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Is this developer version? http://wp-quiz.ari-soft.com/#pricing

or 1 site licence ?

Hello, thank you for your interest in our plugin. “Personal” subscription plan for 1 site license and “Developer” plan for unlimited site number.

good work!

Thank you :)

can the personality quiz’s also use images. Similar to the cartoon characters demo?

Sure, it is possible. You can check it and create a quiz on demo site: http://wp-demo.ari-soft.com/wp-login.php

Can we use this on our wp multisite install


“ARI Stream Quiz” v. 1.2.4 supports WordPress multisite installation.

BTW, you can check it in free version https://wordpress.org/plugins/ari-stream-quiz/ , it also supports multisite.

Nice work! GLWS

Thank you :)


Great plugin, just one question is there a possibity to add shortcodes in personnality result content ?

Thank you.

Currently it is not possible, but it will be a good feature. We will implement it in the next version of the plugin (it takes 2-3 workings days). You can contact us by email (info@ari-soft.com) and we will send the new version immediately when it is ready. Envato takes some time (usually several days) to approve new version.

Sent the reply to your mail.

“ARI Stream Quiz” v. 1.4.4 contains “Support shortcodes …” parameter in quiz settings.

I can’t tell from the demo. Does the multi-page actually switch pages when you go to the next question? The reason I am asking is because I am interested in using it with Adsense and other ads to drive traffic and page views. Thanks for your help.


The plugin supports ability to reload page into a browser for each question page in a quiz. This option is configured in plugin’s settings.


You are welcome. If have any other questions, feel free to ask them.

Do you have support for explanations for the answers ?

It is possible to define explanations for questions in trivia quizzes.


amodoke Purchased

How can I add HTML in the results? I want to add my own button and there’s no way right now to add it.

Will it be suitable for your needs if we add “Content before results” and “Content after results” parameters to quiz settings? It will be possible to use HTML code and/or shortcodes in these parameters. Contact us by email (info@ari-soft.com) to discuss it in more details.

In addition, v. 1.4.12 supports ability to define content before/after result area. HTML and shortcodes are supported.

Hello, first of all I apologize for my English.

I really enjoyed the work. Congratulations!

I have the following need:

Personality Quiz

A quiz where I can insert 5 questions and the user to receive the result, receive the answer to the 5 questions. Usually a unique result is sent to the quizzes, a general result.

I need you to send the result like this:

Your Test Result:

Answer Question 1: - Your hair is dry

Answer Question 2: - Your eyes are blue

Answer Question 3: Your mouth is average.

Answer Question 4: “Your teeth are white.”

Answer Question 5: - Your legs are long

Thanks and I await your response.



Thank you for your interest in the plugin. The plugin can show personalit(ies) depend on selected answers. Several personalities can be shown. It is also possible to show questions with the selected answers, but it doesn’t support ability to how results like “questions” – “user answer”.

Hi, I have some pre sale questions: 1) I need to create a quiz, can the quiz load 20 random questions taken from 200 questions created in the admin panel? I will create 200 questions, but the participant will see only 20 random questions. 2) are there any data analysis? 3) can I allow only one participation for each quiz (base on email address)? 4) can the participant receive the result by email?

thanks in advance! best regards!


1. It is possible.

2. The plugin can show chart for each quiz which contains information about quiz impressions, number of start quiz sessions, number of completed quiz session, number of shares and opt-in. Show popularity of each personality for personality tests.

3. The plugin doesn’t support this ability, but we can implement it as a custom feature.

4. Currently the plugin doesn’t support this ability.

Fantastic work! Sorry my bad english, but i have a question. Can i put the lead form in the beginning of questionnaire? Thanks


Currently the plugin can show a lead form only at the end of quiz before showing results. It is possible to lock access to results till a user completes the form.

hi can i create or add voice record / mp3 to question and answers?

Hi, It is possible to use [audio] shortcode in questions / answers. More info here: https://codex.wordpress.org/Audio_Shortcode

Hello, why can’t I install 1.4.17 update from wordpress dashboard?

Hello, I sent you an email, but I have not received any answer

I know there is a new version 1.4.18, but I can not install it either

I re-sent the answer from our secondary email (gmail). It seems mails from our primary email is blocked by your mail provider (try to check junk or trash folder).


Contact us by email please (info@ari-soft.com) and we will send API key which is required to update the plugin automatically from our site instead of Envato channel.

Pre-sales Question. We want the plugin to collect player contact numbers as well in stead of only email & name. Can it be done?

Sorry, but currently the extension doesn’t contain a built-in form editor. It requires modification of the plugin.

Hi, was wondering if you could show the results page on a separate page?

So, on answering the last question, instead of scrolling to the answer on the same page, taking the user to a page with just the result on.


Hi, it is possible to hide questions when quiz is completed and show only result.

Thanks, how do you do that? I couldn’t see the option in the demo.

It can be changed on “ARI Stream Quiz -> Settings” page via “Show questions at the end” parameter. Access to this page is disabled on demo site, but you can install free version of the plugin and check it.

pre purchase: is it possible to have a quiz and then ask our visitors to send us the result for win a gift ? (they can not see the result and before answer the questions should write their email and name for example) Thanks

It is possible to hide questions with answers on result page. A form with name/email fields can be shown when all questions are answered before showing result page. All results are available on backend for administrators.

Great plugin!

Quick question, on the sales page it states

“Show custom content at the end of quiz depends on number of correctly answered questions”

Apologies, I don’t see where I set this option.


Thank you for the swift response!

Last question… is there a way to turn off the “Correct” and “Wrong” notifications for trivia questions? I am sure I can simply add display:none to the CSS class or ID, but adding that function in would be great.

I want to use the plugin not as “Personality” or “Trivia” but more of a questionnaire and that feature would help immensely.


Open “GENERAL” tab on “ARI Stream Quiz -> Settings” page and set “Show result per question” parameter to “No”.

Awesome! Thank you