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IMPORTANT: Please do not update Xcode to version 8 yet, because it has a serious bug on Storyboard layout, it messes up with Views embedded in a Scrollview! Keep using Xcode 7.3.1 with Swift 2.2, and don’t worry because this app will work perfectly on iOS 10

Hi how can i update admob ? You use cocoapod ?

no pods, simply download the latest SDK here: http://dl.google.com/googleadmobadssdk/googlemobileadssdkios.zip
extract GoogleMobileAds.framework from that zip folder and use it to replace the same file into your project’s folder.
NOTE: Please keep xcode quit while you do that, and when you open it again, first click Product -> Clean before running the app again.

Ok but i have always this in my debug console 2016-09-15 20:33:05.761 myapp[69349:4338036] <Google> To get test ads on this device, call: request.testDevices = @[ kGADSimulatorID ]; 2016-09-15 20:33:05.783 myapp[69349:4337752] ERROR: Error registering for Apple push notifications. Error: Error Domain=NSCocoaErrorDomain Code=3010 “REMOTE_NOTIFICATION_SIMULATOR_NOT_SUPPORTED_NSERROR_DESCRIPTION” UserInfo={NSLocalizedDescription=REMOTE_NOTIFICATION_SIMULATOR_NOT_SUPPORTED_NSERROR_DESCRIPTION}

ok, that’s not an error about AdMob, ads will still work, but please test your app on a real device because your using the Simulator and that doesn’t handle Push notifications, that’s what your console log says, only a real device can do that.

How can i add a “connect with facebook” ? It will be on a next update ?

we can’t do that until they tell us how to do that, we don’t know how to make it work.

Any news ?

not yet, the guys from back4app are focused on other improvements for their website.

Hi the update you applied to chatty for the.plist for the 2 privacy rules could you submit an update for this version?

We already did it, on Sep 27th, please check your Download page and download the updated version of AskIt

Hi . is it possible to make user activation manual? I mean only approved users can ask question ?

Parse SDK offers a validation by email feature

Hi, 2 question:

1. is there any terms and condition features for user to accept before register ? 2. is there any approval features for user question?

1. just use the Find tool in xcode (Cmd + F) and type “answered your post”, then translate the string you’ll find
2. That’s iOS component, it will automatically get translated by the app if the user’s device language will be set to your own one, you can’t translate it

Hi, For your information, I have tried Chinese language phone but the word “cancel” and “Delete” still shows in english…

that’s wired, then it may be an ios 10 bug, we can’t access the “Cancel” text in a SearchBar. For the Delete text, enter Account.swift and search for “Delete” , then change that red string, it’s a TableRow Action

Hi, I have Error on simulator “Command /usr/bin/codesign failed with exit code 1,resource fork, Finder information, or similar detritus not allowed ” but in the real device ok. can you help?

Hi , it’s for iOS ,not for android . what I did is just reposition for RTL , thats it. but question shows not complete .

What a confusion… you sent us a screenshot of the Android version, please be more precise, contact us by our profile’s contact form, send us the right screenshot and details, do not comment here. Thanks.

You also have our email address, so please contact us by that.

Can this have categories aswell? Looking to build an app for Q&A website. Thank you.

that would be a customization job, you may contact us by our profile’s contact form, but since its backend is with Parse SDK you would need a Parse php developer to build the web interface, we’re not experienced with php.

notification not work when test app in xcode and run app on myiphone by another account

2017-02-09 00:28:11.891 AskIt[4091:103161] [Error]: Invalid function: "push" (Code: 141, Version: 1.14.2) Invalid function: "push"

Ok, thanks, anyway you don’t need to post a comment every time you email us, we get your messages ;)

it work now thank you for help me :)

you’re welcome, and don’t forget to rate this app on your downloads page: https://codecanyon.net/downloads ;)


Awesome app. I already operate a question answer platform (website only). Can this app also be used/linked/operate with a website? Do you offer custom work?


you would need to use Parse php code and back4app backend to make it work with the same database of the apps, no mySQL

Hi, I seem to have an issue where people login with facebook and it doesn’t grab their name. This then results in the app crashing. I then have to search the users for poeple with no full name entered and delete that row in parse. Then the app works again…. Any ideas?

Thanks for your feedback, btw I won’t sell my business until I’ll find a great and reliable development team that wants it and is able to run it even better than I do ;)

That’s good to hear!

How can I create my dashboard? in order to be able to delete questions for example? Please give a step by step answer.

the Documentation explains how to create a Parse app on your back4app account, you should already have done that since you bought this app. Then use the app and it’ll automatically create all classes, you can delete questions rows in the Questions class of your Parse Dashboard ;)

How can I remove the AdMob banner from the App. The video you put in the documentation is not working! Thanks.

here’s the updated youtube link: https://youtu.be/d7JDvg5rlUE ;)


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Thanks for your quick answer

you’re welcome!


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How can I change the green color of the text field where the user writes the questions, the text field that contains the three buttons send, attach and cancel? I’ve checked all the scenes but could not find it? Also i’ve released a little issue: when the user click on the field to add a question the other field appears (the one that has the three buttons) in the same time, so the user will see two text fields at the same time when he is writing the questions. Thanks you!

does that happen on a real device? forget the Simulator, that fails, you always need a real device for final tests ;)


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Thanks for your answer, I’ve not tried it on a real device just in the simulator. I’ll try it on a device.

yes, always use a real device for tests, the Simulator doesn’t work fine and doesn’t support Push Notifications


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Sorry about asking too much questions. I realized that when someone reports an answer, the answer gets deleted automatically. The same thing happens with the questions as well. Deleting them should be done only by the admin. I don’t know if I did something wrong with code or the App was developed in this way. Thanks.

reported contents don’t get deleted, but hidden ;) So check your Parse Dashboard-> Questions, Answers and User classes, look for the isReported column and switch it to False if you want to put contents back to the app. Apple requires reported content to get instantly hidden, otherwise they reject your app


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When I run the App on the simulator I get this error

2018-05-22 19:29:05.053723-0700 AskIt[3660:128510] Could not successfully update network info during initialization. (lldb).

Clean the project and try again, or quit Xcode and open it again


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Why do I have to refresh the answers page in order to make the answers appear? When I move to the answers I could see the users but without their answers. I need to press on the refresh button in order to make the answers appear! Many thanks.

That doesn’t happen on my side so it may be related to your internet connection and the back4app server, it may be a temporary issue


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I’ve created my own Parse Server and connected it to the App successfully. Everything is working well except when I want to report a user, I don’t get any feedback, the user doesn’t get hidden and also there is an error message saying (Invalid function: “reportUser”). Any help? Thanks.

That happens because you haven’t uploaded the main.js file included in the package into your server. I cannot help you with your custom Parse Server since I don’t know where you have your CloudCode section, that’s where the main.js file must be uploaded (like in back4app, as the Documentation explains).


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I uploaded the main.js file to Cloud Code and it is working now. Thanks.

yep, because that was the problem ;)

Have you fixed the bug with the storyboard layout yet?