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I need more screen shot or video preview. Thanks

How to track luggage ? I dont undstand what ibeacon do. How to check luggage is arrived. It used the image?

You put the iBeacon in the luggage. When the luggage arrives it sends a signal to the iPhone app that I am arrived. Thats it! simple!

Yes – I’m interested, but need more info.

It shows all the items with pictures because sometimes I need to see my baggages that are checked in. You can always update the code to stop it sending the notifications once the notification has been received. The badge number functionality is not currently implemented. You can set the badge number to 0 in AppDelegate.

Any help to stop the notifications would be appreciated

There is a property called “hasNotificationsBeenSent” you can play around with that.

Would be really handy if there was an edit feature built into this App

You can simply swipe to delete the item!

Thanks – deleting is not the same as editing. How can I edit the information?

There is no edit functionality.

where can I get a ibeacon put into my bag? Thanks!

You have to purchase the iBeacon yourself.

is there a way to make the iBeacons sound go off?

also is there a way to add map?

how can I make it notified me when the item is out of range instead?

iBeacons does not have functionality to emit sound.

Not sure if I understand the map questions!

The didExitRegion is fired when the user goes out of the monitored region.


Is there a way to display the distance, like “near, Far,, ect”

Check out the Proximity class used in the code.

Is there a way to speed up the notification? There’s a delay

Is there a way to speed up the notification? There’s a delay

The speed is notification is controlled by Apple!

CAN Make ios app with webview opens the Web browser when it detects the ibeacon tanks! noronha

I like the app and downloaded it from the App Store, however how do I input my UUID #? I do not see this field in the app like it is in your video…? Thanks