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Hello, in your product description you wrote ”Enforce title and description submission along with uploads”. This means that you can automatically rename the files according to title and description fields? Is it possible to upload the files to different folders automatically generated and named after a selected fied name? thank you very much

arfaly-download.css //

Line 1 //

Roboto assigned as http:// (Not even remotely cool) Oversight I’m sure; just wish I had the last few hrs of my life back. On an SSL site with minified scripts and a cdn it’s not easy to track down stuff like this.

Sorry for any inconvenience.

I am sure we had this “https” reference enforced for CSS dependency, but it seems that the last release still has “http” reference


this plugin seems promising, got a few final questions.

1. The max. upload size is virtualle not limited (by the plugin)?
2. Is it possible to set an own upload-path above the wp-root)?
3. If 2. is negative, an upload path that´s different from the wp-standard-upload path?
4. Is it possible to edit an already shared archive (may to prolong the expiry)?
5. Is it possible to build an download archive, that´s bound to a user / user group?

Thanks for a short answer.


6. (sorry) is it possible to get a “direct download” link by mail for the admin, if a new file was uploaded?

Hello There,

Based on your question, I think our other 5 stars plugin (FileTrip) will suits you much better: https://codecanyon.net/item/filetrip-easily-upload-to-dropbox-google-drive-ftp-wordpress/11267642

Note, we have a plan to merge Arfaly Gold into FileTrip plugin as an extension. Thus, you might need to wait until we do the merge in the next release of FileTrip.

However, I will try to answer your question respectively:

1- The max upload file size could be as big as you want, and the plugin will take care of chunking your file and uploading them piece by piece to your website. 2- You might be able to do that in FileTrip plugin through FTP channel; but it is up to your host limitation when it comes to large file transfer. 3- The answer already included in the previous point. 4- Yes it is possible to extend expiry date for an archive. 5- The only access constraint you can control currently is the password, but this would be a good future addon.

Thanks for asking

OK, so I´ll wait for the next release of FileTrip. Thanks!


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How do I choose which folder uploads go into? (Where in the code to I modify) I want them to go until /my-uploads-folder until they are approved


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I found it. Nevermind