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looks great :) can you add a screenshot or video to show the responsive demo? I’d like to see how it ‘responds’

Thanks, I added video.

Live view is now available.

Looks great, just wondering is it possible that once you hover over another tab and your mouse moves away it doesn’t revert back to the first tab?

Thank you. It is possible, with javascript. This is just css.

makes sense, one can wish with your great work… all the best

Thank you.

Looks great and very functional.

I’m a purchaser that always prefers a live preview.

Yes, but you are losing sales this way. Most purchasers need to test code before they buy. The people that supposedly would have stolen your code will not now purchase now that they can’t steal, they will just go somewhere else. If you think that some people that would have stolen will now purchase from you, that’s possible, but unlikely or marginal. However you can be sure that you are frustrating the honest customers who regularly purchase items on Envato sites. You can be sure those honest people will not be purchasing from you. So you are reducing the number of potential customers your could have. It’s not good business sense, but it’s your prerogative.

Thanks for your advice, makes sense.

Live view is now available.

I really appreciate the author’s help. I had an application of this tool for a designer that was slightly different. The author did a great job of helping me customize the menu to get ‘exactly’ what i wanted and it took less than 2 days of back and forth. It even included him doing some coding for me. Now that’s service! My colleagues love the effect and I appreciate someone supporting and helping their product. I will get more of his tools any day!

Thank you:)

Hi, Any chance I can make a sub-menu hide when mouse is off the menu?

Hi, contact me via email and I’ll send you the code.

Hi, This menu it’s almost perfect for my needs, but I really appreciate your help in 2 situations:
- BIG SCREENS: It’s possible to hide submenu bar when it don’t have sublinks?
- SMALL SCREENS: Can you put the menu working as a accordion menu?

Thank you!

Hi, contact me via email and I’ll send you the code.

Ok, I already contacted. I’ll be waiting. Thanks!

Hello – I have a problem when the menu is viewed on a tablet/ipad (desktop/mobile is OK)

On most of my sub-menus the space is completely filled with links and when re-sized to tablet/ipad, the right-hand sub-menu items are clipped off.

I don’t want them to wrap as this would spoil the aesthetics. I think in my case it needs to go directly to the mobile menu when less than desktop size – Can you please help me with this?

As an example, please resize this page to tablet/ipad size and you will see what I mean (site is still under construction)

Otherwise I’m very pleased with the menu.

Many thanks.

Hi. In “responsive.css” on line 58, change the max-width from 768px to 1024px.

Hello – Thank you! Yes that did work but having the mobile menu showing on the tablet/ipad view looks too oppressive (too many links). Could it be set to word-wrap on both the top and sub-menus until it goes down to the mobile menu as it was previously?

Sidenote – I purchased another of your css menu’s this morning (Animated CSS3 Mega Menu) but that also clips off the right-hand links on the top menu as it resizes to tablet/ipad size.

Contact me via email.

Hi. This is absolutely brilliant. Exactly what I need. Thank you! Two questions:

1. Is it possible for the sub menu bar to disappear when there are no links in it?

2. Is there a way I the sub menu can remain showing when you are on the primary menu page, i.e. when on page 1, sub menu 1 is always showing, when on page 2, sub menu 2 is always showing.


1. Yes. Contact me via email and I’ll send you the code.

2. Add class ”.active” to the main link and the submenu will be automatically visible.

Great! Thanks.

Hi nice menu

Just one issue: The responsive menu works with Android Chrome and iOS, but does not open with Android default browser.

Hi. Default browser reads only basic html and css. Contact via e-mail(on my profile page) and I’ll send you a js/jquery code to correct error.

Mail sent. Thank you.

Hey, Pre purchase question: Can I implement this menu on a WordPress site? and what about the responsive? Can the sub menu stay open ?I mean stay open on active thx

Hi. If you’re not in a hurry, wait wp version of this menu (i do not know exactly when it will come out but i’m working on it.). Yes you can implement menu (menu will be bound to the theme), if you don’t know how, i can help you. I do not understand the second question, menu is responsive. Yes, submenu may stay open on click.

Great plugin ever…I use it on WordPress menu and the support help me a lot thx :)

Thank you for buying. I do my best.

Nice, thx1

Thank you.

HI, I just bought your plugin and didnt work on my wordpress please help me, I saw your video on youtube this is why I bought…

Hi, I’m sorry, this is not wp plugin. I sent you email with more details how can I help you.

Hello, I tried to add sub-sub menu, but it didn’t fit well, how can I solve this problem. Thank you

Hi, unfortunately it is not possible to add third level submenu.

Hello, I tried to add sub-sub menu, but it didn’t fit well, how can I solve this problem. Thank you