Discussion on Arena Products Store - WordPress Plugin

Discussion on Arena Products Store - WordPress Plugin

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Hi, 1) in your demo I don’t see the actual option to compare the products, just “add to compare” how can I do this? 2) Secondly can we translate everything? 3) Can we style the pages and everything with our CSS? 4) Can we customize the tabs? 5) Can we customize the layout of the product page? If yes to what extent? E.g. can we add a contact button? Thanks

1. The compare button is present in the sidebar comparison panel.
2.Yes, You can translate each string into your language.
3 + 5. Yes, You can use your custom templates and CSS to style everything, for custom template (see advanced section in documentation)
4. Yes, You can customize the tabs from control panel.
6. Auto updates not supported, You can add / edit / delete Brands, Categories, Attributes, Attributes Groups, rating Bars, Filters .etc

Can I get my money back because the add-on does not support the Arabic language

The Arabic and all RTL languages are supported well, please contact via support email for any problem regarding configuration, translation etc.

what code I have to use to make the plugin support rtl because i type Arabic but the word direction appear in the table from left to right not from right to left

Select WordPress language.

Please, before I buy it , I have a question ; does this plugin support RTL?

Yes, support RTL languages.

Hello Anjum,

We want to buy but we afraid when we saw the comments about updates, yes it’s outdated plugin but it has all options that we want so we don’t know if we can buy it or not, also we want to implement news section with RTL support so is it can be done by your plugin? also is there any recommended news theme to implement with your plugin ?

Thank you for your interest in buying the APS plugin, the plugin is stable enough to use with latest version of WordPress for production sites.
The update is under development, we should launch the new version after testing.
The plugin support RTL languages, for news section you have to use another plugin.

Hello. On settings, the system tab shows “GetText Support” at it says its required. But my hosting does not allow ths. What impact does this have ?

GetText PHP extension needed for Localization Translation purpose, if you don’t need to localize your installation into your language, you don’t need to worry about.

This plugin is great thank you very much for your work, while working for a client i found a problem in the multiplicity of pages and specifically when changing the language for example on the brands page and after changing the language appears the page is empty and this problem because of the lack of support for the plugin of multiple languages in the page settings slug Thank you

Do you have a demo from Backend? And work it in other languages?

Widget language files (Ex. View All, Show More … etc.) are not available with Loco Translate. Also, I couldn’t find the titles written at the beginning of the icons. Where can I change them? Thanks.

Please update language file by re-scanning from Loco translate plugin, Also you can translate icons titles from loco translate.

hi there, I wanna ask few things about APS. does the plugin support in Egypt and Saudi Arabia and in Egypt, Tunisia, Morocco, Algeria? and would it redirect the user to their location’s marketplace?

like for example if I clone a product. Can I add affiliate links from souq?, will it redirect the Egyptian user to Souq Egypt and If the user from Saudi Arabia will it redirect the user to Souq of Saudi Arabia?

if not. Will I be able to add and display the affiliate links from multi stores like on GSMArena? Like,,,, etc. with their respective different currencies? and Will the Price be updated automatically using some kind of parser like when using Content Egg or Affiliate Egg?

If not, Can I use this plugin with content egg or affiliate egg to add the affiliate links?

Will I be able to translate the product automatically from gsmarena to another language? e.g” RAM= رام”

I want at the end to make it like gsmarena but in different language user.

The new update is not compatible with the Arabic language

Please give us a link to download the previous version Until the problems in the current version are fixed There seems to be problems with the RTL language

What is the problem with RTL language?

How to change or cancel the appearance of those words Display

Name (A-Z) Name (Z-A) Rating (high > low) Rating (low > high) Reviews (high > low) Reviews (low > high)

You can translate those strings into your language by using Loco translate plugin, for more info please read Localization section of documentation (help.html)

its support arabic ?

yes, RTL languages are supported.

Hello, i’m using this plugin on a multi language site, but i cant set multi language to this plugin, how can i fix it? The plugin for multi language is Polylang – Thanks.

First of all: Thank you for creating this excellent plugin. I really appreciate your work and I am happy that there are a few developers left that really take care of a great customer experience.

Actually, I am translating the themes po files and again, it is really impressive how you translated the plugin. There is nearlly anything translated, I just found two exceptions and I am sure you can fix them:

APS Comparison > New Comparison > Dropdown > "-- All Categories --" 
APS Settings > Design > Skins > "Create your own Skin" 

But let´s talk about the translation file. Around 90% of all translations are phrases for the dropdowns country, currency and icons. From 3.700 phrases, around 3.000 are these.

The problem is, that translating them does not make really sense. Yes, it would be fine to find all the country names in backend translated, but if i translate them (regardless if they are country, currency or icon), they are not sorted inside the dropdown by name and this makes all this pretty crazy, cause for example finding an icon in your own language in a not sorted list of icons is a very big task.

This brings me to another suggestions:

As far as I can see, the country dropdown selection has no deeper effect on the plugin. So, it would really make sense to just allow the admin of the theme to upload a country list like

- Bundesland Bayern
- Bundesland Sachsen

The curreny dropdown uses the selected currency on various plugin pages, but would it not be easier to just ask the admin for a currency symbol?

The icon dropdown would be great if the plugin would sort dropdown options by name after translation. But this don´t happen. Finding the icon names inside a bunch of 3.000 phrases is really annoying.

But, when you follow my suggestion about Country names and currency, all this would be pretty easy, cause then all those are gone from the pot file and you can easily identify the icon names.

Thanks for reading and let me know if I can help. And for the language file… I would send it to you (in German), if you like.. after translated the rest.

Regards Digi

Hello Does the extension support Arabic? Thank you

Yes, RTL layout is included for Arabic language, you can easily translate into Arabic language.

Hello, Can i translate the attributes?

You can add attributes in your language, no need to translate.

Is there a multi-language support (preferably WPML) on the roadmap? And if so: About when can we expect it?

how can use loco plugin to tranlate into arabic ?

Please read “Localization” section in documentation to translate your website into your language by using Loco Translate.


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