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hi ..

thanks for the new app .

is this easy to change the images of game and change the place of them?

second thing is there a high score system ?

Hi hussain1982,

1) If new images are of the same size you can just replace them in “gfx” folder and it will be working. As about position I guess you mean positions of blocks. There is class Levels.m. All levels are defined in that class. Single level is defined like that:

As you can see there are 16 rows and 16 columns.
“3” – block which should be hit 3 times before is destroyed
“2” – block which should be hit 2 times
“1” – block which should be hit only 1 time
“5” – empty space (no block in this position)

So you can change it.

2) There is no high score system

Thank you so much for your replay .

Are there any sounds with this?

Just one sound, when level is completed.

Hi, Can I add more levels?


Hi ofers69,

Yes you can do it. In Levels.m and Game.m you will have to change
#define LEVELS _NUM 10

Then in Levels.m you can define additional levels.

Is there a life system? For example, they start with x lives, if they lose the ball a life is lost? If so is there a way to gain lives?

unfortunately there is no life system

Hey is there a way to get this to take up the entire screen in portrait mode or is it only landscape?

hi, it’s only landscape

Ok. Also, are you available to hire? I was just wondering if I could hire you to help me with a few things.

Hi wordpressdesigner, contact me by email.