Discussion on Assets Management module for Perfex CRM - Organize company and client assets

Discussion on Assets Management module for Perfex CRM - Organize company and client assets

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What am asking is Which application can I use with asset Management module since asset Management module is not a standalone.

Or can I use asset Management module with Custom Links for Perfex CRM

You can use our module with Perfex CRM.

Which application can I use with asset Management module but all I need is the asset Management module

This is a module for Perfex CRM

What am asking is Which application can I use with asset Management module since asset Management module is not a standalone.

Or can I use asset Management module with Custom Links for Perfex CRM

You can use our module with Perfex CRM.

This is a presales question… Can you create custom fields in this module?

You can implement custom modules if you want, our module uses HMVC architecture in order to introduce its functionality. But since this is a special need, it will need to get implemented by a developer, according to your own and custom requirements.

What you will see in our demo, is what exactly what you will get.

Hello everything is fine? I want to buy this module from you and I would like to know if it is compatible with the latest version of Perfex (3.0.6) and with PHP 8.2? Thank you very much.


Our module is compatible with the latest version of Perfex CRM, thus, the answer is yes.

All the modules I bought from Themesic have been automatically deactivated .I try to active but its not active.

That sounds more like a technical issue. Have you created a support ticket?

Demo is not working, please check and activate it, it messaging like Sorry, only GET is allowed in the demo website!

We were updating our demo website – its not accessible.


We need only asset management and not the other core features of perfex. Can you guys help me in setting up this environment. I dont need project, tasks etc. I just need for asset management. TIA.

Yes, you can do that.

Again, it requires customization. You can do that by hiding the menus in PHP or CSS code.


Hello, I’m having an issue with my activation code can you please help? please see the error pic through the bottom link

I flushed it once already with no success. and we only use one domain which is our business domain

There is no point to have this module if we can’t use it we want our money back, please I’m tired to repeat myself


As mentioned before, unfortunately, we cannot provide support at your issue, as your support period has expired. Applying our module at a clean installation will verify that this is not an issue caused by our module though.


0102017 Purchased

When entering my purchase code, I get the following message: No sale belonging to the current user found with that code! I can not open a ticket, there is no such an option to open a ticket! do I have to renew my support to get my purchase code working again?

Your code shall work, if copied/pasted without any extra characters, during activation process.

If you want to flush your license, you can do that from our support portal (you dont need to renew your support for that)


0102017 Purchased

Getting error 500 when activating this module, while activating other modules works just fine.

Hello and thank you for your comment.

As its sales here, we are not able to answer at your technical question. Details regarding this item’s support can be found at the “Support” tab of its sales page. Please raise a New Support Ticket request for the technical issue you are facing at your local instance, through item’s secure support portal.

Our support team’s response time is also mentioned in the same tab.

Thank you.

Hi, I need a piece of advice from your team here.

I am trying to use your this module, I have already bought long time ago.

We have assembled computers. We purchase several things like processors, fans, graphic cards of several specifications.

Sometimes a computer is given to an employee without graphic card in it. Sometimes a project needs a computer to be little highly configured and it needs us to attach a graphic card, or might be an additional hard disk in the computer.

So, should we allocate or assign multiple single single asset like harddisk, processor, fan, cpu, smps etc or should we create one asset by adding multiple smaller assets like fan, processor, smps, graphic card etc, and assign the main asset?

And, how should I do this?

That depends on factors like your internal company preferences etc. Every choice has its pros and cons.

Unfortunately, we cannot provide business advise on how to use our module, as needs vary.

Thank you for your understanding.

ok, can you tell me if your module does this:

I can create one asset group where 10 items are inside one group.

And,. I can assign a group to an employee.?

For me an asset group is “Assembled computer 20” and this entire system gets assigned to John.

When John says me that he needs one graphic card in his computer, we give him the Graphic card, and in our crm, we add that graphic card to the group “Assembled computer 20” and we no more need to assign the asset ‘graphic card’ again, because that group is already been assigned beforehand?

is this possible with your module?

You can obviously add assets to groups and later on add more, remove later etc.

Can assets be managed on a per customer basis?

Customers have a frontend view of assets. Management occurs by the admin staff.

its possibile to add this, 1.when asign asset to a customer and location, to be able to select contact from customer to manage that assest on specific location. 2 to add assets name as car or scooters, or maybe custom fields.3 when an assets is broken to change state to damage, in service, fixed.or decomision. 4 to send a notification to customer contact responsabile for that asset and location when an asses have ben fixed or repair. how much will cost to add this options?


Yes, thats possible.

You need to contact our sales team through our CodeCanyon’s profile form, in order to receive a custom development quote.

Dont forget to include your complete brief.

can you add assets as scooters and cars? to add maitanance remainder, service hystori on asset?

Thank you for this feature request. Our team will consider adding it to our backlog, in case it receives a high volume of identical requests.

Could i use this module for another system called “Stock Manager Advance with Point of Sale Module” this codecanyon link “” Knowing that it was also designed with a CodeIgniter framework like “perfex crm”


This is a CI module – so yes, its using the same HMVC architecture.

You will probably need to do the necessary adjustments so it works for your system though, as this module is made for Perfex CRM.

If you are unsure about this task, consider hiring a developer.

Ok i have installed the product but i have few issues. 1. Items not visable on client page (Yes item is assign to client & Visable to client is checked) 2. When i try to update unit assign client i get error {success”:”“} 3. When i uncheck visable to client it saves it and tells me that is not visable but when i click edit again Visable to client is automattically checked. 4.If i purchased 5 units but3 are for one client and 2 for another client how do i allocate units to different clinents from the allocation menu .That menu only shows internal users. Not Clients

I did open ticket which shows ur module coding issues was told by you tech to request refund .. Now Someone Deleted the ticket and yur billing Department Declining the refund. You deactivated the license but want refund it Whats the Problem??


We dont delete tickets. Kindly check the closed tickets (due to inactivity from your side) and respond in your open ones, so support team can help you at your request.


No sorries needed :-) we are all humans and mistakes can happen! Glad you found out the closed ticket.

Please dont share such sensitive info about your account, publicly.

You can reopen the request – ill make sure that billing team is aware of it – just share the needed ticket number in it.

As i can see from the support operator’s reply, he asked you to include your ticket number in the request, but you never did so, so billing team couldnt be aware of the connected case.

I bought this but could never get it to work. I had bought the support and they never fixed it. I’d like to get it going as I paid good money for it. When I go to the front page, it just spins and spins and never shows the items I added.

Kindly raise a support ticket and our support operators will help you with the issue you are locally facing.

I can’t make a ticket unless I buy support.

I bought this system for sometime 12 months which never worked once, you now have an update that I installed, but after updating the problem got worse and of course you will go to me say my support has expired you can’t help.


We are sorry for your bad experience – however all of the customers using our module are pretty happy about it.

If you face an technical issue! Kindly open up a support ticket and team will help you. In case your support has expired, please consider extending it, so you are able to raise a support ticket.


0102017 Purchased

It say the Module been updated on 13 December 2022, but when I download the zip file and open it, it shows the upload file dated Sept. 1,2022. Where can I download the correct updated file?


Updates of the module, are listed at the changelog (item’s description tab). The updated item date can contain various non-functionality updates like compatibility checks etc.

Hi My licence is not working after DB Upgrade, error “This license key is being used.”


You can log into support portal and request your license to be flushed, through license management area.


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