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do you have vb.net coding?

The VB.net version will be released on April 13th 2015. Thanks.

Thank you! I will wait for it.

Does this work with Microsoft edge and also is this a full server component what about entity framework and filtering support ?.

Yes, this works with MS Edge. Yes, the code shows how to use filtering and it does uses EF.


can you provide code with web forms rather than MVC for asp.net C#.

Regards, Vivek

I am confused… the code is 100% web forms, there is no MVC at all.

Hi, I have gone through the code, but just quick question, can you give me LoadCustomer.ashx without entity framework, as i m not using entityframework

Sorry, but this was specifically tailored to work with EF, to avoid having to write custom SQL server instructions and/or stored procedures. Any further customization would need to be discussed as an outside custom development. Thanks.

HI, I downloaded the latest version and I found that new four buttons are added. When I clicked PDF button in IE am getting the below error but working fine in chrome.

Unhandled exception at line 37, column 9921 in https://cdn.datatables.net/u/bs/jszip-2.5.0,pdfmake-0.1.18,dt-1.10.12,b-1.2.0,b-html5-1.2.0,b-print-1.2.0/datatables.min.js

0×800a01b6 – JavaScript runtime error: Object doesn’t support property or method ‘defineGetter

How to fix this? Thanks

What version of IE are you getting this error?

IE 10


I want to use your product’s with SQL server. When i change CustomerModel.admx and update the model from SQL, many errors occur.

How can i use with SQL, or do you have with sql version?

i’m waiting your answer?

Thank you.

Umit S.

Hello There,

I have bought your source code few days ago and it is works perfect. Only I miss the entries number selection options. I tried to set manually how many records displayed in a page at GetCustomer.ashx.cs and set “short lengthIntValue = 20; //By default we want to take 10 elements” but it same only display 10 records in a page. There is any option to display a Show ….... entries selection box?

Kind Regards Istvan

Yes, there is, you want to make sure to add the following to the page, where the definition for the datatable is:

“pageLength”: 10

Hope this helps,

Hi Dear For exporting(pdf,excel,print) data when paging is applied currently it is exporting only one page not all pages, Kindly let me know how to export all the pages.

Sorry, that’s not currently possible, perhaps in the next version it will. I’ll keep you posted,

Awesome work. GLWS