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very nice piece of code, well, actually huge work, well written, good documented and well, find it even too cheap :)

thank you :)


Dear Anart,

We appreciate you like the code quality. The XML CMS is well coded based on a solid OOP C # Model. If you need help to enhance or add more features, we will be pleased to help you for FREE !

Thanks four your purchase.

Looks like fantastic value! Welcome to the Envato community – i am sure you will do well.

Hi Joiaco, Yes, I confirm that’s a nice .NET piece that we coded in the right OOP way. Thanks for you support. Regards.

Is it MVC or Webforms?

Hi, This is an MVC Model. The project is composed of many .NET Projects where each one has its Interfaces projects too. There’s also utility projects. Regards

But there’s a unique WebForms. Because we wanted to avoid using .NET controls we created two classes PageControlBase and PageBase for ovveriding the Microsoft default ones. That way all the solution has only an ASPX Page.

This ASPX . Page requests its Html Output from the Html Service class.

The Htm Service class uses Internal and Protected Services like Templates engine one and other Framework.Core static functions.

Hi, If you need any project details or screenshots, I’ll be pleased to it for you. Regards.

if not MVC , could you kindly release a version on MVC ?


This is an MVC models too. The main projects are :

1. Web Projects. 2. Services Project wich the the controller. 3. Models Projects wich is classes used by both the presentation ( web ) and the controller ( Services ).


Hi, If you need any project details or screenshots, I’ll be pleased to it for you. Regards.

I just bought but I am not sure how to run it?

Dear Sir, All you have to do is to setup a website using the xml files. You can use the sample included. If you need any help please send me a private message and I am sure we can setup your website together in a very easy way.

I’ll be pleased to help you..

You can also find a documentation at

My best regards

What does the admin interface look like?

Hello. The XML CMS does have an admin interface. The CMS is based on xml files only. Creating an administration interface requires a full access to the directories where Xml files are stored. As this is could be risky and people can update your files. We do not offer any administration interface for the moment. To mage the site, all you need is to update the xml files to fit the site structure you need and publish them using ftp. Regards.

Actually, we are still working on a new vesrion based on SQLite database to offer to administrators the ability to update all the Xml Content Management System data on the fly from an administration section. Regards.

Some questions: - Do I have to install it or simply put in a folder and let’s go? - Do you use masterpages? - Do you have site gallery to know which type of site can be build with it?

Thanks a lot

No master pages. Just an Index.aspx

demo site is down

Hello. We are dealing with that for the moment.

have you any demo?

Dear Sir, we do not have any demo for the moment. It’s because even the XML is based on C#/ASP.NET : The result will be just Html code.

I am thinking of purchasing this is their a form builder ie drag and drop within the cms?

No. There’s no builder for the moment. You have tocompose the Xml files manually.

We are still working on another piece wich is not Xml version but we can build with it any Html outputs.

Excellent job!

I wish you further promotion and a lot of sales! ;)