagination” buttons can be deleted by set the options “generatePagination” and “pagination” to “false”.

The last javascript above the end head tag can be deleted. The essential step is invoke $("#asura-rotator").AsuraRotator();, others are tweaks for the options.

All scripts and css are necessary except jquery.easing.1.3.js.

2. You can pass options as the parameter of AsuraRotator(), just as demo page shows.

If there are also problems to work, fill free to pass the page to me by email, I can do it for you.


How can we align to the left or a layer with full screen i mean one layer per page

Hi, to align to the left you can follow these steps:

1. Find all “var startPos =”. 2. Delete all “(winWidth-vars.currentSlide.width())/2” behind the ”=” sign.

Hope this can help you.

Hi Fairfox, Great slider, thanks, been after this style for a while… Couple of questions, 1. On mobile, I see that ‘touch’ works to bring on the next / prev slide, but how about swipe? Is this possible? 2. Perhaps similar to @Chaisser question, but was wondering if you can align to the centre of a containing div as opposed to the screen? 3. Do all the slides need to be the same width for it to work (well) ? Many thanks again, Chris

Hi, Chris, thanks for being interested to my slider. For the question 1 you mentioned, the slider doesn’t support swipe yet, but it should not be hard to implement. For the question 2, the slider was intent to be a full width one, so I align it to the center of the screen, but if most people like put it in a container, I will add some options in next update to support this feature. For question 3, the slides need not to be the same size, they can be any size you want. Thank you for your questions.

Hi, I’ve tried to align to the left, as per your instructions above. But unfortunately not having the desired effect. Any ideas? Thanks! Chris

Please explain me exactly what to do because i am not perfectly aware of JS, i just have average knowledge that allow me to make some edits or small modifications.

hello fairfox, thanks for the good file and work. Actually i need some help, i have purchased your item and i need the slider to start from 0px left side when i try to change this (div id=”asura-rotator” style=”left: -200px;”) in the index.html page to style left:0px the rotation animation stopped

what to do? also i need to remove the next and prev. arrows how to do that?

hi dalemo, sorry for late. I updated the slider and the new version add an option named “leftMost”, default is true, means placing the current slider on the left most side of screen. to remove the prev and next button, you can set “generateNextPrev” option to false. Hope this can help you.

Hi. have been working very well. css file is limited to 550px width image. 550 px width of my painting looks different and a half, but still remains on the slide image. How do I set it automatically. css file explorer and nothing works when I change the width setting. I would be glad if you help. English is a bit bad in the meantime I’m sorry :)

Hi, how can I make it a continuous slider? Also how can I take off the next, prev arrows and the little nav dots?


Hello. Before I buy it. Is it possible to have the slider as a fullscreen(width and height) background? I want to put my website in front and only on the transparent parts the movement can be seen. I also dont want to have it as a slideshow. only 3 layers with diffrent pictures with transparents. so png32 for example. thanks. i hope this is what i am looking for. best regards. daniel