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Vasilios we have been trying to implement your plugin into our site design. So we added our php includes at the top of the header.php and some other php includes at the bottom of the footer.php file in order to “contain” A.A.

While the “home” page of A.A. appears as it should, when links of A.A. are clicked the inclusion of our files gets messed up: the delivered pages display A.A. correctly but all other content is wrong.

Any ideas on how to fix this?

cancel my previous post, solution found. Great script btw.

We are having a login issue. Username and Password is not accepted. We have tried changing them in the database table through phpmyadmin and then inputting the newones but no luck. Please help.

Could you email me at vasilios[at]

Nice work! One question? Is it hard to Integrate your Articulate Articles Into my existing template. The template HTML/CSS I purchace have a blog page and I like the design. I have very basic html/css knowledge. I download wordpress but it is so confusing to me. Thank you.

I have problem with the install. It is very confusing to follow the readme/doc file. I have database setup without any problem. I did created subdomain on my host and transfer the app in subdomain folder and run install. when I access the setting panel there is a tab with ” Install URL” ?? whatever i put there it will add entry to the website path??? please help?

I did put / slash in ” Install URL” and now it will display the home page. But non of the pages or articles I create in admin are just blank page!

It seems to be a mod_rewrite problem (that’s what I’m guessing). Would you mind emailing me at vasilios[at] It’ll be easier to fix the problem that way because I will probably have to see the site.


I have purchased your item and have been playing around with it alot. What a great script!

For all of the others reading this, I have managed to get TinyMCE Editor incorporated into this script when you create a new page, or posts. It works great…Heaps easier to style your letters, add pictures, etc.

To the creator, is there any way to have a static home page, without the posts? I would like to put the posts themselves on a “News” page, and not the home page. Point me in the right direction?


Thanks a lot for the comment! :)

It’s definitely something that can be done. I don’t want to post loads of coding and instructions on here (because I’d also have to fiddle with things to figure out how), but if you wouldn’t mind emailing me at vasilios[AT]duove[DOT]com I’d be more than happy to help you set that up!

i sent an email awhile ago! Thanks for anything you can do vasilios!

Still have not received an email

Vasilios have you been able to find this? I am going to have to search for another solution to my problem and use a different system…I really like this script for how lightweight it is and user friendly, but if I am not going to receive any support I’m going to have to throw it aside.



I figured out how to allow a static page on the homepage (with some really minor issues), I could email the instructions over to you if you wish. I just bought the script yesterday and spent some time looking through the code.

I am counting 135 sales and you wrote this in your item description: 20 Sales: User roles Inline theme editing.

I guess you are working on that features? If not, i think it’d be fair to remove these lines after three years of ppl waiting for updates ^^

Hi, is there a way do display posts of specified categoty in sidebar or footer? Thanx!

$category_id = 1; // Change to the category id you want to look for
$posts = get_posts(array(
    'where' => "FIND_IN_SET($category_id, `post_category`)" 

if ($posts->total > 0) {
    foreach($posts->items as $post) {
        // Loop code here

I want to after buying implant this in the PHPDolphin script.. Is that possible?

great script but if you can make some change: 1 – in Home page show only an preview of article. 2 -And add different right between users and admin

Excerpt not work!

In index.php you can change $post->the_content() to $post->the_excerpt()

THANKS. Is a great script! Why you don’t add an WYSIWYG, nikEditor for example?

Hi there. I recently purchased and did a clean install. The issue is when I try to comment I receive the following error:

Fatal error: Call to a member function get_email() on a non-object in /home4/sizecoac/public_html/comment.php on line 94

Please advise.

images ? how to add

Custom Fields is able to us the html code?

Hey all,

Does anyone know how to strip the /category/ and /entry/ out from the urls?

Also, how to display images along with posts?


No reply, bump:(

I think this project is dead.

Ok, just bought it, installed it and this is my problem:

I wanted to remove /category/ and /entry/ from permalinks, so I modified the files in includes folder and main index.php file. But now, only posts are displayed, but categories, feeds, pages and authors are not.

Help :(

Hey all, would you help a girl a little?

Does anyone know how to get article title and category displayed between <title></title> in header?

Also, how to retrieve current page/post url to put it into cannonical link in header?

Thanks :)