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Good luck with selling! :)

Thanks a lot mate :)

Hi, great script, need something like this as part of my project app. How woulsbthebuser credentials etc. be integrated? I mean even like from a WordPress website? I want certain members who have paid subscription to use this.

Hello envirogex and thank you for your interest to out Application. It is quite simple to integrate it with other application or website, we already did it.

There is too many way, for example, in WP case, you could just create a user in the Application when the user has paid in your WP system, it would be like this:

function wp_member_has_just_paid($wp_member_id) { //1. connect to the our App DB (you could set is as separate function) $db = new PDO("mysql:host=$bdd_server;dbname=$bdd_base", $bdd_login, $bdd_password); //2. Create the user with the same WP credentials, like this: $C_Admins = new Admins(); $user_info = get_userdata($wp_member_id); $C_Admins->admin_nom = $user_info->first_name; $C_Admins->admin_prenom = $user_info->last_name; $C_Admins->admin_login = $user_info->user_login; $C_Admins->admin_pass = $user_info->user_pass; $C_Admins->admin_status = 'active'; $C_Admins->admin_role_id = '2' // group ID you want where to integrate the member // Proceed to the creation $C_Admins->add(); }

This is an example, of you course you could get advanced technical support when you purchase the Application. If you need anything else, please do not hesitate, you will be welcome :)

Hello dear i would like to buy it,is it a full script wich i need only to install on my server?? or is it, a script wich i can make companies suscribe and make money for saving they files??

Hello Ericmub,

the installation of the script is too easy, no coding is required, it takes just 2 minutes by giving DB server/login/password and click on “Installation” button as described on the documentation.

It is a full and complete application with all needed functionnalties for any kind of company or even small team or personal freelance. It goes from Users/groups to Menus to Files and even multi-languages interfaces.

For your last idea, yes you could also but I would suggest you to make a separate installation for each new company in order to not have the users of all registered companies mixed together.

If you need anything else please do not hesitate, you will be welcome :)

Hi, I already purchased this but didn’t got the time yet to install nor test the demo until now. I noticed some kind of a bug, that it continuously loading after I clicked on the version of a file from this page: And after viewing and closing this page, it still continuously loading:

Kindly check and thanks a lot in advance.

Should be by the end of this month :)

Meanwhile if you need anything, please do not hesitate.

OK, can’t wait for 2.0… All I needed for now is the removal of welcome screen after login. Want to see the files right away, without going to the main menu with one sub menu which also only have one menu item or 2 clicks of a mouse…

What other features to expect in 2.0? Thanks

No problem, we can support you for no charge for that :)

Just send us via our profile (like you did, we saw your email) the PHPMyAdmin and FTP Access via remote or Teamviewer. So we can make everything working for your with the way you need :)

Thank you.

That’s really good. Could you add material design ui? and send notification to clients?


Sorry, Material Design UI is not planned. Notifications when files are uploaded ?

Hi, let me know if uploaded files can be edited on line. I see that demo version (action->edit) just download the file.

Hello Victor,

no sorry, no edit online is available or planned in the future version :)

It is not the purpose of our product.

... another question: pdf file can be read on line?

This will depends on your browser, it may download it or open it directly :)

looking good. I planning to buy but before I have a few questions.

1- I don t see any support link or forum with this. do you provide a file with details on how to customize etc…

2- Any chane that this can be used off line on desktop (no internet)?

3- Notice that you said you will update version 2.0 soon. will it be before or after end of 2016?


Hello Fayzanre :)

1. Support is provided here in this comment section (as you could see the previous message). We also available by email via our profile message section and even by Skype in case of need. And yes, the product is provided with a detailed documentation which also could be visited online: and even Video tutorials:

2. Of course, it could be used offline. You have just to install it in your desktop/laptop or server. Installation is very easy as you could check in the documentation.

3. Yes, we had a delay for that. We decided to move directly to version 2.1 as we are using some new features suggested by our customers. Note that upgrades versions are lifetime free whenever you buy the product. Our team will not stop improving this product.

If you need anything else, please do not hesitate, we will be glad to support you :)

good job, nicely done ! i wish you all the best for your sales

Thanks a lot for your message. We really appreciate.

Hope we will count you one day between our customers ;)

any way to preview files directly (word, excel, powerpoint etc) ? instead of downloading to preview?

Sorry, not planned for the moment :)

I sent you a messagesince the mooning and until know you d’ont answer to it….

hollow i bought your app and until now i install it and when i launch it in wamp i show many errorr i need your help plase

Hello youcoul,

Of course you will get all the helps you need until you get the application working correctly :)

Could you please give us more information ? Did you follow the documentation step-by-step installation ?

We could also install it for you for free if you send us by email your teamviewer access or a URL access with you DB credentials.

Waiting for your answer :)

think to have helpe me i’m glad the app is working well no …

Hello any updates to your software coming soon?

Hello Mikega1979,

Yes, there will be 2 updates in the next period.

A minor one in the next few days to fix some points and add some new features..

A major one (period not yet fixed) including new functionnalites.

Hello, fantastic app. I think you should do more work on the UI

Hello piusodiahi,

thank you for your nice comment :)

We will sure make improvements on UI design, it is already planned.

Hope we will count you soon among our customers :)

Have a nice day.

When you install the script on a personal server, you can not add files or accounts

Hello groupshgan,

could you please give us more details ? This software works on any type of server.

You could also send us an email with your teamviewer access in order to check and do the necessary.

Have a nice day :)

Dear Sir I Have Purchase Product and I have Install it in A localhost (xampp) and every thing is good. but When I Shut dwon the local host server and try to open the system (Archiving Documents & Share Center | Entreprise Edition) showing this Message (No Application Loaded) Can i Find a solution for this Problem

Hello Ahmed,

this is because the link you are trying to execute is false.

You should use this link http://localhost_or_your_domain/your_application_path/login.php?app=0070

Please change “localhost_or_your_domain” by your URL and “your_application_path” by the path to your application.

Thank you very much for the attention , Problem has been Solved

You’re always welcome :)

Hello I need to purshase your app and i have same questions: - is there a source code support? - is there an update planned with UI improvement?

Hello embahmed,

1. What do you mean by Source code support ?

2. There is a huge update planned but not for UI (at least for now).

Thank you :)

Hello I mean bugs corrections

Of course we do :)

FYI the demo doesnt work!

Thank you for informing us. We will check the issue immediately :)

pls do we are thinking of using it for our company but we mite need some modifications and we need to add it to another dashboard if thats possible .. waiting for your reply thanks

Sure. We can handle this for you. You could contact us by email and expose your needs, our technical team will respond to you ASAP :)