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just a couple of pre-sale questions.

1, Can I add custom ready to use blocks (in categories like pricing, headers, heroes etc…) and use them as a base where I can add elements such as buttons, text etc…

2, If I rearrange the UI a bit, will it still work just fine? I’ll just customize html

3, I would like my clients to log in/ work on projects. Do you have any tips which payment plugin is easy to implement?

4, can this work offline? so a user doesn’t have to run it on a web server?



1. Yes.

2. Yes.

3. Lite version of architect is just javascript/html so you can implement it into pretty much anything!

4. Architect itself does not require a server, but there might be some limitations certain browsers have when using it without a server.

I have problem to create new element, how to add form wizzard like and datepicker like please help me


Take a look into documentation, adding new elements is explained there!

Is ist possible to integrate Architect Lite into an existing Website, only for editing explicit pages? For example a Blogarea, but not other pages, that i dont wont to make editable..


It’s possible, as architect is just javascript.

Really like this! A few things that i noticed on Chrome(mac) is that when you apply a css attribute to and element and go back later to change it, if you check in the editor it has duplicates of the element. Second, when dropping the navbar, if you switch devices to phone, the hamburger menu isn’t visible. Last, if you click in an element sometimes that element ends up somewhere else out of the div its supposed to be in.


Thanks for letting us know, I’ll see if we can correct those for future updates!

Hi, is it possible to use it on existing wordpress site?

The other version is a stand-alone, fully-featured product, so you don’t need WordPress for it. You can certainly use both together, but integrating some functionality might be problematic.

I bought the fully-featured one “Architect – HTML and Site Builder”, how can I used it as front end only like this one? just use some file for editing front-end on existing website?

You can’t really use it like that unfortunately as it’s built on PHP, where as front end version is just javascript and html.

Hello good afternoon. I made an error in your system, I had to buy the Architect – HTML and Site Builder but I bought the “Architect Lite – HTML Builder”, what if I can solve this error I made.

You can do it from help center here

Good morning, contact me with the envato market team but I can not get any response.

It usually takes some time, they should get back to you soon though.