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Excellent Work! :-)

Thanks :)

Will this work with mailwizz

Yes ! This works flawlessly with MailWizz. :)

very great job, nicely done ! i wish you big sales ;)

Thanks mate :)

Very nice work! Congrats!

Thanks ! :)


Have you fixed my issue? I’ve contact you via support at indigothemes.

Thank you

We checked and found it working on our end and that’s why we requested you to share your wp-admin and mailwizz admin credentials and URLs so that we can check. Please respond to that ticket again with required info and will check. Thanks.

[SOLVED] Thanks for great support.

Pleasure :)

Congratulations! Amazing Work, GLWS :)

Thanks :)

Pre-sales question does it also work with mailerlite and can I map a customer to segment? I can see it can handle a list, but I don’t want to create lists for each and every products. Segments is the best to way create interest groups etc…


Great and useful plugin supported MailerLite – Good job!
In the future could you add functionality?
1. Select whether to add the subscriber to the MailerLite list immediately after placing an order, or only after ordering the status “Realized”.
2. Ability to set / map to each MailerLite list, which field from the WooCommerce order to what field in the MailerLite list. Transfer the phone, address, etc.

Thank you. I’m waiting for the new version.

Thank you for adding the option, but there is a bug in version v1.0.4
-Click the “SYNC SETTINGS” button
-Choose status “Realized”
-Click the “Submit” button and nothing happens the window does not close and the option is not saved.

Please raise a ticket here: and share your WP login URL and credentials and our team will check. Thanks.

Help! I followed the instructions and loaded the plug in, one major issue, it seemed ok, loaded ok. I then went to activate it and I got an http 500 error, I can now no longer access my site!! Please help me this is very urgent

Santosh, thanks for your help. I have raised the ticket

Will check tomorrow. Thanks.

Perfect thanks, I can confirm this is all ok now, brilliant!

Hey! Just a couple of suggestions, to perhaps make this the ultimate WooCommerce AR Plugin:

1. Can we have an option of (silently) subscribing a customer once their email is entered in the checkout page. So it would connect to the list based on the product they were checking out with.

This is how Shopify integrates with its AutoResponders, and it allows us to capture the lead, even if they didn’t purchase. It can be optional to switch it on.

2. Can you also integrate with ARPReach. This is the best self hosted auto responder, and is used by Ryan Deiss amongst others :) It has an API, so should be pretty straight forward.

If you can do #1 above, this would make yours the best WooCommerce plugin out there, equaling the lead capture experience we get from Shopify.

If you can do #2, I’ll buy it 10 seconds after you release it :)

If you can share your ARPReach server credentials and API URL then we can surely integrate this. You can share a ticket here:


Hi, okay we can do that. I’ll raise a ticket.

What about #1 above. Is this something you are willing to do, to enhance your plugin?


No for now but will see if we can do anything in near future releases.

Hello! After buying the plug-in, how many of my sites (domains) can I install it?

I’d like to check if there was an integration of arpReach as described in this link:


No. arpReach is not connected as we don’t have it. If you can provide access to your setup of arpReach, we might consider integrating it.


espavo Purchased

Hi, After installing this plugin I got an error: “Fatal error: Cannot declare class ML_Lists, because the name is already in use in /customers/d/8/3/ on line 40” Apparently something goes wrong because I’m also using the Official MailerLite Plugin. So, I can’t run this plugin, because the error completely overrules my website. I had to restore my site with a backup. Can you help me to get out of this mess? If not, I would like a refund, because I can’t work with this plugin. Thanks!


espavo Purchased

But that’s the thing. I need the Official MailerLite Signup Forms plugin, because all my opt-ins are embedded in my website through this plugin. This plugin is the official one from MailerLite, but it doesn’t help me with the WooCommerce integration/connection. And yours doesn’t help me with the opt-in forms, does it? :/

will check with the team tomorrow.

Please share your wp-admin URL and login credentials with us here: and will check and fix the issue. Thanks.

Hi yr plugin crashes my site, can u tell me why if you can help me can i return it?

hi i still waiting for solving the issue with the plugin

We’ll update the plugins tomorrow.

It’s been approved so please download it from your dashboard. Hope this helps. Thanks.

Hi, i would liKe To use your plugin with mailwizz. I need5to know is is possible To assign product To list in bulk or assign list To category or attribute archives

It works with MailWizz. You can assign any list to any type of user. Hope this clarifies your doubt

Hi i purchase Your plugin but i tneed to add customers who purchase one product to two lists one on mailchimp and one on mailerlite. How to achive that?Kind regards eva

This doesnt support multiple lists.