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Does your backend support back4app? I think your docs doesn’t clear about using Heroku as a backend. I’m struck at the stop SSH to change index.js.

Hi, yes it support back4app.com

You dont need index.js if you use back4app.com


We support via Skype ID: merveilmongo (Maravilho Singa)

Can’t you just make an tutorial to install the parse backend on a vps?

No, i cant sorry, it depends on your VPS configuration.

We can help you for Installation and Setup.

Skype ID: merveilmongo (Maravilho Singa)

Thank you for buying.


devtab Purchased

Found some bug on update profile picture. email sent

Thank you i will check the email and fix.

Good afternoon, can I translate the app into Brazilian Portuguese?

Boa tarde, Sim podes traduzir para “Brazilian Portuguese”. Assim que compares, vamos ajudar te mostrando como fazer.

Precisas traduzir apenas 1 ficheiro.

Podes nos adicionar no Skype ID: merveilmongo (Maravilho Singa)

Wee need you to focus on fixing Android app bugs before thinking of IOS !

There is a bug in chat which makes the app useless ... it wasn’t fixed in last update and we don’t know how long we have to wait for and update ..

So i can not launch my app in the stor ..

So i demand yoy fix this before considering launching ios app!

We are a team, working for it, iOS devs are testing and Android Devs are fixing issues to release new update!

Hi, When I go to Bluehost, I saw: shared hosting, cloud hosting, wordpress hosting, vps hosting, dedicated hosting. My question is which hosting do I need to choose? Thanks

choose vps hosting

I suggest to purchase your VPS with this hosting https://www.a2hosting.com/?aid=58764711d35b6

Choose 5$/month VPS hosting

System CentOS 7 CPU ( 2 Cores) Memory (1 GB) Disk Space (20 GB) Bandwidth (2 TB)

With this perfect configuration you will pay 10$/month

Let me know if you purchase!

5 dollars right?


Hello Angopapo your app is awesome… so, a few questions because it’s my first time that I’m going to test a mobile app..:
  1. Is it possíble to translate the app? in the admin page or through code source?
  2. can I change colors, genders, min_age,etc?
  3. I’m planning to test it on localhost first, after that, I plan to deploy it at digital ocean
  4. does the documentation explains the app features, where to edit settings etc?
  5. if I test with back4app, will I need to go through the same process such as digital ocean, or is everything setup ready to run?
  6. I saw your second app, which is a plugin to use with AroundMe, do you explain how to add this function to the main app?

thank you

Thank you!

1. Yes, its possible to translate in code source, just one file “strings.xml”

2. Yes, you can change everything you want

3. You can test directly in back4app or your own Parse Server. Its better

4. Yes, also we explain how to change basics as color, app name, style, etc..

5. Everything is ready. You need just APP_ID, CLIENT_KEY and SERVER_URL

6. Yes, the is a documentation, also AroundMe, already have most part of code integrated to facilitate a integration progress.

Is it possible to remove the location stuff because I have not been able to go pass the save your location. I have not access the main app for long. Is it possible to disable it. What should I do to enable me go to the main functional app. Thanks

If you are using our account provided, they was deleted.

1. Uninstall and Install the last version in Play Store 2. Create new account or use this one (username: msinga and password: 123456

Also if you don’t want a location system we can remove it for you. When you purchase you have options for Friends System or Follow System

When will you make IOS version?

It’s ready to submit we are making a documentation. It will be in codecanyon in 1 week

right, I wait IOS version for buy your code. tks


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added your Skype ID, but no reply?

Hello, thank you for buying.

If no body is answering you, just wait a title, we doesn’t not take more that 5 hours.

Still waiting for the fix update .. when do we expect you to fix the issues ?

Probably in few days or 1 week.

i cant pass location problem! app has problem and you did not fix it. no body want to use it. please fix it!

We can not help you in comments.

Add us to Skype ID: merveilmongo