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Hello! are you going to include custom post type? (woocommerce products) Are you going to set availability according to taxonomies?


No, woocommerce we don’t support yet and have no plan if we would.

Was soll die blöde Werbung beim Demo? Daumen runter!

Ist erledigt. Mein Host hat einen redirect gemacht.

Great plugin.

Thank you

Is there a way to set it so requests to share location only occur when a user visits a page/post that is using the plugin?

It’s possible, but need to modify the code.

I there. My requirement is as follows. 1) service providers define native postal code and select radius as preferred work area. 2) user defines postal code and define requirement 3) system match skill set of requirement and service provider 4) once skill set matched, system identify list of services provider based on geographical preference. (distance from user is less than radius defined by service provider)

I have following questions. 1) can this requirement be readily met by this codes 2) If not, what is the level of customization required 3) can these code integrated with javascript

This can be done with a Freelance Job. Contact me over my Profile.

Can you make it so the home page of changes depending on the users location?? So if I am in Italy I see one page, and if I am in germany I see another?

This Feature is done with a Freelance job.

On the admin page I get the following errors and I can not add a location

TypeError: undefined is not an object (evaluating ’’) (anonymous function)common.js:213:235 (anonymous function)js:87:1496 (anonymous function)js:39:233 (anonymous function)js:87:1597 ecjs:41:229 Scjs:87:1398 (anonymous function) (anonymous function)common.js:1

TypeError: is not a function. (In ‘,e[f],f,a)’, ‘’ is undefined) mcjs:42:91 (anonymous function)util.js:238:583 (anonymous function)js:87:1496 (anonymous function)js:39:233 (anonymous function)js:87:1597 ecjs:41:229 Scjs:87:1398 (anonymous function) (anonymous function)util.js:1

TypeError: .w is not a function. (In ‘.w(p3,.J)’, ‘.w’ is undefined) (anonymous function)stats.js:8:607 (anonymous function)js:87:1496 (anonymous function)js:39:233 (anonymous function)js:87:1597 ecjs:41:229 Scjs:87:1398 (anonymous function) (anonymous function)stats.js:1

Don’t worry about this, I found the issue was multiple instances of the google maps was loading. It is fixed now issue was not this plugin

Ok great :)

Login credentials for demo testing page does not work. Anyway, I would like to ask: does this plugin work with cell-phones (iOS, Android, Win)?

Yes, you only need to allow the Location Service on your phone so it can use GPS.

Demo login credentials don’t work. Sorry, moving on )=

It works now

I was wondering if you do freelance work… I would like a custom plugin that works with your Aroundme plugin I purchased. I would like to display pages that are fenced with the Aroundme plugin to display around the user within a certain radius defined by the user.

What would display for the user is the feature image, a custom field description, and some other meta data and the link to the page in a list that could be sorted by tags and radius.

I am using a shortcode plugin that if you were to give me the PHP/HTML code and javascripts for this I could implement it using that. That way you wouldn’t have to develop and test a complete plugin.

Sorry we are now very busy and have no time for Freelance jobs. You only need a man who will make the list for you and then use my Plugin to show that page, that works already.

Demo doesn’t work.

Last update : 2014. Is this plugin still “alive” ? Support ? Working on last versions of Wordpress ?

How the geolocation works with a computer and a cellphone ? Does it use the GPS of the cellphone ?

Hi, i’d like to buy your utility.

It works with last WP versions? Do you support it?

Your demo USER & PASS are not working on demo page… can you fix it please??

Thank you in advance!


iojedi Purchased

Just purchased.

Installation no problem but… it not works on site… it checks always me outside radius!!!

let me know how to give you a live preview link in private!

Thank you!

This no longer work on insecure origins. To use this feature, you should consider switching your application to a secure origin, such as HTTPS. See for more details.


iojedi Purchased

Ok… so if I’ll use let’s Encrypt on my domain, your plugin will start to work, right?

If you domain is working on https then the script will work.


your plugin looks very interesting.

but I can’t test your plugin with the demo code on codecanyon

thanks for help

Hello Is this work with last wp ? May you provide a test addon? I need this addon but I want to see just working.

I can’t get the plugin to accept the location.

I can’t get the plugin to accept the location.

Is your page on HTTPS ?

In reply to last comment, does this mean that this plugin still work without updates to last version of WP?