Area Units Converter - Natural Language Conversion Library

Area Units Converter - Natural Language Conversion Library

Area Units Converter – Natural Language Conversion Library

Area Units Converter is PHP library that provide You possibility to convert area units from/to natural language format in simplest possible way.

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  • 15 supported units of area.
  • Any-to-any units conversion (over 200 combinations).
  • Simple, Standalone, self-based solution.
  • Forever free & unlimited conversions.
  • Free from API’s and any other external services.
  • Building human’s like, customizable sentences from conversion results.
  • Simple to install & easy to use.
  • Only minimal coding knowledge is required.
  • Easy internationalization of units naming.
  • Automatic singular/plular detection for values.
  • Abbreviations & synonyms system.
  • Optimized for less memory usage, only nessesary units are loaded (autoloading).
  • Portable & clean HTML documentation included.

Use Cases

Area Units Converter can be used in many areas.
Following we present few sample cases where Area Units Converter will fulfill it’s role.

  • Integration with dedicated systems which operates on area metrics.
  • Conversion of area units in online games.
  • Building online units conversion website to monetize it.
  • Building units conversion widget to allow convert units by Your visitors.
  • Extending feature of already existing software by adding support for different units of area, instead of single unit.

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Supported Units of Area

Area Units Converter supports 15 units of area.

Singular / Plular

  • Square Millimetre / Square Millimetres
  • Square Millimeter / Square Millimeters (alias)
  • Square Centimetre / Square Centimetres
  • Square Centimeter / Square Centimeters (alias)
  • Square Inch / Square Inches
  • Square Feet / Square Feets
  • Square Foot / Square Foots (alias)
  • Square Yard / Square Yards
  • Square Metre / Square Metres
  • Square Meter / Square Meters (alias)
  • Ping / Pings
  • Cricket Pitch / Cricket Pitches
  • Are / Ares
  • Acre / Acres
  • Football Field / Football Fields
  • Football Pitch / Football Pitches
  • Hectare / Hectares
  • Square Kilometre / Square Kilometres
  • Square Kilometer / Square Kilometers (alias)
  • Section / Sections

Documentation & Samples

Portable version of documentation is included to item files but is also available here.

What’s Included

By purchasing Area Units Converter You will receive.

  • Area Units Converter Files
  • HTML Documentation (Portable)
  • Screenshots
  • Readme file
  • License key