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Hello, I want to know that can I use this Slider with me wordpress website?? And if I got an A4 size image and I want that image shows up in full size into the slider so Can I do that? Thanks

Yes, you can use it in wordpress. But it’s not a plugin. If you want to display some dynamic images, you have to add some code by yourself. The maximum width allowed is 960 pixels. If the width exceeds this, the image will be cropped.


i purchased this slider today, but it is having some serious issues as given below,

1. Try double clicking the image area, after that whole animation gets disturbed.

2. Once you completed the loop for example. i reach the last image and the left arrow appears but once i reach the first image the arrow is still clickable and on-click shows image 1 repeatedly.

Please let me know how to fix this, otherwise we will not be able to use this slider on our website. In that case we will need a refund.

Thanks, Sagar Joshi


I’ve fixed the problems you mentioned and submitted for review. It will be dowloadable in a few days.

Thanks for feedback.

The new version can be downloaded now.

Hi having trouble making this slider auto play without a button or click function. I just want it to automatically play on page load. Thanks

Please refer to the example page in the package. In the example page, I invoked “slider.autoPlay(5000)” to enable autoplay.

Hi is there anyway to make images that scroll clickable to go to other links? Thanks

+1 for the clickable images. And maybe a better documentation, especially regarding the markup, it’s not at all obvious.

Hi! If count of image = 4, this slider display only 2. Why?

I solved this problem by css property min-width

Definitely great work. Goodluck