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JFOC Purchased

Is this ready for GDPR ? May 25th 2018 the GDPR is officially apply to all EU


Compliance is down to the individual site mostly and architect does not gather any special information about users.

We’ll also have an option in one of future updates for making it easier to allow user to delete their account and download their data locally.


JFOC Purchased

Do you have any updates to let us able moving the code editor like in the previous previous version ?


We have this on the roadmap, but no ETA for it.

Can I modify adlinkfly script interface through this editor?


Not familiar with that app unfortunately. Can’t say whether it would work properly or not.

Why I am not able to install/build client using npm install or ng build…it gives below error:

npm ERR! Error while executing:

npm ERR! C:\Program Files\Git\cmd\git.EXE ls-remote -h -t

ssh:// npm ERR! npm ERR! Permission denied (publickey).

npm ERR! fatal: Could not read from remote repository.

npm ERR!

npm ERR! Please make sure you have the correct access rights

npm ERR! and the repository exists.

npm ERR!

npm ERR! exited with error code: 128


Could you please create a new ticket regarding that issue here.

As for your other question, could you clarify a bit please?

Clarification on another question:

we have got code with Admin console.

where can i find just form builder code (run with URL: /server/builder/1 ) which i can embed in my application?

I dont want to provide admin console but direct a form builder which allows to create Form.

You could try using it in iframe. There’s no easy way to copy and paste only part of architect into your own application.


tagoror Purchased

Congratulations for this product.

I’m trying to translate the script, but i see some texts are impossible to translate. Not included into the translations options.

Any solution?



Could you please create a new ticket via support tab and include any text you are not able to translate.

i got this error while installing it

SQLSTATE[42000]: Syntax error or access violation: 1064 You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MariaDB server version for the right syntax to use near '-3'' COLLATE utf8_unicode_ci' at line 1 (SQL: ALTER TABLE projects CHANGE framework framework VARCHAR(191) DEFAULT ''bootstrap-3'' COLLATE utf8_unicode_ci)


Could you please create a new ticket regarding this issue here, thanks!

already did


susanu Purchased

Hi, are you planning to update to meet the new requirements of GDPR? I think it is very necessary for the software to continue to be successful


Compliance it mostly down to individual site. What kind of functionality are you looking for specifically?


waltari Purchased

Hello, I would like to ask: will there be “prebuild blocks” in the next version?


We’ve no plans for it at the moment. You can easily create those yourself via custom elements though. See documentation for more information on those.


I have java application hosted on wildfly 11 server, i have bought source code of your application now i want to incorporate Form Builder in my application how can i do it? my architecture is Java API + Angular 4.

Is there any plain version of Form Builder is available which i can easily add in my application?

There’s no other way besides using client folder to do this unfortunately.

Client folder is not at all going to work for me as it is having your static workflow which is not going to work for me.

If you can provide me how can i execute (entering point of it, no path is working for me) only client to see HTML Form Builder that can also help. If you are providing above info then also provide me which files and folder i need to keep.

I have also checked another product from Vebto where I see “Architect Lite – HTML Builder (Front-End Version”)”, is there same code behind?

I see in a provided demo, it is not asking for any login credentials but lands on direct HTML Form Builder.

If “Architect Lite – HTML Builder (Front-End Version”)” is also not working for me then I don’t want this product and want my money back.

There’s no other way to do this as I mentioned, besides using code inside client folder. If this does not work for you, you can request a refund via codecanyon.


JFOC Purchased

An array of element types (html categories), you can find them

Where can I find this elements things in ?

Also in the documentation, I should put custom elements into public/storage/elements

It seems does not work, unless I put inside public/builder/elements/


Could you please create a new ticket via support tab regarding this, comments are intended for pre-purchase questions only. Thanks!

Pre-sales questions. If someone signs up and wants to use their own domain and I’m hosting the domain.. how and can this be set-up?


Currently only sub-domain option is supported. Hosting user’s domain can be done by architect alone, it would need some changes on the server as well.


gacott Purchased

Sorry, totally missing it, how to I upgrade to the latest version?


Take a look into included documentation, it’s explained there.

stripe is not supported in India, Can I replace the code and API of stripe and replace it with alternative of stripe like Payumoney. Will it work?


It would work, but you would need to modify quite a lot of code.

Hello , how are you ? where is the next expected update ?

I need to know how is the best way to upload theme as a Templates to work it right , cause i tried a lots of time and nothing working right .

( If you can make an example video about it , i’ll be thankful to you :) :) ).

Regards :)


We’ve no ETA yet unfortunately. As for templates, if you have any issues, please create a new ticket via support tab and attach a template you have trouble with so I can take a look, thanks!

When users create accounts and create their own pages, are they charged somehow?

So it is a monthly payment and cannot be made a 1-time payment?

Also can I use Stripe payments without using Paypal?

Also can I use coupons to give people a free or discounted option?

I run a webserver and really don’t want to charge my clients, but I do need to charge others attracted to the webpage wanting to purchase because I don’t have that powerful of a setup to allow too many people aboard.

Thanks for the help

It’s only monthly payments currently.

You can use stripe or paypal or both at the same time.

There’s no coupon functionality currently.

Hi guys i have bought and set up and hoping to use it as a saas. Just wanted to know is there any training manual or videos for users (customers) Also when i go to change template when creating a page it doesnt change :)


There are no videos included at the moment unfortunately.

As for the other issue, could you please create a new ticket via support tab regarding it.

Thankyou will do :)

Do you have an Email templates builder that looks like this but is targeted at emails?


We’ve no email builder app currently.


I saw that your builder is quite complex. I want to buy this builder and I need to make some changes. Can you help me with those changes?

Thank you!


What kind of changes specifically are you looking to make?

I would like to add Opt In Form and connect it to my email marketing platform. I would like to add Checkout in which I can add more payment processors. I want members who use this builder to add their own domain.

These would require quite a bit of code changes, you would probably need to hire a freelancer to do these modifications for you.

hi, you can insert a script for cookie and dsgvo accept for users?


We have this on the roadmap, but no ETA yet unfortunately.

Hi, From which file should the user page language change be done? ( /account/settings )


How to change the left menu language on the administrator side?


Hi, Regarding the areas I mentioned, unfortunately there is no change in that part. I looked into the app main directory and could not find the relevant files?

Perhaps I misunderstood your issue. Could you please create a new ticket here regarding this and include your site url, thanks!

ok. thanks I am sending a request.