Discussion on ARI Fancy Lightbox - WordPress Popup Plugin

Discussion on ARI Fancy Lightbox - WordPress Popup Plugin

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Pre-sale question: I need a popup that will refresh the parent page when you close the popup. Possible?

We can provide a custom javascript code which can be added in plugin settings to achieve this effect.

Hello . is it possible to get prev/ next navigation by mouse wheel ? thank you

Hi, Nice plugin but when use with JIG it is not loading the script when using filter in JIG. It only load the script for det first group in the filter but when click on another group in the filter the ARI lightbox not working. Have you a fix for this?

Regards Trond André

Hi again,

The fix for this was to add ari-fancybox in JIG buttom ligthbox in Link class(es) field ( Class of the image’s anchor tag.)

It was easy! and rate you for 5 stars :)

hello, the social media share icons.

1.Do they share the image that the user is currently watching in the lightbox?

2. Do we have the ability to change the social media icons?

3. Can we change the position of the social media icons?

4. can you disable the download button?

5. can you change the image text counter size, and icon size like the close button?

6. can you disable the zoom, once a image is open in the lightbox? So that you are not able to zoom in.

Thank you in advance. because this is not really clear if its possible.


1. Yes, when share an image via Facebook

2. Icons can be changed via custom CSS styles

3. Depends on what position you need. Some can be achieved if add a custom CSS styles

4. All buttons are configurable in plugin settings

5. It is possible via custom CSS styles

6. If you mean zoom functionality with is provided by the lightbox then it can be disabled via custom JS code.

Good luck with your sales

Pre-purchase question

Dear ARI,

I’ve created custom HTML codes for the lightbox, using your example:

<div id="mySampleContent" class="fancybox-hide">This content will be shown into the lightbox</div>
<a href="#mySampleContent" class="ari-fancybox">Open lightbox</a>

Let’s say I have a second HTML lightbox content:

<div id="mySampleContent2" class="fancybox-hide">This 2nd content will be shown into another lightbox</div>
<a href="#mySampleContent2" class="ari-fancybox">Open lightbox 2</a>

How can I group those together? (So the user can scroll next/previous between both.) I’ve tried adding a class ”.gallery” in both the codes and the “Custom grouping selectors” setting. And also tried adding group=”gallery” to the codes. Can you please correct the codes above so they are grouped together?

Thank you very much in advance.

Have a nice day, Tim


Add data-fancybox=”gallery” attribute to element:

href="#mySampleContent" class="ari-fancybox" data-fancybox="gallery">Open lightbox[/code]

Hi, I need only the lightbox, no gallery. So: can I trigger lightbox from every image or wpbakery image wrapper? If yes, can I still skip to next/prev image?


The lightbox can be attached to single images.

ok, but I can I skip to next/prev image?

Updating and downloading both give version 1.8.3 but in our wordpress dashboard it shows we should update to v1.8.5

We uploaded the latest version of the plugin to CodeCanyon. It should be approved soon.

Any idea when the update will come out? I get the nag thingy to update it but when clicked it always says update failed. This has been going on for over a month now. I have version1.8.2 and it will not update to the next one. And when I download it here it’s the same version I already have. I renewed my support.

We uploaded v. 1.8.3 to CodeCanyon and waiting an approval.

PS: plugin can be used to update the plugin which are purchased on CodeCanyon.

A idea: make the area at the top and bottom where text can be added like you see some FaceBook videos have. And changeable html color that surrounds the text. Things that do not load unless image is clicked on. Love you plugin plan to renew support.

Thank you for your idea. Probably you can provide image(s) how it should look?

Hello, is it possible to add code so pop up can scroll along with body content (so when i scorll popup goes up and body content is start showing?). thank you


Sorry, but the plugin doesn’t support this ability.

Hello, I am trying to update to version 1.8.2 and I get an error when unzipping it. solution? a greeting

Check your mail please.

Hello, I just buy the plugin. Where can I find my API key to activate it? Thank you


Check your mail please.

Hello , what is right code for JS file WP theme to target ari-fancybox to open image links in lightbox window ?

Is this correct :

jQuery('.wpb_single_image a').fancybox();

Thank you


In theory this code should work, but the code can be called after ’.wpb_single_image a’ elements are created and not other version of Fancybox is loaded.

Hello, what is the right way to apply ari-fancybox to the post image from external Google Photos link ? ( it is not normal url , like a . It is like a : )

forget it ! just need to apply “ari-fancybox” class. thank you ;-)

If you want to attach the lightbox to particular link then add “ari-fancybox” or “ari-fancybox-iframe” (for remote pages) CSS class to the link.

Hi, nice plugin. If a user is logged in to Wordpress do they still have to comment via Facebook?

Hello, comments via Facebook require a Facebook account and doesn’t depend on WordPress account.

You mean, they can’t comment using wordpress?

The plugin doesn’t use WordPress comment system.

Hello ,thanks for upgrade ! Works fine with Justified Image Grid together !

Hello, when I click on Slider Pro slide lightbox popup window opening twice. What is the right way to disable one popup llightbox?

Hello , please any tips about loop option

Your gallery plugin (photonic) uses a lot of custom code for integration with some version of Fancybox library (see /wp-content/plugins/photonic/include/scripts/photonic.js) and it affects on “ARI Fancy Lightbox” functionality and as result “Loop” option doesn’t work properly.

Hi there, How do I verify my purchase and obtain my API Key to get updates?

Hello, plugin can be used to update the plugins purchased via Envato or you can contact us by email (info (at) ari-soft (dot) com) and request API key.

Hi, is this “abandonware” ? My site telles me there is a new version yet no new version here …

Hi, we are working on a new version with better sharing support. If you have any feature request or need any support, feel free to contact us via our forum or email.

Thanks, sorry I had not see you have a website where you sell it too, just got the developer version from there. Guess it’s a better solution.

You are welcome. If have any ideas how to improve the plugin, feel free to share them with us.

Cool plugin!

But looks that comments don’t work like they should…

When you add comment to image and mark to add comment also on facebook, then you don’t see thumbnail of commented image, maybe deeplink used for fb share could solve the problem?

Also I can’t see recent comments on facebook moderation tools (


Sorry for the inconvenience. We will try to improve Facebook comments integration in the next version of the plugin.

PS: If possible, send support requests via our forum or by email.


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