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I cannot upload more then 3 MB of file size ?

This issue is no longer relative. Now Arfaly supports chunk upload, so users can upload GB’s of file sizes.

How I can integrate Arfaly Press to any form ?

In form integration, you can use Arfaly uploader inside of any form and it will automatically generate hidden fields for you.

So whenever a user submits information through POST or GET the plugin will generate hidden field for each uploaded file as follows:

<input type=”hidden” id=”file-0-multi-633-0? name=”image-id[]” value=”733?> 
<input type=”hidden” id=”file-0-multi-633-0? name=”image-id[]” value=”633?>

where value of each field will hold an (integer) numeric ID of the attachment that already been stored temporarily.

You can then use wp_get_attachment_image( $attachment_id) from wordpress to easily access the file uploaded.

This feature will make it so easy for developers to integrate Arfaly uploader in any kind of form they have. Later they can retrieve array of attachment ID’s in the server side, by either using $_GET[“image-id”] or $_POST[“image-id”].

Don’t forget to make sure you include Arfaly shortcode inside of the form.

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