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damit man how the hell im getting invalid license number!!!

Hello mardello.

Sorry for the delay in reply, I was on vacation.

I can see everything is ok with your license, if you are installing locally please make sure that your PHP is in live mode.

If you are facing issues on the live server please send me an email, I will help you out for sure.


nice to see you so relaxed after the vacation :P were have u been if u were in italy and did not call :P see why to you google login works and on mine it says please try again and wjy .env changs the password with the database name

Can you please create a full video on set up including what you do after you have upload the files to shared hosting because I have tried everything and I am not able to install via your methods. the only way I was able to install was to upload everything to public_html folder and then visit site.com/public/install I don’t have access to document root. everthing works fine so far I do have to include public in order to get to the gallery however I added a rewrite rule in order to combat this will this effect the sites function.

RewriteEngine on RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} ^domain-name.com$ [NC,OR] RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} ^www.domain-name.com$ RewriteCond %{REQUEST_URI} !folder/ RewriteRule (.*) /folder/$1 [L]

Hello Shartois

I don’t think you have to do all this.

  • Simply upload public to your public_html
  • All the other files above it to your root directory.
  • If you get an error make sure your index.php at 644

If you are still getting any issue please send us the email, we will help you with the install.

Best Regards,
Abhimanyu Sharma

please answer why in admin panel it says artvenue version 5.0.7?? its not .env file changes the password on install i have to change it manualy and jump to step 2 php 7

Hi , Your code is really good but it’s can’t support url image other site , i have big images on photos google and can’t add this code , so sad .

Do you have any updates predicted for: Video Venue? mp4 support?. Or you abandoned that project?

i think this project was abandoned the web site is dead the developer is not answering….

Hello mardello

The demo is back online.


Is this script still supported? It’s been about 3 weeks since the author has commented and their demo site is completely gone. I’d like to purchase but have no confidence that this still works or that I’ll receive support.


Hello MattWolfe

I was facing really really bad health issues from past 5-6 months, that why i’m not able to provide good support that I used to do.

But I can assure that script codes are very up to date and we have released new minor update today.



knova15 Purchased

As a buyer, I really hope this was not abandoned, but in the meantime I use Chevereto.

I’ve tried to contact him multiple times to no avail. I think the support is dead.

Demo don’t work?

Hello stevezzz

Demo is back online.


This is why I hate single man projects…If something happens to the dev or he decides to abandon the project, you and your business is left in the dust…Was getting ready to buy this…smh

If I install a SSL certificate, will all urls redirect to https automatically?

Hello derooijfotografie

Yes it will depend on how you have installed the SSL.

If you install letsencrypt there is the option to redirect all the url to https by default.

If you get issue let me know.



mardello Purchased

hey man are you solving the followers pannel problem??

Hello mardello

Yes, please use the latest update if you still get the same let me know. I will release the second update.

Let me know


How does the geo location feature work? I am not able to use that in demo panel

Hello sumank

Geolocation allows you and users to mark the location where they have clicked the photos.

If the information is present the in the exif data of image it will be auto picked up from them.



jakesully Purchased

problem with OK button, when it exceeds 10 files a box pops up and with a button OK. But pressing OK button does nothing, the box remains visible stil. Please fix this :)

Update: Weird after tabbing away from the page then back, then button worked. Could of been safari having a bug issue idk.

I will comment if issue returns.

New problem is the upload size limit is annoying, how do I change limit?