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miukun Purchased

Hello, I need a help.


My iPad mini 4 has issue.

Not display register link.

How to fix it?

We designed for iPhone and iPod Touch, so for iPad you must ajust fot stroryboard for automatic layouts

hello. I buy this app, and when i want to buy 100 credits. i receive error: Editor can buy this articol. please help me. Another question. how integrate paypal?

Yes be can integrate Paypal for you, but that is not an error, its just a work that you cant buy your own app

And HOw make to work? What change? I send you a request for Skype: daniel_ionut@live.com

for integrate paypal to user buy subsciption, how long take? and for attention: Editor can buy this articol what can i do for user to buy VIP?


ams1974 Purchased

I thnik guys the problem is Evento also, they have to do his job because they are also making money with the developer.

Whta is your problem then, we are doing everything possible to support everyone that need

iOS version wasnt removed, me suspended it until we resolve all issues founded my customers

Your app in playstore is not available in our country. Where can I download your demo app?

Do you have a demo login, i will like to test the app but i need to purchase credit, can you profile demo login with premium subscription ?

Registration and login on demo not working

Registration and login and facebook login not working on demo?

did you guys fix the login in the demo?

why the iOS version is down?where to get iOS version?

Hello. For activate notification when user receive email? or someone visits profile, fow activate? i make like in tutorial, but not works. Please help me

Hello, I need in-app customization

I would like a user to pay within the app

Example: I find you near me Your meeting costs 100 reais I paid inside the app for the meeting And the owner receives a value, a percentage!

Is it possible?


regreal Purchased

I need for credentials to log into around me my developer is trying to set it up . Please provide me with your login info

when are you bringing back the iOS Version? I’m really interested in both versions, thanks!


rahulb Purchased

Hi, I am Sending message in Skype from couple of Days with out a Reply. Please reply me ASAP


regreal Purchased

Hello I need your log in info to set up the app my developer is having problems setting up the log in if don’t wanna give the log in info on here please skype me at savvy_tech1