Arivaa Firebase (React Native and Expo)

Arivaa Firebase (React Native and Expo)

Arivaa firebase aims at integrating Arivaa Basic with firebase which making perfect mix of Firebase,Expo and antd design for kickstarting your business project.



New Cutting Edge Updates(Now available)

Push Notifications


Geolocation and Maps


Facebook Ads

Configurable Permissions Management


1.Multiprovider Authentication using firebase

2. Realtime Data updates using firebase

3. Social Authentication with Facebook,Google,Twitter and Github

4. Recaptcha Support

5. OTP Integration

6. Localization Support

7. Phone number verification

8. Push Notifications

9. Admob

10. Facebook Ads

11. Analytics

11. Maps and Geolocation

Other Features

1. UI Screens along with functional flow

2. Splash Screen

3. Introduction Screens

4. Login

5. Signup

6. Forgot Password

7. Verify Otp

8. Reset Password

9. Profile Screens (Both view and edit)

10. Home Screen

11. Drawer Integration

12. Change Password

13. Supported Features and Architectures

14. Local Authentication

15. Social Authentication with Facebook and Google

16. Extensible Form Validation Architectures with various types of inputs

17. Extensible Configuration based Redux Integration

18. Easy to use Spinner anywhere across the application

19. Multiple ways of showing system messages

20. Scalable and extensible Routing architecture containing security aspects

21. Configuration based drawer

22. Localization Support

23. Multiple types of headers according to the application needs

24. Expo Supported

25. Antd Design

26. All the features are fully functional with mock backend, So that the user can integrate with actual backend with minimal configuration.

27. Localization

28. An extensive library of custom components based on factual needs

29. Multiprovider Authentication using firebase

30. Realtime Data updates using firebase

31. Social Authentication with Facebook,Google,Twitter and Github

32. Recaptcha Support

33. OTP Integration

34. Configurable Permissions Management