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do you have vb.net coding?

The VB.net version will be released on April 13th 2015. Thanks.

Thank you! I will wait for it.

Does this work with Microsoft edge and also is this a full server component what about entity framework and filtering support ?.

Yes, this works with MS Edge. Yes, the code shows how to use filtering and it does uses EF.


can you provide code with web forms rather than MVC for asp.net C#.

Regards, Vivek

I am confused… the code is 100% web forms, there is no MVC at all.

Hi, I have gone through the code, but just quick question, can you give me LoadCustomer.ashx without entity framework, as i m not using entityframework

Sorry, but this was specifically tailored to work with EF, to avoid having to write custom SQL server instructions and/or stored procedures. Any further customization would need to be discussed as an outside custom development. Thanks.

HI, I downloaded the latest version and I found that new four buttons are added. When I clicked PDF button in IE am getting the below error but working fine in chrome.

Unhandled exception at line 37, column 9921 in https://cdn.datatables.net/u/bs/jszip-2.5.0,pdfmake-0.1.18,dt-1.10.12,b-1.2.0,b-html5-1.2.0,b-print-1.2.0/datatables.min.js

0×800a01b6 – JavaScript runtime error: Object doesn’t support property or method ‘defineGetter

How to fix this? Thanks

What version of IE are you getting this error?

IE 10


I want to use your product’s with SQL server. When i change CustomerModel.admx and update the model from SQL, many errors occur.

How can i use with SQL, or do you have with sql version?

i’m waiting your answer?

Thank you.

Umit S.

Hello There,

I have bought your source code few days ago and it is works perfect. Only I miss the entries number selection options. I tried to set manually how many records displayed in a page at GetCustomer.ashx.cs and set “short lengthIntValue = 20; //By default we want to take 10 elements” but it same only display 10 records in a page. There is any option to display a Show ….... entries selection box?

Kind Regards Istvan

Yes, there is, you want to make sure to add the following to the page, where the definition for the datatable is:

“pageLength”: 10

Hope this helps,

Hi Dear For exporting(pdf,excel,print) data when paging is applied currently it is exporting only one page not all pages, Kindly let me know how to export all the pages.

Sorry, that’s not currently possible, perhaps in the next version it will. I’ll keep you posted,

Awesome work. GLWS


I like your product. I was able to hook to my local SQL Server 2014 using Visual Studio 2015.

The Update & Delete work, but I am getting an error when I try to Add a record.

The error message is: Unknown server issue.Exception generated: An error occurred while updating the entries. See the inner exception for details.

The Output panel displays: Exception thrown: ‘System.Data.Entity.Infrastructure.DbUpdateException’ in EntityFramework.dll.

Any help would be appreciated.



My first comment was on the C# version of the product.

I just tried the VB version using Visual Studio 2015 and SQL Server 2014 and I updated the .edms record so it looks at the database.

If this case, the Add function does not add a record, but updates the first row of data in the database.

I can see the jQuery code is identical in both C# and VB, but functions differently in each version of the product.

I look forward to your insights.



I think the problem seems that the table does not have the primary key setup correctly. Could it be possible to you to get the exact message from the inner exception if you enter in your Visual Studio in debug mode?

f48f06c8-6d53-4ecd-a55e-1f65e30295a0 //Code

Hi I got the “Datables.net JQuery Plugin on ASP.NET” program that you did. But there is no database connection. An error occurred. The program is not working. I want your support in this regard. Thank you.

Hi, can you give me more details? What error did you got?

Hi does this work with ASP MVC 5 (not web forms) MVC Views/razor


Currently is webforms only, but I will release an MVC version in March. Thank you for asking.

hi, just following up, if you have any plan for this. Also, will it have options for AJAx with—approve/reject buttons in a column, Add New Row, Edit row/save row, delete row.

I need support for checkbox/radio boxes and dropdownlists (Cascading droop down list, for e.g. select Contry->State->cty)

Sorry, the new version will be delayed, I’ve been out of commission for a few weeks, will back to work as soon as possible. Thank you for your support!


I am interestred on your product, “ASP.NET JQuery Datatables Server Side Integration” and have few questions about it.

- How the data is pulling from database? - Does it work with sql procedure? - What are you using to display data on tabular?

Thank you

To your questions:

1.- It uses Entity Framework to access a SQL Server 2.- Yes, you can create stored procedures if you want to, that is possible using Entity Framework 3. I am using Datatables: https://datatables.net/

Hope this helps,

us vb.net code available ?

is vb.net code available? thanks

Yes, the project include both C# and vb.net. Thanks!

thanks, could you please see the post below

Hi I bought your product and I noticed that your solution project is based on

How can I apply it to webservice? I wrote this code and I keep receiving JSON response error <ScriptMethod(ResponseFormat:=ResponseFormat.Json)> _ Public Function SrcTblRegx() Dim constr As String = ConfigurationManager.ConnectionStrings(“ARTSQLConStrng”).ConnectionString Using con As New SqlConnection(constr) Using cmd As New SqlCommand(“TblRegSearchx”, con) cmd.CommandType = CommandType.StoredProcedure cmd.Connection = con Dim ds As New DataSet() Using sda As New SqlDataAdapter(cmd) sda.Fill(ds) End Using Dim MArray()() As String = New String(ds.Tables(0).Rows.Count)() {} Dim i As Integer = 0

For Each rs As DataRow In ds.Tables(0).Rows
                MArray(i) = New String() {rs("Filenum").ToString(), rs("FullName").ToString()}
                i = i + 1
End Function
Dim js As JavaScriptSerializer = New JavaScriptSerializer()
        Dim sJSON As String = js.Serialize(MArray)
        Return sJSON
        'Dim jsondata As String = JsonConvert.SerializeObject(ds)
        'Return jsondata
    End Using
End Using

Let me know if you want your money back.

all my methods are webservice based I can not fit your code in my project if you can refund me I would appreciate it


kinahp Purchased

Hello Author,

Just purchased few minutes back, slightly confused with code.I am used to sql instead of Entity FW.

And came to see comments later on, if you not releasing using sql please please just give us a rough idea about how to use it ?

Just want to know when was your update will be release ? and can we expect new features ?

Regards, Phani43

Sure, I am working on the new MVC version. What new features would you like to see?


kinahp Purchased

Great, can we have asp.net sql please ?? Any inliners edit options ??

Just purchased few minutes back. I was exploring the sample. For edit, it opens another div to edit the record. How can I implement inline editing options? Popup of edit will not solve our use case.

I have already gone thru the example. That’s in as per PHP. Can you please re-create that in .Net?

Sorry, I don’t have the bandwidth to add that functionality at the moment.

Hi, I would like to have inline edit option rather than editing thru popups. Can you suggest where I need to make changes? If possible, please add a page with the inline edit option.

Is this available in MVC environment?

ASP.NET JQuery Datatables Server Side Integration