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Hello, Please if users sign in with their social account to see content, is their data or information saved in Wordpress?


pvkgbth Purchased

hi, I have a pre-purchase question…...if anyone already like my facebook page then why they are getting locked content ? even there is a unlike button showing for unlike? so if people want to unlock the content then they unlike my page and again like my page then they will able to unlock the content. please help me. My website url- thank you.


I can not see you have bought arsocial. Please buy it first to continue using it or get any support assistance.


pvkgbth Purchased

ok i have PURCHASED…now please fix above issue

PURCHASING is right thing as it will help us getting product better.

Kindly open support ticket at our helpdesk, support staff will assist you within 24-48 during weekday.

plz open support ticket

Hello, pre-sale question : When you say “& social Locker plugin” does that means it is this plugin ( included in your package? Thank you

Yes. Arsocial contains feature similar to your reference plugin. I wont claim that all the options are same. we may have some more and some less then them so, kindly check arsocial demo to confirm what you need.

Hi, just purchased the plugin but cannot find how to share on Facebook a specific URL (via FB content locker). I don’t wish to just share my Fan Page. Thanks

no reply yet. Can you please just tell me if it’s possible or not so can start looking for other alternative? Running out of time here as need to launch this new product. Got only few hours left….

Yes. just talked with support person and she had confirmed that its possible and she also had replied you with screenshots. so, kindly continue communication there so, you get quick solution.

THanks for the patience

ok thanks!

Hi, we are very much interested in purchasing this plugin. But have a few questions:

1.Does this plugin have shortcode feature? 2.Wil it shows Share counter for all social media including Twitter. I face some problem with free plugins, that they don’t show Twitter counts. 3.Can counter be shown with the icon itself without the need to hover them?

Once you confirm these 3 points, I will purchase the plugin straight away.

1. Yes Arsocial offers you all kind of shortcodes.

2. twitter share counter is i think disabled by twitter itself.

3. yes we have such template to show counter beside icon.


I need please support to get back to me asap on Ticket (#004612)! They told me: “Also your Facebook application is in test mode, so we can not share from your social locker. Try again after enable live mode in your Facebook application.” I asked them 8 days ago how to enable live mode and nobody got back since then. On my end was working fine so launched my product and now nobody can share it :(


6 days ago support staff had replied to you with all steps you needed. If you missed email then please login to our helpdesk and see our response.


ok got it thanks, didn’t get that reply in my inbox for some reason and don’t know where to login from. In my dashboard the get help tab leads only to tutorials as I see.

not in your wordpress dashboard, you can check tickets at our helpdesk page where you signed up for new ticket.


I’m very sorry but it was not the plugin i want to buy because it is not compatible and activable with the system of sharing of my system of affiliation

I want a rebuy Please

I wish you good luck for sales !

Kind regards


I have four days to ask for a refund it’s the rules in the USA !


What i meant was there is no way from our side to desl refunds. U must open refund request at envato site and only then request to us.

And we can approve refuns for case by case basis only and there is no rule of 4 days. It totally depends on envato policy. So plz open refund request at envato and we ll check whether u r eligible for retunds or not



Ok no problem, i keep your plugin and may be i use it in an other project



I received a message from my hosting

” Your hosting plan’s database queries are heavily loaded with MySQL. In accordance with fair use rules, shared server resources are distributed among a large number of users, and therefore your website disproportionately uses server resources provided to you. Please immediately optimize database queries or database to a specially tailored service – “

How can we optimize the database?


kindly open support ticket at our helpdesk. If we find any issue in our product then surely will assist you to improve it.


I cannot raise support ticket because the system is asking me to buy another license. I need a new license issued as your plugin is telling me that my license is being used for another site; which is not correct.

Thank you

Can seomeone look into my ticket , please?

well, you do not need to announce here everytime you reply. support staff will work independently. kindly give them couple of hours.


Hello, i’m interest, that support for cms datalife engine and xenforo?


thank you for information. will make note of it. If in future we decide to add support for those cms then will let you know.



I tryed the ARSocial plugin on. General looks nice happy nut it Breaks SSL security because I get a message: 

“this page is trying to load scripts from unauthenticated sources” if I use the inspect function it points to code from your script. How can I have this resolved? Here is the script I see in the console:

angular.min.js?ver=1.4:1 TypeError: Cannot read property ‘value’ of null at ars_global_fan_settings (ars_common_front.js?ver=1.4:1) at (ars_fan_counter_front.js?ver=1.4:1) at angular.min.js?ver=1.4:1 at angular.min.js?ver=1.4:1 at yt (angular.min.js?ver=1.4:1) at p (angular.min.js?ver=1.4:1) at a (angular.min.js?ver=1.4:1) at a (angular.min.js?ver=1.4:1) at angular.min.js?ver=1.4:1 at angular.min.js?ver=1.4:1 “ “


Thomanji Purchased

We bought 6 of these plugins and I cant even send a email to get a big resolved. this is real sad


Sorry sir for delay in reply. You might have noticed already that we are on holiday. we had mentioned here in codecanyon too. so, please allow us one more day and then we are back with full staff.


Hello, it is asking me a purchase code but the link to find it is not available in my download session. How can I retrieve it? Thank you, Gabriela


Purchase code you can find on codecanyon download page.


Hello, it is not there as I mentioned. Maybe a temporary bug. The link for purchase code is missing in download page. Anyway, I managed to find it in another place. Thanks for your reply.

okay np.

Hello, there is no Pinterest locker, only facebook and twitter? I bought this specific one because it had so many others social networks….And I found and incompatibility with my install. Is it possible to refund?

Hello sir,

there is no pinterest locker facility available yet. And i dont think we have anywhere advertised that we have pintrest locker.

For refunds it goes case by case basis. kindly raise refund request on codecanyon and if case will be genuine then we will issue full refunds.


Hello, Pre-purchase question: I would like to use the plug in an a way that sharing a facebook video on facebook will unlock the content. I noticed other plug ins have problems doing that (they work with a YouTube video url for example but not with a facebook video url). Can the ARSocial plug in do that? Tnx