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Nice work GLWS :)


App crashes everytime in Android !

try it now, but since we cleaned the demo database you must uninstall the app and install the demo apk again, then sign up as a new user.

I sent you an email ,could you answer it?

we did, but please read our comment above, thanks.

Hi! Nice job! Do you have plan to add private messaging in near future ? Thx.

thanks, not anytime soon, we’re super busy with lots of projects to get done, anyway thanks for your suggestion ;)

Hi! good source code! in future will you update this source code?

We usually update all our apps when the code syntax changes.

Pre-purchase enquiry:

1) This app supports Unicode Regional Languages? 2) Will you give Team Viewer support?

1. yes
2. only in case of serious bugs, not for customization jobs

Hi! Include tutorial for install back4app parse backend?

Hello! There are instructions on how to configure back4app.com?

Yes, In the User Guide included in the template’s package

1) You should sign up with another username and password <be> 2) We’re not currently available for freelance work, sorry
3) both questions and answers get shiwn in the app as soon as you submit them, try the deno apk and you’ll see it.
thanks for your feedback, and if your demo apk will crash again, that means we’ve cleaned up our database again, we do that weekly, since testing a demo apk like this takes only 10 minutes :)

Ya, again i downloaded demo app, its works finely,

I need not your freelance work sir, just i will give some suggestion only. If you give any updates, just consider these facility adding. Thank you.

ok, for feedbacks/suggestions please contact us by our profile’s contact form : https://codecanyon.net/user/fvimagination

firebase backend?

no, we’re not experienced with it, Parse is simpler and it won’t shutdown since we hosted the SDK to back4app.com

android and ios i wanna buy back4app free or price?

Can it be made in such a way so only admin can answer the questions ?

Hi, we’ll leave the app as it is since it’s a public q/a app template, you may customize this app as you wish though, if you’re not an experienced developer you may search for freelancers on Envato Studio, since we’re currently not available for freelance work.

push notification not working can you please fix it

push notifications work fine on our side, maybe there’s something wrong on your OneSignal configuration, the code is fine. Also, Google Cloud Messaging needs half an hour to get working on its server

Hi, there is 2 part i want to translate to my languge . but could not find . please help ! http://epchilem.com/1.png http://epchilem.com/2.png

1. just use the Find tool in xcode (Cmd + F) and type “answered your post”, then translate the string you’ll find
2. That’s iOS component, it will automatically get translated by the app if the user’s device language will be set to your own one, you can’t translate it

hello my app crash all time i use huawei mate8 (android 6.0) also this link is out of date https://documentation.onesignal.com/docs/android-generating-a-gcm-pushnotification-key

The code is fine, so we don’t understand why your app crashes on your side, have you double-checked your App ID and client key strings in Configs.java?

    public static String PARSE_APP_KEY = "PASTE_YOUR_PARSE_APP_ID_HERE";

ok i find the problem its internal problem i solve it by reinstalling android studio…thank you for ur help

Ok, great.

Hi, it would be great if apps can adjust line of question itself and show entire question, other wise longer question can’t see on home page and user have to scroll down, looks too crash.

Sorry, your question is not so clear to us, may you show us a screenshot? Do you mean that the app crashes with long questions? If that’s yes, we have not encountered such issue, check this screenshot, the app works perfectly on our side, no crash at all: https://s11.postimg.org/7brfktojn/askit.png

No admin panel? I want to build my own site.

we can read only english messages, may you report your comment in english? thanks.

1-) Do you have an administrator panel? I want to take your panel and install in my website. 2-) Can the email and password be changed within the application? 3-) The application entry part is very slow. 4-) Can categories be added to the application? 5-) In the Events section, the application error and shuts down.

1. The Parse Dashboard is the admin panel where you can check and manually edit all records, but since it doesn’t work with php/mySql you can’t install it on your website.
2. only the password can be reset
3. We have to clean our demo database, too many users have messed it up with tests
4. No, that may be requested as an extra customization job
5. There’s no Events section in this app, only Questions and Answers

I am not able to install the app. Can you check that. When next update?

please check your name file not include .apk

i have install that app. Good, but advice to add 1) Add category list – Backend data 2) After login show option to choose your topic and show only that choose topics that user choose it. 3) send Attachments file or take photos

ok good, although we’ve added the .apk extension to the file now :)
Those features may be requested as an extra customization job.

Hi there, I think the app is brilliant but Im having some problems with the demo .apk. Every time I open it, it crashes and freezes? Can you please clraify asap as I am really interested.

What device are you using to test the APK? Does it have Android 5.0 or higher? We’ll check the demo database and clean it, someone may have messed it up with tests

Try to reinstall the apk now and sign up as a new user, it should work fine now if you’re device has Android 5.0+

Hello I am interested in your application, is it possible to translate it in french?.

Hi, yes of course, you have to change the text strings in the xml files and some string in the java code from english into french.

excellent application ! thanks

thank you for your feedback, glad you like it!

is this app connect with PHPBB forum

i will buy this if this one we can connect with php my sql server if you are ready i am also ready to pay for installaton

no, sorry, this app is not compatible with php backend and we’re not experienced with php/mySql