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Can system save output (designed) image as jpg or any format? because I want to integrate that with my e-commerce system.

Yes, Of course it saves the output as JPG for the admin and also shows it nicely in the admin panel for each individual order and admin can print the custom designed image, added logos separately. Please check the admin features here : http://www.solvercircle.com/docs/asp-product-builder-product-designer/#!/admin_view_order


Is there a database for this project?

very useful and great style ! Good job :)

Thank you so much :)

Do you have VB.NET version for this?

This one is with C#.Net. But if you want we can provide you a VB.Net version of the code as custom development. Please email us expertonweb@gmail.com for quote. thanks.

is it open sourced script ? can we change the code for own internet shop integration ? or it is compiled code ?

Yes, you can change the color codes from this script admin panel. Please follow the documentation.

no , i dont ask about the color codes , i ask about the asp.net source code.

It is compiled code :)

I am looking to make a jersey builder, clients will need to be able to upload their own designs, change colors, but also change colors of certain areas, for example a stripe on the sleeve. Would this be usable for my needs?

Hi, please check the documentation (http://www.solvercircle.com/docs/asp-product-builder-product-designer/) for the existing features, but we can perform custom solutions at a development cost for any specific requirement. Please email us at expertonweb@gmail.com with your detail need and with possible screenshots. So, that we can provide you the quote. Thanks

Hi, can you implant your system to woocomerce for wordpress ?

Yes, we can, please email us at expertonweb@gmail.com and we shall let you know the cost for woocommerce. Thanks

Hello I have purchased your work, and I really like, the only thing I do not understand is why does not a home with products, categories etc.. peforza a user must register to see the product. Do you wonder if you can get the source files to be able to act on the code to make changes. The script that you have created for my case is not good, I need a window (home) and product categories, and that a user is not forced to register to see the product.

What is feasible? if so, how? You may send me the source files so you can make changes?

demo site with your script: http://tshirt.shop-pixelway.it/ inside there is added to a product, but nothing appears on the home page.

I await your urgent news.

Thanks for the purchase, as we are not selling the source code of this module. If you need any customization of the script, please email us expertonweb@gmail.com with your detail customization need and we shall try to let you know the quote. Thanks.

ok thank you very much for availability, we will contact you as soon as possible

Sure, no problem :)

Does this work with wordpress?

i am getting the error while importing the databse https://www.dropbox.com/s/yewhxbfmdhybo2s/20.png?dl=0

thanks for the purchase. the screenshot is blur and not clear. But none of the other buyers had any db import issue. Please check your SQL server version and email us more info regarding your issue.

can some one explain to me how to make this work with web accapelle. i tried all i could. even the installation thing is magic for me. please help

Please follow the documentation here, its all explained here : http://www.solvercircle.com/docs/asp-product-builder-product-designer/

Dear Mr, when buy license , i want change language of label in web, i can change it ?

You can try to change in the aspx files if you are a coder.