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Hi ichurakov, two questions from me :)

I know you said you had no plans to add images, however I see you include images in the Website Sponsorship plugin, would you share the code from the image part part of that plugin so we could integrate it into this using functions.php?

Also… with the time limited sponsorship – what happens when the time is up. Does the sponsor receive an email or will I get a notification or does it just end?

Many thanks

Hi. It is not simple copy-paste. Unfortunately I don’t have time to add new feature at present time.

Regarding time limited sponsorship. It just end without any notification.

Ok, thank you. Unfortunately being able to include images is the difference between me buying the plugin and not. I would be willing to pay more for the plugin if it included that feature.

Also, I do feel that lack of notification may be a problem, as a sponsor may never return to the page to re-add their sponsorship (a notification within the wp-admin would be sufficient to get in touch with a sponsor).

Hi Ichurakov!

Your plugin looks realy great, however I’d like to have only a plugin, which allows do make a donation but doesn’t screen display on my website a donators list and also doesnt’t display info about donation ammount and numbers of donators. – Just let’s to make a donation, sends a thanksgiving email and doesn’t collect donators website url.

Do you have such a widget or could you please tell me how can I adjust easily your widget if I decide to buy it?

regards, Michal

Yes. This plugin is a payment form. You need to add it manually. And you won’t have statistics per article.

Is it possible to turn on somehow upload and file sending in the plugin Donate&Download?

Nope. There is no such option.

Hello, does this plugin work with wordpress 3.8 ? Also with any theme? And w3 total cache and maxcdn? Thanks!

Yes. It works with WP3.8, any theme. Regarding w3 total cache, I can’t tell you. Never tried.

Your work is amazing and I know that you have not enough time, but can I hope that you will insert the option to upload images and an option to automatically send an e-mail when the “sponsor time” is near to the end?

I really hope that you will improve your already excellent product. Thank you very much. Mattia

Thank you for your ideas. I think I’ll include them into todo list.

Awesome plugin, but I have a problem with the buttons!

The first one (become a sponsor) is green, but the second one (become a sponsor for …$) is larger and orange. All your other plugins work perfectly (Payment Pages & Subscribe & Download).

Is there a way to fix the problem? Thanks for your time.

Hi. Thanks for purchasing the plugin. Seems like plugin’s CSS interfer with your theme’s CSS. Please provide URL of the page where I can see the problem. I’ll check CSS and let you know how to fix it.

Hi, first at all, congratulation for the job, the plugin looks great! Indeed. I got a simple (an important) question for you, I didn’t see an answer about it in previous comments. Are the sponsored links created DOFOLLOW? If so, any chance to swap them into NOFOLLOW? Many thanks, definitely I’ll buy it for my projects ;)

Hi. Thanks for interest in the plugin. Sponsored links doesn’t have rel attribute. But it is easy to add one by modifying source code.

Whenever I use the shortcode option, I get the following error message:

Warning: Illegal string offset ‘width’ in /home/globalme/public_html/wp-content/plugins/article-sponsorship/article-sponsorship.php on line 1566

Hi. Thanks for purchasing the plugin and for letting me know about this issue. I’ve just released new version of the plugin. It is waiting for approval on CodeCanyon. If you would like to get it faster, please contact me through my profile page and I’ll send update by e-mail.

Hi. Updated version approved. :-)

Hi, its been about 3 years since you’ve mentioned adding the feature for including logo’s to sponsors.

Will this feature ever come out?

Thanks : ) and awesome plugin!

Hi. Thanks for reminding me about that that. Unfortunately, currently I don’t have time to do that.

Is there a way to review the sponsorship before being published online?

For example: I want to make sure the sponsored site/business meets my standards. (No xxx rated websites, or something that doesn’t relate to my content).

Let me know, thank you.

Unfortunately, there is no such feature.

Does this allow a image to be uoaded by the sponsor? I assumed it was added by now but I don’t see a working version with images. I wouldn’t have bought this if it didn’t have images.

Nope. There is no such feature.

Does it support multi currency ?

It support many currencies, but at the same time you can use only 1 currency.

Does it support multi currency ?

It support many currencies, but at the same time you can use only 1 currency.

very interesting plugin … a couple of questions … how does it handle security or spam? Also, is it possible to hold all submissions in moderation to be approved by the admin?

how about a custom project? I do have coding experience myself but obviously, if you have some free time for a custom project, would you be open to that idea? I run wpsolver by the way. Let me know if you have time for a custom project based on this plugin. If not, that’s OK too. I really appreciate you taking time to respond!

Unfortunately, I’m not available for customization/freelance work.

fair enough. Thank you :)

HI Halfdata. Awesome project. Does it work “per author” so that the sponsorship appears and pays to the author of the article, and can this add a button to the authors profile?

Unfortunately no.

Nice Plugin,

Does it work with Custom Post type ?

For image upload feature, can we insert it as normal php form by ourselves ?



Any plan to add an upload form to logo or icon from sponsor?


Hi. At that moment I don’t have such plans.

Hi, Does it allow admin to choose the specific payment methods like only Skrill and Payza? Secondly, could you provide a couple of sites other than the demo page where this plugin is live?

Hi. 1. Yes. 2. No.


tppp Purchased

Hi there, did you ever get around to adding automatically recurring / repeating sponsorships so they don’t just expire?

Hi. At that moment I don’t have such plans, unfortunately.

Hi, we just stumbled upon this plugin. Its a great idea and is needed. We see there has not been an update since 2yrs ago. Do you plan an updates in the next month with new features? or have you basically abandoned this and providing support to who already bought it? thanks!

Plugin works and I support it. I plan to add more features, but can’t tell when exactly it will happen.

Hi, presale question. I plan to use this plugin for public writer to pay for paid articles/advertorial. Can the form to show only for post writer and admin? And also for registered user? If not, any plugin can use for that purpose with this plugin?

Hi. Unfortunately, this plugin doesn’t fit your requirements.