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WebDraft does not currently provide support for this item.

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I bought very good :)

I sent email :)

I send your file.


Awesome plugin!!! :)

Thanks goose :)

1. Yes, you will have for any article seo url.
2. Actually links are generated in this way :

where word can be replaced with what you want, “blog” or “news” or “articles” ...
With some modifications you can have urls in this way :

Marian Uta

best…..i bought it… :)

Thanks :), if you have any problem with it, just send me an email :)

Marian Uta

Wow! This is nice one! A+ and 5 Stars! Thank you!.

Thanks :)

sorry can you post how i can add 4-5 article as you in one raw and how i can create 1 article with photo and so on…thx,

Hi diausru,
  1. Changing article settings when you post an article :
  2. How to attach an gallery :

Best regards,
Marian Uta

Hi WebDraft. I have a question. Is it possible to change the theme to a Gamer theme? I want to make a website where there is Game reviews.

-Anton, Game Lover

Yep, you can update the template style.

is there admin panel

Check the screens : , this is what you will see on the admin pannel after the installation on JumbleKey

Hi. Can I use this for WordPress?

I purchased this by mistake. I did not notice that this was a plugin. Can I get a refund please?

Very disappointed with support so far, it’s been two days and have yet to hear from anyone.

Does anyone know how I could show the articles on “articles manager” in desc order? Right now it shows the oldest ones first. Thanks

You have chosen not to support this item but yet you are still selling it? You are a con artist, a rip off, what is the point if selling something that a buyer can’t get support for?