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Hi there, is it possible to add multiple fields to the uploader form for site users? Eg – as well as uploading a video or audio file the user can add, file name, description, related image etc?

Hello Cybertibe :)

Thanks for asking, if I get your question correctly, you are asking if the user can create a custom forms and also enable users to give title and description for each specific upload ?

In this case, the answer is yes absolutely, with Argaly Gold you can force users to give Titles and Description for each multimedia file upload individually, whether the uploaded file was (Document, Music, Audio, Video, Plain text, or any other attachments).

Kindest Regards

Hi guys, good job with this one!

I have few questions: • Can I connect it with Amazon S3? I tried to upload a PNG file but it didn’t work. Do you know why?

I am currently using http://codecanyon.net/item/droppy-online-file-sharing/10575317?s_phrase=amazon%20s3&s_rank=24 but I’ll be more than happy to switch it to yours, considering it is Wordpress.

I hope you can reply my questions soon. Thanks

Hello Abra2009,

Glad to see your question :). I have just tested picture uploader in our DEMO site and PNG files uploaded just fine. So I believe you tried to upload file with a PNG extension but different MIME type, because our code checks for both.

Regarding Amazon S3, there is a plan to add its integration soon. However currently it doesn’t sync with any other storage services.

As droppy has another storage plugin, we have FILETRIP Wordpress plugin that integrates with online storage services like “Dropbox, FTP, and Google Drive”: http://codecanyon.net/item/filetrip-4-in-1-uploader-upload-manager-wp-backup-file-distribution-to-cloud-/11267642

Kindest Regards

Thanks for the quick reply.

That’s cool then, I’m sick of my PHP file transfer site, I’m not that good with PHP, I broke my site all the time…..

I am going to have a look on the Filetrip on the next couple of days and I’ll get them both. And I’ll wait for the Amazon plugin as well. You guys should have on the list, a subscription plugin for that it too.

All the best!

Question: where do the uploaded files go to? Is it possible to connect it with eMail adress or dropbox?

Hello Pixlecafe,

Thanks for asking :)

Arfaly Gold will make a Wordpress website acting as a Multimedia host, so all uploads can be reviewed and approved to move to your Media Library section.

After that you can select multiple files and share them as an archive with accross social channels and your website.

There are many other feature that can be seen from our live demo website under preview.

If you are looking for uploader with Dropbox and other cloud storage syncronization capability, check our 5 stars Filetrip plugin:


what is the difference between Arfaly Press an gold. thank you

Arfaly Gold has the following extra capabilities: 1- Integration to form builder (Contact Us, Inquiry Forms, etc) 2- Export your uploads and the whole Media files 3- Select any files from your websites, archive them and share them through your website and other social channels. 4- Manage shareable files security & expiration 5- SEO aware & configurable 6- Download shortcodes.

In addition of other tiny details and all of the other features inherited from Arfaly Press.

Thanks for asking :)

Hi, 1) Does this integrate with Contact Form 7? 2) Can this send the form data and files to an email, and then auto remove the files from Wordpress (so the files are only stored in Wordpress temporarily until they are sent in the emal)?

Arfaly Gold integrates with Caldera Forms plugin, which similar to contact form 7 and yet more powerful. And yes through Caldera you can create custom Contact forms with numerous advance & normal field types and email notification option.

Auto deletion is not currently supported, and your files will remain in backup mode and you delete files by yourself. Http://www.itechflare.com/demo/arfaly-gold

I strongly recommend you to check the live demo for Frontend/Backend to be fully aware about the plugin features. Username/Password (demo/demo):

You will find custom forms samples in the front-end that you can tweak from the backend and test.

Kindest Regards :)

OK, I’m looking for a form that only emails the files and doesn’t store them on the website, thanks.

What is the difference between Arfaly Gold and Arfaly Press? Benefits?

Nevermind – saw the answer in the above comment.


I just want to say that our online documentation is quite comperhensive and would help you know more about the plugin :)


Moreover, you can use the online demo Dashboard to dive into the plugin itself and play around with it as much as you want realtime:


Thanks for you comment

Is there a way to have the page redirect once the upload is finished? Or display a message once it is uploaded?

Hello Jessfelt :)

Thanks for asking. Actually if you include Arfaly Gold uploader inside a new custom Form under Caldera Forms, there is a tab called “Processors”, which does give you the following options:

  • Auto Responder Sends out an auto response e-mail
  • Redirect Redirects user to URL on successful submit
You can play with Arfaly Gold and know how to create new elegant custom Forms with Calder through our demo dashboard (demo/demo): http://www.itechflare.com/demo/arfaly-gold/grid/ For more information, check our documentation: http://www.itechflare.com/demo/arfaly-gold-doc/


wow, thank you so much. Purchasing today!


Very nice plugin.

I wonder if you have the option (or you plan to add) to publish the uploaded images into a page with a shortcode?

For example, users uploaded images and I want use those images as a gallery throughout a shortcode (no for download).

Thanks Javier

Hello Arutam,

Very good remark :)

Actually we have something similar to what you have just thought in another plugin that is more focused in image processing rather than Multi-media in general.

Check out Closify Press to see your idea translated into a full-fledged plugin :)

Here is the different formation of flexible uploader you can use:


Here is some sample gallery been formed by a shortcode through an editor plugin to simplify shortcode generation:


Thanks for your feedback :)

Hi, I saw that chunkSize is arbitrary an is set to 5M. I think this is too high and should be dinamically assigned based on the file size.

That’s because if an user upload a 4.5Mb file, he will not se any progress (in the progress bar) until the end of the upload. If an user uploads a 100 Mb file over a mediaum adsl he will se a progress every 2.30 minutes. I think it’s too much.

I think it should be something like 1/100 (or less) of the filesize so that user see a progress at least every 1% uploaded…

I found that value is set in arfaly-multi-min.js. I tried to change it to something like: chunkSize:filesize/100 but I don’t know which var can I use here to get the filesize :)

Also progressbar should start from zero or from a very little value. So user will see it after first chunk is uploaded. Otherway if the chunk size is too little the progress bar will become shorter than upload start, after the first chunk upload.

Hello Ciao,

You are completely right, and we will enhance the progress bar functionality to reflect small to large chunk progress more accurately.

Notice that the current setup serves large files more, so by making the chunk size dynamic according to the uploaded file size even by (1/30) things will become more traceable.

(1/30) and not (1/100) because remember the more chunk we add the more slower the process of upload will become; because it will require more request overhead. So it is really a trade off.

We will figure our the best optimized dynamic chunk size and apply an update the soonest.

What will really work out of the tip of my head is to classify file sizes:

0B-400KB (1/10 Chunks)
400KB-1MB (1/20 Chunks)
1MB-10MB (1/30 Chunks)
10MB-50MB (1/50 Chunks)
50MB-1GB (1/200 Chunks)

Something like this will be a good generic solution.

Thanks for your valuable feedback

Thanks for your really quick answer. Your table seems to be really reasonable (one can also imagine in the future to make those options editable in the plugin’s options page) :)

Just to add something.to the discussion (maybe it can be useful or maybe not)... I discovered only recently php support for session.upload_progress.

It seems there are some limits (as it seems it does not work if php is executed as FastCGI). As saidthis can be or not an useful information…


If I’m honest I am interested in this plugin because Caldera Forms doesn’t have any way at all of restricting file upload sizes. I have a couple of caldera forms, each with 30 or so fields, 6 of which are intended for simple image uploads that are then used in a mini image gallery. Everything is saved as a custom post type on a form that also deals with registration and instant paypal payment. If I buy this plugin is it possible to use it only to restrict upload sizes? If I have to use your upload fields, can they still be assigned to custom post fields?

Many thanks.

Hello Immerse,

I really don’t know whether it will fit you 100% because it’s hard to reproduce your environment for me.

But I am willing to give you the plugin to test it and if it does work, you can buy it :)

I will trust your judgement, and in addition it will be good for us to know whether our field will be compatible with generating custom type or not.

If you want to go forward, please PM us so we can send you the plugin to test.

Best of my regards :)

Hi, I am using the latest Arfaly Gold ver and Caldera forms ver . The problem I have is the integration of Arfaly with Caldera forms: “An invalid form control with name ‘files {}’ is not focusable”. The problem is connected to input type =”file” style =”display:none” name=”files{}” id =”multi-615-0-arfaly-files” multiple required class=”user-error”. Can you provide a fix for this problem? Can I somehow override this behavior of “required” with jquery? Please help Br, M

Thanks for your throughout response. Unfortunately I couldn’t access the link.

Try to open ticket here: www.itechflare.com/support

As our exchanged information will be more secured.

I will be waiting for your feedback.


hi, thank you for your fast response. I will open a ticket as suggested. Br, Martin

Hello Martin,

I just want to let you know that there will commit a new update that has the following updates:

- Enhance HTTPS Compatibility.
- Moved shareable files to "wp-content/upload/arfaly-gold-uploads" to be reserved even after the plugin is been updated.
- Optimized check restricted files to give an error notification right from the first instance.
- Adding smart chunk upload slicing algorithm that will optimize the number of chunks according to the size of the uploaded file.
- Enforce download template to be unique and not influenced by any external styles or libraries.
- Overall enhancements.

We are still working on other enhancements for the Form Integration. We will keep you updated.

Kindest regards

Hi, another problem I have is use of “Strictly allow extensions”. Despite the fact that I allow only certain files to be uploaded, Arfaly upload all files and all extensions. And then after the upload is completed Arfaly notifies that the file format is not correct (What if the size of the file is 500MB or more? Should I wait until an error about unsupported file format?).

I also would like to know how to prevent users from clicking the submit button on Caldera forms if the uploaded file is unsupported or if there is an upload error (eg. internal server error).

Please help, Martin

Hi super. This will help me a lot. Arfaly is the heart of my site and I aspect more than 500 uploads each days until end of september. I will give you 5 stars. Br, M

Hello Martinjakse,

As promised now we have just submitted a second update that has all of your issues fixed:

- Update 
- Amend required field behavior issue and make it fully compatible with the last Caldera update. 
- Now developer can set Arfaly Uploader field to be either required or not required with no problems. 
- Wordpress 4.5 Compatibility updates

Now we will wait for your testing and the five stars after you verify everything ;)

Have a great week. We will be always here to help :)

By the way thanks for the 5 stars, you have given to us before we give you the second batch of enhancements.

We appreciate it :)

We would’ve kept our promise either way though :)

I purchased the plugin but even if I allowed all file types, when I upload doc or pdf files it does not work. Can you please help?

Have you made sure you allowed from Arfaly Gold settings ? And after that have you made sure they are allowed to be uploaded using the “Strictly Allow” option in the uploader ?

If you have done that and it is not working, it would be great if you can open a ticket and give us a quick temp access to see what is going on.



Yes, I did it – however, when I click on upload file and I see the files on my PC I cannot upload them. It is possible to upload them only by dropping them.

Is there a way to fix this?


Have you opened a ticket in our support link ?


Hi, i recently bought this plugin, now is instlaled but when i try to publish uploeaded files never finish to charge it, so i cant have a shortcodes or links about files. I have updated and even then works. What I can do for fix it?

When I access to “Share And Export” area, then select any file, fill the searchable name label, and when i press the “save” buttom, keeps loading and never ends, never export the selected file either, so, i cant use this link for download option, only wordpress media.

Already done our investigation, and your server doesn’t seem to have ZIP extension enabled for PHP engine.

Thanks :)

Thanks for all, now is working as you offer (Y)

Can the plugin allow me to EXTRACT an archive in its destination folder on the server?

Hello Chrsthree,

No it cannot, archives are only meant for easy sharing.




How can I delete the unsupported format file when I upload the unsupported format file?

If I just set the uploader that can only upload one file, and I upload the unsupported format file.

Then the uploader can’t upload anything.

Is it possible to auto remove unsupported format file , or just popup some message when user upload the unsupported format file ?

Hello Superwang,

We have added this request to our backlog for next update.

Thanks for your feedback

Does this work on multisite?

Where the default blog has an uplaod page?

support WordPress 4.6.?

Yes it does :)


Hello, I’m really interested in your product I just have one question that would sell it for me, I was wondering if there is a way to make it so when someone uploads and image it goes to like a gallery and maybe the something for videos and so on?

Like Imgur or Youtube?

Did you check our Closify Press plugin ?


It is very close to what you are looking for but mainly for gallery collection.