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the author is not responding demo is not working dont waste your money guys

why you dont provide support here whats your email?

lots of people are interested in this app come on lets make some money and update your app so its working the demo is not working i want to test it and buy it

We will begin supporting today by: https://www.facebook.com/angopapo/ Email: maravilhosinga@gmail.com

Also the demo app will be updated today.

Hello Angopapo,
1. Is this app open source so we can edited as we see fit without license correct?
2. where is the demo?
3. Heruko has a video chat how hard would it be to add it onto this app???

Yes, we have an iOS version

Check here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7tpJacCdMDo

do we both iOS and Android included

No, iOS is not in codecanyon you need to contact our support

Hi Angopapo would you have an demo apk And you mentioned you also have the ios version Cheers

1. MongoDB 2. No 3. No, its a phone 4.Yes, No 5. Yes 6. Yes 7. Yes

Thanks Well can you get me fake users all from Australia. Can you add the feature gifts so users can send gifts between each other for credits It will be very good for application.

We are adding features but, no ideia when they will be released! You can add users from where you want!

Hi i liked the app concept and i am interested in buying the theme but i have some pre-sales question:

1. demo app not working, why?
2. ios version is there but does it include in this product price.
3, if not what is the price of ios version.
4. does this has a webapp
5. there is credit buying which payment gateway is supported.
6. you need parse server or any hosting server will work for this app.

1. Demo is working 2. iOS is released in private 3. iOS is 45$ 4. Not yet only (iOS and Android) 5. Native Google Pay Payment gatway 6. You need a Parse Server (Self hosted or Cloud Service has back4app.com)

Hi, I have sent an Email to maravilhosinga@gmail.com could you please check and Reply ASAP

Ok, i will

You told a client you work with FCM. Does this mean, its available already or soon in this app?

Its already available. App receive Push notifications using FCM

hi! I’m interested to buy. can you setup everything and if so how much. also did you implement the possibility to give free credits or make it free for a while until busy. thanks in advance. regards steve

Hello, i can setup everything please contact the support via email i also can implement what you need, give free credits and make it free until busy

Hi, i like your app, its a pre sale question

1) in menu passport >>Activate – use recharge now the link will move to My profile(but want to open VIP Store.
2) once i’m like the pic after how to edit like or unlike
3) chat message time will display wrongly
4) Any options for blacklist the visitor (continue disturb in chat message, so i want to blacklist)
5) how to delete my account
6) Phone Number login (Need to buy separated) how much?

ok, good

Hi I have some queries, so accept my Skype ID(already I’m send you a request)

Contact by email: maravilhosinga@gmail.com