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Can you sell a PSD of the “keyboard button images” over on Graphic River. They’re very nice!

alright, i’ve submitted it to GR; if all goes well, it’ll be up sometime soon..

told you they wouldn’t accept it, that’s why i left GR..

the PNGs of the keyboard button images are up on Graphic River if you’re still interested.

Hello, I have a few questions:

Does this item come with documentation, and does the item come with full un-encoded source code?


yep! only the demo version is encoded and the help file documentation is only with the paid version (when you buy the script)—this script is also bundled in with the site switcher.

Hello, I have a few questions:

Does this item come with documentation, and does the item come with full un-encoded source code?



How can I make the page redirect to another page with a certain ctrl + key call?

Like for example CTRL + P goes to

I’ll def. integrate this into my new startup if I can get an answer on that/if it can be done! Probably a simple window.location but Javascript is NOT my thing, hah. Thanks!

overwriting browser’s default action to keys such as “ctrl+r” might not work in some browsers (such as opera, and maybe safari and chrome) because these browsers don’t allow default browser actions to be overwritten; you can instead use “ctrl+shift+r” etc. (something which isn’t used by browsers by default) to carryout any custom action you want (even ones such as redirecting user to another page).

you might wanna check out the site switcher app @ which uses the “assign” script ..

Hi great little application this saved me a lot of time just one feature that would be great is if it could also catch the keypress for the Print Screen key Key code (44) i think it is any idea if this is possible i have done with other javascript but would be great if could do all in one. Regards Jonathan

i think it is possible, if you open the source and add it to the keymap, it should work. but some browsers might have an issue however because the print screen key’s action is controlled by the OS. if you need help implementing this, you can email me and i’ll see if it can be done.

Does or can this script handle events like onmouse click etc thanks

yep, it has a syntax like this:

jQuery(element).assign(event, [shortcuts], function(e) {
    // code...

bought a while ago now.

I’d love to use this in particular cases, like use arrow down to go down a menu. the thing is not available at any time. it’s that clear?

another example. imagine an input with a load() event attached. no form or buttons, just sending it when “enter” is pressed. of course, not every time enter is pressed event should be fired

is there a way to modify this to certain conditions?

i don’t quite follow the first bit you wrote. but yes, it’s all possible. i always try to code my scripts in the most extensible way possible. to do what you’re saying, however, would require you to write that extra bit of code yourself. the script itself, would help you listen to and capture keyboard events. i would be happy to give this a try, if you’d want to go the freelancing route as this kind of customization is a bit out of the normal support area. let me know.

Hello…I was wondering if this would be able to be used for opening/closing a section of an accordion?

It works in the same way as does the “bind” method in jQuery. Therefore, the way you would use the “bind” method to open/close sections of your accordion, in the same way you can use this script to assign shortcuts. For example:

jQuery('.accordion').assign('click', ['shift+h', 'k'], function(e) {

The example above executes the function “OpenAccordion()” (assuming this is defined elsewhere) everytime an element with the classname “accordion” is clicked or if “shift+h” key combo or “k” key is pressed on the keyboard.

Ok Thanks…going to buy this and let you know how it goes. Could be back with more questions…hopefully not.

no problem, you can contact me via the contact form on my profile page but i’m sure you won’t have troubles using the script as it’s fairly easy to use and well-documented.


Is it possible to allow each user to setup his own key to call a page? for example the user going to the setting page to define ctrl+shift+1 for calling home.php, ctrl+shift+2 for calling home2.php,...


yes .. that can be done by using the javascript window.location.href property inside the callback function of the assign object .. i’ll help you out with it, if you don’t understand .. it’s pretty straightforward ..

A 10 second install. Works fantastic!


Thank you :)

Hi designcise, Is this plugin still working, working with all browsers etc.? Thanks

Replied to your email.