Askk | iOS Social Q/A Application

Askk | iOS Social Q/A Application

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Askk is a full-working App Template where people can post, browse or edit questions and answers, help users who need to know something about any topic or just get answers to their own questions.
Users are also allowed to post Anonymous questions/answers, report inappropriate content/users, like and dislike answers and share questions to social network apps, email and SMS.
You as the admin of the app can also daily check your database for reported content/users.

Check out the Features section below to see what this app does.

It’s backend is by Parse Server and it’s hosted on back4appNO MySQL database involved.
Parse Server is flexible, reliable, open source, based on Node.js and well supported by a large community of developers, and back4app is a great BaaS hosting website where you can configure your database, Push Notifications and other features in just a few clicks.

This template includes an extensive online Documentation file that explains how to configure the app’s features and database.

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As per Envato Marketplace Terms, the Extended License applies to all applications that charge money to their users. In case your users will not be charged of money through your own version of this app, you can still buy it under a Regular license.
Therefore, you must buy this template under and Extended License if your plans are either one or more of the following:

  • Add In-App Purchase or any other Payment Gateway in the source code and publish the app for free on the App/Play Store – NOTE: If you want to publish your own version of this application for FREE only, then you can still buy it under a Regular License.
  • Publish this application as a PAID app on the App Store.
  • Transfer the live app of your own verison of this app on the App/Play Store to another owner by selling your ownership on or similar marketplaces.
IMPORTANT: You are NOT allowed to sell or share the original source code of this template anywhere due to copyright infringement

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  • iOS Swift language – Native Xcode project
  • Storyboard – iOS 9.0 and above – Universal
  • Backend with Parse Server hosted on
  • Browse, and post Questions or Answers
  • Search questions by keywords
  • Report inappropriate Users or Content
  • Profile screen with cover and avatar images
  • Filter Questions by Trending, latest, not answered yet or by choosing a category
  • Edit profile with Name, Username, Email, etc
  • Set the Best Answer in a Question’s details screen (only the question’s owner can do that)
  • Email verification
  • Notifications screen (check likes and answers)
  • Intro, Login and Sign Up custom screens
  • Terms of Use and Privacy Policy HTML file (GDPR compliant)
  • Push Notifications
  • AdMob Interstitial ads
  • Modern, clean UI design
  • Online Documentation
  • PSD icons included in the package

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  • The latest official version of Xcode (no Betas)
  • An Apple Mac computer, updated to its latest OS version
  • An Apple Developer Account with an active iOS Development Program
  • Basic knowledge of Xcode and Swift language
  • An active AdMob account
  • A real device to test the app before submitting it to the App Store (the Simulator doesn’t support Camera and Push Notifications
  • A free account on

Askk | iOS Social Q/A Application - 15

July 20, 2019
- Added a script in the 'Build Phases' tab in Xcode that allows you to upload your Archive to the App Store Connect page (avoiding the ERROR ITMS-90087 issue).

** In order to update your own Xcode project, do the following:
• Download the updated project from your Downloads page
• Enter the Build Phases tab in the updated Xcode project
• Expand the 'Run Script' section and copy the code inside it.
• Open your own Xcode project and enter the 'Build Phases' tab
• Click 'Editor -> Add Build Phase -> Add Run Script Build Phase', and expand the 'Run Script' section that Xcode has created
• Paste the copied code and Clean your project.
• Finally, Archive it again
See this screenshot for details: **
June 19, 2019
- Updated the .framework files in the 'AdMob' folder
- Updated the Facebook .framework files in the 'Parse' folder to v5.0.0
- Added the FBSDK frameworks file and Bolts.framework in the 'Embedded Binaries' section of the 'General' tab in Xcode, as shown here:
- Edited the 'reportUserButt()' function in 'Account.swift' and the 'reprtQuestionButt()' function in 'QuestionScreen.swift' by adding a couple of queries and alerts, so now the app will hide the reported content after reporting a User either in the Question Screen or the Account screen
June 4, 2019
- Edited the following line of code at the end of the 'viewDidLoad()' function in Account.swift:
      if PFUser.current() != nil { callQuery() }

- Set 'true' in this line (in QuestionScreen.swift -> 'cellForRowAt IndexPath()'):
   } else { cell.editButton.isHidden = true }

June 2, 2019
- First release, iOS 9.0 and above
- Native Xcode project, Swift language
- Compatible with all iOS devices

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