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When you finish this next version? I’m waiting and I’ll purchase if everything will work fine . Please tell approximately date for new version

Dear TreZoRa,
The fact is that now I’m moving to another country for study reasons, so I have no way to finish the new version.
As soon as I have a chance I’m sure I will complete it.
Regards, Dmitrii.

I want to get in touch with you, can you provide your E-mail ?

Hello omrbolia,
Of course,
Regards, Dmitrii.

what are problemm is demo???? Is broken

yasno, ya bi kupil kogda mogno budet posmotret na demku? )

????? ?????? ? ?????????? ????????? ?? ???????
? ?????????, ???????.

Oplatil, yze vse normalno

hello , there

do you have any mobile version of this , i want to purchase by i need mobile support

can you help ?

due to the unlisted php modules needed for this scripts compatibility i have failed on all occasions to get this operational
the needed compatibility issues SHOULD BE LISTED
many if not all but the most shady of web hosts will refuse outright to use the required php modules due to their compromising the security of the server
newest update did nothing to remedy this issue

Hello, I sended you a mail, please check it.


Maybe you should add “Forgot Password/Username”?

I get this error when uploading an image:

(84KB) – HTTP Error (500)

Hello dopestkideverr,
Please, contact me via email.
Regards, Dmitrii.

I am interested in buy the code, but I would like to do some editing. We can talk by email?

Privet! Est’ plany po uluchsheniju tekushhej versii ili zabil na skript? Naprimer, dobavit’ v adminku reklamnye bloki: futer, heder, sajdbar, mezhdu 1 i 2 otvetom. Integracija s Odnoklassnikami, Vkontakte i t.d?

I don’t can look at the demo site?

Hello hamasugu,
I paid hosting and now site is available.
Regards, Dmitrii.

your demo ent working uno

Thanks a lot :)
If you have any questions – write me on email
Regards, Dmitrii.

cheers mate, i installed ect and my admin wont work :S

Write me on email
Regards, Dmitrii.

Is there a reason why you removed the responsiveness of your application for mobile devices? This totally sucks man.. Can you please add it back or tell me how to go about doing so?

i have created a social network similar to facebook it is created and coded in the framework Codeigniter it is also very responsive (mobile devices show a little strange but again remember i create in just over a week ps i dont have a team yet) it is constantly being updated by myself it is currently being reviewed by staff here :) so soon you will be able to buy it here demo: email: password: demouser buy it direct from my site :)

It have SQL Injections.

yeah, i havent implemented security yet as i am still in development stage :)

Hello pintasti,
Thanks, i forgot to pay hosting.
I already paid, and demo works

Hello Do you speak Russian? There are several questions about this script.

Dear dj-need,
I’m russian, and of course i speek russian.
You can write me on email <>
Regards, Dmitrii.

Hi there, the demo isn’t working, any other links for the demo ? thanks.

Demo not working ??

Hello, as I’m sure you’re well-aware, the demo is down. Can you reply to this comment when it is back up? I’d like to check the script out for myself. Thank you.