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Would it be possible to see a preview or maybe a video? And, is it possible to use a custom thesaurus?

Thank you in advance.

There is a preview at however if you want a video or demo write me a message on my profile page and I will get back to you ;)

This would be so much cooler if it automatically scraped a thesaurus for synonyms and auto-randomized.

That’d be a nice feature but it should be a user selected option because synonyms taken from a thesaurus might not always make sense in some certain cases, so the way the script proceeds is sort of semi-automatic but more accurate than scraping words from a thesaurus.

Howdy DEV, wanted to buy your item but noticed that the script it doesn spin correctly, it spins only the same instance from a variant:

I {like1|like2|like3} CC so {much1|much2|much3}

It will always use the same number of text from inside a spin variant… i.e I like1 CC so much1 / I like2 CC so much2 / I like3 CC so much3

The problem is that your script never used (I like1 CC so much2)

Can you fix that? thanks!

Overall, well done, it may be a very useful tool.

welcome :) would also love to see a way to import spin articles from a file and also to export the spin result to a file like TXT and maybe CSV !? :)

That would make it a true online article spin tool.

Yeah I have thought of that too. Thanks for your suggestions ;)

Howdy DEV, any news on the fix and update? would be great to have an import/export feature and if possible a way to add synonyms to be used inside an article beside the spin text… thanks!

I wan to know your service give me the text I entered with another means ?

Demo is not working properly I was interested in this.

Hi I just purchased your article spinner however, I cannot get it to spin articles. Please have a look and let me know what I have done wrong.



Well, the end can be changed. There are Russian language.

Hi, I just bought article spinner script and i am really disappointed to see there is not singe video here on how to add this to wordpress site. Can you guide me how to add this script to particular page in wordpress. Thanks

Hello Can you help me not??? How long i have been waiting?

hello. this script is not spinning. pasting article as it is??. My web developer installed and i can send you url as proof. what to do??if you don’t respond i will open case. looking to hear from you on ASAP basis.Thanks

I request to people please don’t buy scripts from this seller.AS you can see he sells faulty scripts and don’t reply any of queries.I am very disappointed.


ry223 Purchased

Are you here and able to help me? I need to generate 100 different spins for 1 spintax