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Hi. In demo not working the facebook share dialog (it says inactive app). Can you enable it so we can test how works the share on Facebook? Thanks

Hi. Checked again but still shown “inactive app”, for both tests…

Could you provide a screenshot where possible to see the problem (can send it by email info@ari-soft.com)? “Force to share” button is working fine in this quiz: http://wp-demo.ari-soft.com/what-pet-is-ideal-for-you/ and share results on “Facebook” is also working fine on our side.

Should be fixed now. Sorry for inconvenience.


tsecher Purchased

I just downloaded and reinstalled ARI as it said the latest version was 1.5. Now the file for download here at Codecanyon was 1.4.20. No auto-updates are possible to us, you don’t offer your unlimited site’s version for sale here and now you don’t even offer the latest version of the software? I feel that you treat Codecanyon customers worse than your own customers and I’m not happy at all.


We have submitted a new version of the plugin to CodeCanyon, but it requires some time (usually 2-3 days) while it is approved by a moderator so currently you see the previous version.

The following plugin can be used to update WordPress plugins which are purchased on CodeCanyon:


If you want to update “ARI Stream Quiz” directly from our site instead of Envato channel, contact us by email (info@ari-soft.com) and we will provide an API key.

Regards, ARI Soft

Can it be possible for logged in users to have their quiz results saved and shown via a shortcode?

It could also be cool to have a shortcode to display the global stats for a quiz. I.e. list the results with the percentage of users for each result and show the total number of users who took the quiz and the average elapsed time. It would be good to have an option to display this after someone completes the quiz.

We will take your suggestion into account and try to implement all of them in future versions of the plugin.

Awesome…thank you!

The percentage of the results is not coming out well with the percentage symbol ”%” eg I have used out of {{maxScore}} correct which is {{userScorePercent}} % #kenyaonline But I get the result; You got 12 out of 24 correct which is 50 #kenyaonline Its dropping the %


Could you specify where it doesn’t work? On quiz results page, when share results or in mail template? We checked it on quiz results page and when click “Twitter” share button and % symbol is shown fine.

First of all congratulations for the work, the plugin is very good. I’ve been testing it over the last few days and I came across some questions that are relevant to my purchase decision. These are: 1) I noticed that the two quizzes created by you have the perfect sharing function, plus or try to do it in the quiz that I created the same did not happen. I need to have an idea how it would be to share my results, because the images you put are gif and the ones I need will be traditional images horizontally. 2) When activating multiple pages, I realized that it is taking a long time to go to the next question.


Thank you for your interest in our plugin. Regarding your questions:

1. Could you provide a link to a quiz which causes the problem?

2. Timeout between pages changing can be set in plugin settings or totally disabled.

Is it possible to change ‘Play Again’ text label at the end. I want to use different text labels if possible. Thanks


All labels are located in language files and can be changed or translated to another language. You can read how to do it here: http://www.ari-soft.com/docs/wordpress/ari-stream-quiz-pro/v1/en/index.html#translations

I changed ‘Play Again’ to ‘Reset Questions’ but didn’t work. Any suggestion? I did override the language file (ari-stream-quiz.pot).

.pot is a template file, edit .po file if it is available for your language or use .pot file to create your own translation.

Hi I am looking for a quiz that works with Cloudflare with no issues. Would this fit the bill?


Nobody has reported about a problem with Cloudflare, but you can try free version of the plugin. If any problem occurs, let us know and we will investigate it.

Multiple-personality Quiz Pre-Sales Question:

1/ I have been looking for a quiz plugin which could provide results in %

Like you are 60% faery, 30% superhero, 10% elf or you have 60% problem 1 40% problem 2…

Is this possible with your plugin? Where can I view a demo?

2/ Can your Quiz plugin create conditional-logic quizes?

Thank you!


1. The plugin supports this ability. It can show results in percent for each personality or for the selected number of top personalities.

2. The extension doesn’t support this feature.

PS: Demo site: http://wp-demo.ari-soft.com/

Update Failed: 1.5.9 Message: Update Failed: The package could not be installed. PCLZIP_ERR_BAD_FORMAT (-10) : Unable to find End of Central Dir Record signature

Do you enter API key for update in plugin settings? If yes or you don’t have this one, contact us by email (info@ari-soft.com) please.


tsecher Purchased

Would it be possible to add email integration with ConvertFox?

The plugin doesn’t provide built-in integration with ConvertFox, but you can try to connect it with the plugin via Zapier.

Hi, I have few pre-sell questions 1. Will the result be send to User and Admin 2. Can we have Statics Chart 3. Can we export Result as CSV, and this contain user detail like Name, Email Id, Score 4. Do it has timer 5. Should the user be required to be logged in to take this quiz? 6. Will it work on all theme


1. The plugin can send results (without questions and answers) by email to quiz takers. All results are available on backend for administrators.

2. You can see available statistics on demo site:

http://wp-demo.ari-soft.com/wp-admin/admin.php?page=ari-stream-quiz-quiz-statistics&id=2 http://wp-demo.ari-soft.com/wp-admin/admin.php?page=ari-stream-quiz-quiz-statistics&id=1

3. Results can be exported to CSV, you can try it on demo site:


4. Currently the plugin doesn’t support timer. This feature will be available in v. 2.x.

5. Quizzes are available for guest and registered users.

6. Yes. If you have any problem with your theme, feel free to contact us and we will investigate and fix a problem ASAP. You can try free version of the plugin before buying PRO version.

Can i see results from users on a quiz I ran on the free version before I upgraded?


Free version doesn’t store results. You can see results of quiz session which completed after update to PRO version.

Hello, are other forms of media besides images supported? I want to know if it’s possible to include video or sound clips in a quiz. Thanks in advance.


You can use WordPress media shortcodes like [audio], [video] https://codex.wordpress.org/Shortcode

This gonna be great if you can add sound. Would you consider to add it?


It is possible to use [audio] shortcode (https://codex.wordpress.org/Audio_Shortcode) to embed sound into questions. Make sure “Settings -> Support shortcodes …” parameter is enabled in quiz settings.


webdivs Purchased

I’m unable to create any new quiz or access a created one. Page keeps loading… I’ve tried another browser, I have disabled all the other plugins and still is not loading.


Check your mail please.


nop1974 Purchased

Why is it too large database for wp_asq_results

How to decrease?

wp_asq_quizzes is 80 KiB    
     wp_asq_result_questions is 12 Mib
    wp_asq_results is 168.9 MiB

My site content database is about 40 Mib only.

Is this Normal?


wp_asq_result_questions and wp_asq_results contain result for completed quizzes. If you don’t want to save results, open “General” tab on “ARI Stream Quiz -> Settings” page and disable “Save results to database” parameter.

If want to clear tables and delete all results, open “ARI Stream Quiz -> Results” page and click “Delete all” button.


nop1974 Purchased

Great!!! I can delete all results now.

But how can I delete “wp_asq_result_questions” which is now 156,600 InnoDB?

Update the plugin to v. 1.5.21 please. It also deletes data from the table.

3 Quick Questions. 1. I assume the quiz can have results based on the questions answered correctly? ie. they answer 10 out of 10, the result would say, “You’re Awesome”, or 5 out of 10 you can say, “You need more work” or something like that?

2. Can the results be emailed to me – and for not logged users if they supply their email? Results being the actual number they got right AND the “You’re Awesome” part.

3. Can I force them to have to give me their email for the quiz to work?


1. Yes, the plugin supports this ability. It is possible to define different score ranges and result templates for them.

2. It is possible to send results to quiz takers. Currently the plugin doesn’t send it to specific email.

3. The plugin can ask e-mail before showing results and lock results till a user provides an e-mail.

What about sending the results to me, the website owner?

Currently this feature is not supported.

Hi there. Love the plugin allot but have a question. If I want to make like a questionnaire where there will be different (next) questions to how the user respond to the (previously) question – how can I do that? I hope you understand what I mean maybe this will help: https://i.imgur.com/Lk7128S.png (each box would be a question and at the end there are different results) Cheers Elias


Sorry, the plugin doesn’t support this ability.