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Hi there, I’ve read the comments about adding arfaly to a form but have been unable to get that to work. I use a contact form 7 shortcode on a page and want to include my Arflay shortcode. I’ve included it in an instance of a form but when I view the post the Arflay shortcode just appears in the form rather than showing the uploader. Can you advise? Thanks!

Hi there I’m using wordpress and wonder where I should include the code you have kindly provided?

My page uses a Contact 7 form shortcode in the post..


Thanks Peter

Hi there again

The aim is to receive images for a photo competition. Do you think it would be better for me to use your Filetrip plugin and easier to integrate into your own Caldera forms?

Many thanks


Hello There,

Exactly, this is the point that I was going to raise.

If you desperately needs form integration, then you can use Filetrip plugin instead. As Arfaly Press is independent uploader/manager that has no thirdparty form integration option.


pre-sale Q: can I use artfaly within Form7? and can I attach the uploaded files to email and have it sent to me upon submitting the form? thanks!

Hello Mat,

Actually you can do all what you have asked for, including sending attachments to email and forwarding uploads to Dropbox, Google Drive, and FTP; but using our Filetrip plugin with the free and more powerful plugin Caldera Forms.



Filetrip is totally compatible with Caldera Forms, so you can create whatever forms you want and at the same time leverage the power of Filetrip Plugin.

Please let me know if you need any further help or clarification.


I currently have Arflay Gold and I’m having issues with video being sideways, but shows the correct rotation from the user’s phone and once downloaded. What’s the difference between Arflay Gold and Arflay Press?

Hello TKWalker,

Unfortunately iPhone/Smartphones video orientation is something not under our control. Whatever orientation you see is defined and hardcoded inside of EXIF metadata by your smart phone, so this is how the video is instructed to be viewed inside of Wordpress, even if you upload the video manually.

The only fix for it is really impractical as the Video rotation is a memory exhaustive task that we cannot embed into our plugin.


Hi, Does this work on multiisite? I would like to have users upload zip files into their sub site (blog) accounts.

Also can I integrate it with gravity forms? Hooks?

hello, I bought your plugin, but it does not work, can you help me. Problem with jpg files larger than 2 mb not working. thank you. http://www.pralognan-vanoise.com/pralognan/2016/10/17/612/

Hello There,

Please open a ticket here, and give us a temp access information. https://www.itechflare.com/support


good plugin, I am happy with my purchase. I am also very satisfied with the support. thank you.

I just bought this plugin but I couldn’t install it. I got an error saying there was no valid plugin.

It is an archive within another archive, make sure to get the internal plugin archive extracted and then uploaded.


I just bought this plugin but I couldn’t install it. I got an error saying there was no valid plugin.

Just sent another ticket. This one seemed to have gone through correctly.


We are on it. We will try to fix the problem ASAP

Wordpress credentials are incorrect.

Please check and reply to your ticket.


For email notifications, the option says it will send to “admins” but so far it seems it only sends me an email, and not any of the other 5 admins on the site. Is it supposed to support multiple admins? If not is there any way to make it send to multiple?


Crika Purchased

is this plugin working on WP 4.7?

Dear Crika,

Thanks for asking. Yes it does work.

If you are interested in this plugin, you can take a look at FileTrip plugin. It can do with Arfaly does plus many other cloud integration features. https://www.itechflare.com/docs/filetrip-documentation/

If you see FileTrip to be too advanced for your needs, Arfaly Press would be a great choice indeed.

Thanks :)


Crika Purchased

Actually I’m not interested in cloud integration so Arfaly is good for me. What I ask you is about the update of april 2016. Is this plugin good for next WP update? And what about Italian translate? Is this easy to do it? Thanks Cristina

Yes it is fully compatible with WP 4.7.1

Hello , after member uploaded the images , can they have a personal page to review all their uploads ? thanks

Pre-sale question. After uploading files, can the plugin create download links on a page to download those files?

Hello There,

Arfaly Gold is another variation of Arfaly Press that can do exactly what you want.



Thanks! Looks good, but I’ll be asking one question under that plugin Comment page as well. Thanks again.

Hi, I’m interested by your item, can you tell me, please: 1. If there is the option to be informed – as an admin – after each new upload? 2. If the Zip files are also allowed to be uploaded? Thank you !

Hello Kris,

My answer will be short. Yes it has both features.

Thanks for asking :)


I asked this a few months ago but got no reply – is there any way to notify multiple site admins simultaneously of an uploaded file instead of just the one?


BSS666 Purchased

Your support system doesn’t work, can’t register. The Arfaly press plugin doesn’t work on mobile. Get the following error ‘Response string format is not a valid JSON: []’.

Hello BSS,

Please can you contact us through our Envato/Codecanyon profile page and provide us with a temporary credential to check your problem ?


Hi, Is there a way to make the uploader a circle instead of oblong?

After a person uploads a document how do i receive it, do i have the option to choose if the file emails to me after submitted ?

after uploading, can this create a post with the uploaded media file?

for example: 1) user upload video, adds title, description, 2) video is uploaded to custom post type “videos” and published, instead of just going to media library