Aries PHP Blog Script

Aries PHP Blog Script

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This PHP Blog Script is built using Symfony Framework. The thing I like about Symfony is that it is very extendable, a ton of document and a way of coding it. If you have any difficulty in installation you may contact me via email – I can help you done thing quicker check video preview for demo

  •  Posts: support feature image, page templates, categories, tags and status(publish, draft)
  • Categories: category name, slug, description and feature image.
  •  Tags: tag name, slug, description and feature image.
  •  Page: support feature image, page templates and status(publish, draft)
  •  image: easily upload multiple images with ajax.
  •  Tools: support import and export
  •  User: name, email, password, profile picture and description
  • Setting: contain general setting such as logo, blog title, website icon, home page
  • Template, pagination, xml sitemap, comment(Disqus comment).
  • Design:
    •  themes: you could add more themes to it if you have knowledge in Symfony framework
    • sidebars: you could drag & drop widget to each sidebar that registered by theme
    •  menus: drag and drop item to your menu location or add menu to your preferred
    • theme options: theme option is added by theme mean it can be difference depend on theme.
  • RTL version support
  •  xml sitemap address is “”
  •  xml feed address is “”
  •  Home page has two styles: first one is “list style” as default and other is magazine style
  • 2 menu locations on front end left and right which can be assigned by menu manager in admin

Update Log

version 1.2.1 / 26 Mar 2018
- fixed error on PHP 7
version 1.2.0 / 15 Sep 2017
- add vertical menu
- add front preview button for admin page
- add preview button in post and page table
- replace shortname url to shortname in comment disqus (to avoid confuse)
- add share buttons in post page
- add related post
- update ckeditor for
version 1.1.0 / 25 Aug 2017
- add contact page template
- fixed footer script
- change theme structure
version 1.0.1 / 09 Aug 2017
- add RTL version in frontend
- fixed css icons
- add sql file for direct import in phpmyadmin
- fixed command shell error when clear cache