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Nice one NuvuScripts, good luck in sales, Cheers

Thank you! :)

The screenshots really do not show us how this works.

Any plans for an actual demo?

There is a demo link under the description(second line) – it says “View Demo Here”. The iframe does not work well for some scripts so I did not include the demo link as a button. I have currently re added the button to clear up any confusion. Link to demo-

Well color me blind as a bat. Thanks so much! Off to view.

Ohh la la
Had a look. Loves them both and really likes the wha-menu too.
Bookmarked both for a possible project next week.
Thinks I will buy them both.
Awesome work you did.

Hey, thanks a lot – I appreciate it. :) -Nolan

Hi, I like the design very much, but I’ve a question. Can it work with custom post type?

Yes. You just set the type=”customposttype” in the shortcode
[articlescroll type="customtype" category_name="news" posts_per_page="5" ]
Thanks, -Nolan

Thanks very much for your reply, I’m considering it for my next project. :)

I’m really interested in this plugin. However, in the demo the widget is delayed, when i scroll down, the widgets follows like half a second or a second later. Can this be fixed?

It is actually not a widget, it is the plugins menu(not in a theme sidebar). The delay was setup on purpose but if you do not wish to have the menu animate you can easily change this from animate to css method to get rid of all delay or animation. I can show you via email how to easily achieve this by changing 2 lines of code. My email is -Nolan

Really cool effects but also see it being annoying for some visitors. I see it being real handy for long doc pages to have a sidebar move with it. Nice tool!

You can turn of the animation so the movement is immediate. Thanks, -Nolan

Hello Nuvuscripts,

Is it possible to place any sidebar widget within this?

Kind regards, Boaz

No sorry this is not a widgetized sidebar. -Nolan