Discussion on ARForms: Wordpress Form Builder Plugin

Discussion on ARForms: Wordpress Form Builder Plugin

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Hi! I opened a ticket more than a week ago and they do not answer me. Therefore I write here.

I don´t get emails or choosing wordpress, configuring smtp or php mailer.

What is the best way to configure it so that the emails arrive?

Second question: Can I customize an issue on each form?

Third question: Can I indicate a different email in each form?



Yes, i have checked and support staff has answered and last problem is solved already as per your reply in ticket.

Regarding mail not sending only things possible are email is form is not configured properly or some server related issue. As arforms uses phpmailer library which is most popular php mail library.

It is weekend and support staff is not available on weekends so,  kindly wait till monday and open ur ticket.

Did not receive a response from the ticket, nor by email not by the platform. I do not know where you answered. If you can send it to me, send the answer to the ticket I would appreciate it. The ticket was sent on August 23. I think there has been time :)

Then configuring PHP Mailer you have to work without configuring anything else I guess.

sorry must be some confusion here i must have mixed something. Okay no problem.

But as i have explained either its configuration issue or server related as more then 5000 people using arforms and without email obviously most of the form are not used.

kindly show me screenshot of your form email configuration or may be contact me through message box of our codecanyon profile page as i dont see any ticket opened by you.


This plugin looks great!

Let me know when you get ActiveCampaign support, I will surely buy it.


Arforms has builtin support of activecampaign of course for basic fields(name, email).


how can I calculate 2 different values from html results. example: field 1 has input :20 field 2 has input: 10 html field 3 : formula is field1+field2 so the results here should be 20+10=30

we want to be able to map that result (30) to create another html field and do something like: (html field 3 output *15) Please help


i think you already opened support ticket. so , will continue there.



I look for a plugin so that my customers can send me an email by using a form (in the customer area) and so that this form takes back the information of the connected customer : name, first name, email.

Does your plugin allow to make it ?

Thank you very much


is there any doubt? or confusion? :)

Are you sure I can do that ? It works with meta or it’s necessary to coding ?


do you mean you want some information of current user automatically fetched? like current user’s username, Name, email,userid ??? if so then yes those things can be fetched if user is logged in and you can use hidden field facility of arforms so, in admin form entries it will show you those fields with value. But only above mentioned are supported.

Id like to change the site that the plugin is installed on, how do i do that? Thanks.


you can simply go to your site where license is active and then go to arforms licensing section in admin area and click Remove license button. If your site is not Up then kindly contact me through message box of our codecanyon profile page with you purchase code and will assist you there.


Hi, I have two questions,
1. have you updated the GDPR rules plugin?
I will use (Ultimate WP GDPR Compliance Toolkit for WordPress) do you think is compatible with your plugin?
2. can I connect the modules to mailchimp and create a coupon for new


1. ARforms is gdpr complaint already.

2. Arforms provide mailchimp integration but to get subscription name,email fields.


sorry I do not think I understood.
Can you explain better

which part you did not understand??

Hey! I’m trying to reset a license. Why am I having to go through an act of F&*king congress to get it done?!?

Act of congress?? I am not getting what does it mean. For license reset you dont need to have support period On. you can do it by your self and if you find difficulty we are always here

Your plugin has totally blocked us from picking colours across our website. It enters this into page when we enable the plugin:

.wp-picker-holder { margin-top: -22px !important; }

Thus blocking us from using the colour picker, any idea how to resolve this?



seems your support period is over. i would request kindly get extension and open support ticket to get our assistance.


Hello Sir,

I wanted to know if it is possible to

1) Get the title of the post / page or say filed of rate or say able to get the featured image of the psot / page etc be automatically and dynamically displayed in the form in frontend.

2) Suppose if i have 4 or 5 different forms in my website, is there a way to get all the entries of the forms submitted by the user into a single excel file automatically ordered by date of submission.

I have just had my site cleaned from a hack, the possible vunerability was identified through a back door via the subfolders of the uploads folder within this plugin. As I have three licenses i would like you to look into this now please and report back to me what you intend to do, otherwise all users need to be alerted to this possible vunerability. Thank you


Yes any concern raised by customer related security we always take seriously. But to get proper assistance you need to open support ticket at our helpdesk.


The help desk does not allow me to do this as my support license has expired, under these circumstance I don’t think I should pay for additional support to report a security issue for your plugin. Advise how you want me to report this. Thank you


One of the license you have still has support period running.

And btw as i said as you raised concern so we will check on that from our side. Yet nothing is proven or found that problem is in arforms itself. so, please don’t just rule arforms guilty. anyway we will check on it and if any issue found then will release update for it. so far it does not seem possible as we allow customers to set their own upload path and if they set upload path as root folder of website which nobody does i dont see possibility.


How do we resolve the issue where the toggle buttons break the actual form styling? :/

kindly show me url.

Your plugin has a backdoor that’s allowing every website with it installed to get hacked. I have used Wordfence and cleaned all my files but I think it’s related to the /wp-content/uploads/arforms/import_forms/importFile_temp/importFile folder that is created. This is urgent!

Yes already working on it. if there is such issue then will be fixed in next minor update we are bringing. For now kindly open support ticket so we can check on your site to findout maximum.

Also btw are you using latest update of arforms??


Thanks for addressing this issue. If I didn’t have Wordfence I never would have known. I cleaned my website and everything is fine now, but it infected a ton of files… it was a pain. I am using the latest version of ARForms and update all of my plugins for all my clients on a daily basis.


we have checked and the location you are saying does not allow to install any file just zip file and only to loggedin users. but still to keep it more secure we will make some changes there or remove import facility for very old version of arforms. As its there for backward compatibility.


Just play demo but look like This form not have Calculated Fields Form?

Yes. arfroms has running total option. You need to put html field and then need to enable running total option and it will work perfectly fine,’


Hi need help…How can I closed or open the gap


To close the gap, you can easily do it from CSS option. Please find ‘Form Padding’ option from our styling options and set according to your need.

To open the gap, you need to set custom CSS. there is no any direct way to achieve it. Kindly open support ticket for that and our technical staff will assist you.


hello guys,i have this plugins since 2015,i activated in 1 domain but i don’t have it anymore and i want to remove that domain and use the use form where i can do that please?? i sent email to the author but never replied me

please contact me through messagebox of our codecanyon profile page and will assist you with license reset.


thank’s done

I have the Show confirmation (Summary) option available so that clients can see what services they ordered. However I am also using the Running Total option so that they can see the total price of all the services they’ve ordered. The problem is that instead of the Summary showing the actual name of the services they selected (Option label) it shows the the price of the service (Saved Value) which makes no sense because the client does not need to see the numbers used in the back end to calculate the total, they need to see the names of the services they ordered. Is there a way to have the summary display the “OPTION LABELS” instead of the “Saved Value”. The client should not be able to see that.

Thank you for your suggestion.

we probably will add this in future release of arforms.


Hi! I want that someone send a form and if select one city or other, the mail notificate differents persons… example: if you select Madrid goes to and if you select Barcelona goes to and tell me in the email that information… I need this.. but I cant get this to works… please help me! THANKS!!!

Yes you surely can do such thing in arforms. Kindly open support ticket at our helpdesk.



Hi, my survey analytics shows only entries and view, how can i view the analytics for each form field. Instead of only entries and views.

I am not getting your question. How can analytics be on each form fields. sorry but arforms does not have such facility. second thing is it seems you have not bought license from the current account from which you left comment.


I have used arforms on several sites and have an issue with this plugin disabling certain dropdowns within the wordpress theme editing menu. Is there a fix for this?


In standard arforms there is no such issue. but yes on particular theme if css conflict is there then such issue can occur. But its not bug in arforms. so, for that kindly get support extension and open support ticket at our helpdesk and our support staff will assist you.


Hello, I opened a ticket in the support form, but nobody replied.

I can’t update the plugin and the backend editor is having some issues.

That said few years ago, you helped me to customize the plugin a little bit, to allow me to send the data to a different emails, depending on the user choice in the dropdown menu

Maybe you changed something in the files, that’s why.

By the way, i still need this function, as its absolutely important for my business, but at the same time i need to fix the plugin and have the new functions.

can you please help me?



i can see that support staff is replying your ticket. kindly have patience.



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