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WOW, this is a very nice script! :)

I will keep an eye on this.

Hello. Japanese Language will not be displayed.

Sorry. Problem was wrong collation in the database of the demo. Robert

Is there online documentation we can view regarding installation? Thank you.

Is it possible to add a custom field to the form? Do I get access to the raw code?

Yes you get access to the raw code but for the moment to add custom fields you will need to modify the code directly. Thanks

Hi I just sent you a support request to the site address you mention in your documentation. I uploaded the script to a server that is hosting a lot of php scripts. With your script I get a 500 server error.

Please answer as this is frustrating.

Thanks Johannez

I just solved the issue. Thanks!


There is a serious bug that makes the script not usable! It’s in my install but in the demo as well.

Try it out in your own demo of the Arenkay Comment Server.

I have the script installed and have the same error:

“Invalid email address”

Please send out a fix or advise how I can fix it myself.

Thanks Johannez

I found out of it….I guess… The validation doesn’t accept 2 or less characters before the @

No problem. I will make change to accept at least one character before the @

is this dynamic? what i mean is, i have cms that creates posts that are unique, if I add your script to the post.php will it be a unique comment box for each post or the same? do you understand?

Yes, I understand and yes it is dynamic. Thanks

Hi, is there a demo available? The link from the Live Preview is not working. Also what are the requirements to install this system? e.g. is pdo_mysql required? Thanks

Sorry about that. It is back now.

good work, very nice ! all the best for your sales

Thanks :)