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wonderful man :p good job

excellent work and another needed application :)

wicked idea :)

Thanks everyone 8)


One of the best – wonderfully easy to implement – ingenious tool. Many thanks, mac!

You’re welcome. I am buying the Live Search and KU2D scripts too, if this one is anything to go by! However I see KU2D is still at 1.02 (2010), perhaps you did not see any need for revision(s). Are the messages stored in a database in KU2D? Pl advise.

yes, they are stored in the db – maybe I’ll update the interface when I’ve got some time – I use ku2d by myself too :)

I know you use KU2D yourself, I went there to tick the items I bought or am buying. All I can say even from the demo is that it deserves a higher rating than the 3 stars it has got. Its simplicity is its strong point. Perhaps you woud do well to embellish the interface with bells ‘n whistles (eye candy scores over functionality in these times)! All the best.