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Looks great! I don’t know asp.net mvc, only smalltalk mvc. do you think I can still use this template easily? Thanks. Huambo

It’s not rocket science :) See the demo with code examples. It’s pretty easy to use and understand. If you’re familiar with the concept of MVC , it will be easy with ASP .NET MVC .

thank you so much! I am going to install asp.net MVC on my machine.

Hey 365Branding Author, GREAT WORK ! This setup is perfect for me! I’m in the process of trying to build a b2b site and I was looking for something that was easy to use on top of my default MVC3 application and most of the stuff out there was too generic CSS …too fancy…too much…

Anyhow, so OK, I’m a fan. But I’m not a CSS expert and I could use help with one thing: In your snapshots you show these great footers with icons, links, etc….. Now I know this should all go in my footer zone, but it would really help to have some sample html as was used in the footer zone of the snapshot to save me trying to guess at styles, etc…

Hope you can oblige….just post something here or let me know how best to contact you. Thanks again, Steveb

Hi Steveb,

Thanks for the message. Html of footer is pretty easy, you can see this on the demo site.

If you want to see in action exactly the same footer, download this archive. http://dl.dropbox.com/u/30432533/Footer.rar

Place the Social folder into the Content/Images folder, _Footer.cshtml to Views/Shared and common.css to the Content/Branding folder.

Hope this will help you.

Regards, Author

Thanks! That works great! Hey one other question and I think I’ve got everything I need…. I like my new and improved footer very much but it takes up a lot of space. I’d like to have it be about 60-70% of the height it is currently set for. The problem is I can not figure out which .css style to change to shrink the vertical height of the footer zone. Can you please advise? Thanks, Steve

Can’t answer you without seeing a site. If you want to offer me a job on the customization, just PM me.

OK. Let’s discuss working together on customization. How can I reach you (what did you mean by “PM me”)?

PM == Private Message

Ahhh….just saw the drop down at the top that says “Buyers&Authors only”! Hidden in plain sight!

So my partner and I are building a B2B website and would appreciate some help with final polishing of layout. Would you be interested in doing a couple of hours of consulting/tweaking for us? If so please contact me at steveb07@metaphone.com. Please advise if you have a contract you like to use and any other terms you are concerned about. THanks, Steve

Nice and useful work…thanks!

Thanks for the feedback!

Please let me know how to activate the template i.e., where to save the zip file (Mvc3BrandingWebApplication.zip).

I followed the instruction in help file, but could install/copy the template to the said location.

I am using visual Studio 2010 (ultimate version) in Windows 7 machine.


The author should update the instruction to setup the template in VS 2010 in Windows 7 OS though it was not his duty.

I had a tough time to setup the template and got help from the following link :




I would like to request the author to update the template with ASP .NET MVC4

I believe many people do not know that this awesome template is available here, but within a shortest possible of time it will have great acceptance.

I wish many sales.

Thanks again.



Hi, great templates, just one cuestion, how to stick the footer to the bottom of the page, I already make some customization on the template but I just can’t figure this out.

Any help is appreciated.





Thanks for the comment.

Not every template supports it. So if you don’t see this in the demo, you can’t do that.



I’m trying to place my own logo in the header of the Business01 template and have not been able to do this. Is this possible?


You can try to manually edit the ~Views/Shared/_Deader.cshtml or ~Views/Shared/Branding/_Layout.Business01.<size>.cshtml files.

Hi, is this responsive for mobile as well, Can I modify/change the header and footer templates or remove them. Can I apply any menu to any template I have some 3rd party Jquery, will they work on this Can I let users change their layouts thanks

Can you update it to use new HTML5 tags like nav, section etc and also get rid of images using CSS3 syntax.


1) Updates to MVC 4 / 4.5 , looking to purchase. 2) Can you put 2 nested master page/view/layout.


Nice work! GLWS