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nice game ;)

Thank you~

I get a “Page not found” on the demo link.

Nice game.

In your description there are some spelling mistakes. (e.x resolution)

aha~now fixed it,Thank you~~~

LOVE this game! So fun, and cool too. :sing:

Thank you~


nice game, is it working as ios app or android app ?

touchable ?

Leaderboard dose not work well in mobile.

Hello, could the game be localized ?

Yes,but without internet you can’t submit score or check leaderboard.


Are you providing the Construct 2 (C2) Files for this? You are also using the Clay.io plugin for the leaderboard scores. Good Job!

Please let me know if you are providing the C2 Files as well with this package. Thanks

Yes,E-mail me with your licence ,I will send you C2 project file


Nice game!!! Just a question: “Online Scoreboard” is made with what? a date base is needed? We don’t understand how you make the Online Scoreboard

The scoreboard was made by Construct 2 plugin from Clay.io.

it’s not my question, but no problem i’ll purchase and see how it works, and i’ll tell you more after if needed.

Please visit clay.io developer center, there will be the answer.

I purchase it. And i visited clay.io i understand it now. But i want to know if i can show only the locally results. I don’t want to show results from clay.io is that possible? thanks for the support

thanks a lot

Thank you for your purchase~

i send you an email

Thanks a lot for the good support, we will consider to buy another items from you.

Thank you for your support!

Hi! Please, I have some presale questions: . can I change some image on your games? (for example, for “slash fruits” game: I have some .png of fruits, and I want to change your images for fruit images. I would like also to change your images instead of fruits on “arrows” game) is it possible? . should I pay some fee to clay.io to view results? Any advertaising? Thanks!

I have replied via email,please check mailbox.

How can I deactivate leaderboard? very nice game by the way…

Open capx file with Construct 2,and just delete clay.io object,then you will get it.

How Can We run this game in ios and android offline.?

You need export the cocoonjs by construct 2 then package the zip file on Ludei

Hi. I want to add more buttons. Do you could say what font you used in the buttons? Its possible to you send me the button without text? (a vector would be great). Thanks.

I have used default font which is construct 2 support.I didn’t use font sprite in this project.

Hi, I do not have Construct2.

How can I remove the leaderboard function totally?

Can I remove it in the c2runtime.js?? If so, where do I edit. Or could you email me a version of the game without the leaderboard?

Hi, I’m not a programmer,I don’t know how to edit these games without Construct2.Sorry for that.

No problem. I have changed the graphics to match my website, about English history. See what you think: http://historyofliverpool.com/HaroldGame/

Dear Developer,

I have some questions before I think of buying:

(1) Will you help in making this game fully responsive? Right now, it is adaptive. Not fully responsive.

(2) In your demo, Leaderboard is not accessible. How to see submitted score?

(3) Can we make log-in system so that after loggin in, every players score is submitted in server?

(4) Can we make Facebook/Twitter button which shares score?

Thanks for taking interest in answering the questions.


hi we liked ur game very much….it works fine in android…..we are planning to buy full version . but the only problem we are facing, is the game is not getting killed after clicking home or back button..will it works if i buy full version waiting for ur response..thank you