Discussion on Aquaria contact form builder 5

Discussion on Aquaria contact form builder 5

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Hello, can i add the number field?

Hello, no at this time sorry, but you can add text filed and then change type in index.html file like this. <input type=”text”> to <input type=”number”>


  • Does your system work on linux servers?
  • Will they work on sites with SSL?
  • Can the same system be installed on multiple domains, or is it limited to just one domain?


It looks like this may be an issue with the PHP mail() and GoDaddy’s CPanel hosting. I’ll look into that later today.

I got it working. It’s an issue with GoDaddy CPanel. The email routing needs to be changed from localhost to remote mail exchanger.

I do have a feature request. Can you add in a nl2br( ) so line breaks are passed thru into the email I receive.

I have taken off the contact form from because it’s not working. The captcha image is not showing, and when a message is submitted it gets sent but the modal confirming it never appears. When you contact me I’ll add it back so you can troubleshoot it.

The form is working fine on my site, they’re both hosted on GoDaddy. However the Tumblebus site does not have the cPanel. Does that matter? Is it because of the permissions I mentioned in a previous email? ad6ecfc6-f85c-45a9-8ad8-c13ca59f17cf

Hello, please check your email


Can I use Aquaria contact form builder 5 for more than one website?

Hello, yes you can

with the regular license?

You can create forms as much as you want with the regular license


still using this great software, i have 5.2, happy to pay for the new version but just wanted to know how i can make the email received by me to have come from the person filling in the form, as now it just comes with the server email address as sender. many thanks

No in this version you cant do it, but may be in the next version

thanks for the reply, any idea when you might have the new version ready to sell

hi, hope you are well, still using 5.2, we have changed servers and the form has stopped working any ideas what i should be looking for, thanks

Hey, I bought your great script yesterday and would like to beg you answering me four questions:

- How can I change the height of the message field (Multiple line Module) ?

- After successful form submit there is no pop up showing the „Email has been sending successfully“ ….

- After sending the form it does automatically reset the captcha-code, but not the other fields; how to fix this?

- May one use multiple email receivers? Like:, and so on?

thank you a lot! Joe


1. For that, you have to do it directly in your HTML page. Please find textarea tag and paste your desired height like this style=”height: 64px !important;” on it. So you will get something like this:

<textarea name=”Message” class=”form-control” placeholder=”Message” style=”height: 64px !important;”></textarea>

For 2. 3. Please email me your builder and form link at

4. Yes, you have to input email addresses in Recipient(s) Cc field

Hi I just bought this and am testing it out, but I need the subject of the email received to be what the user inputs, e.g. just like the “name” and “from” is the name they input and the from address is the email they input, I need the same thing for a Subject line, how can we achieve that?

PS – It doesn’t look like the file selected in the file upload/attachment clears out each time you use the form, it tries to show you the same file you had selected previously.

I get this error each submission… Error: captcha code is invalid


Please email me your contact form address at

Hello, I sold Aquaria contact form Builder 5. Everything else can be done, but no form is saved. When I save the created form with Save a project file, I get an error message that the file is not an app and is not assigned a function. If I want to save as a zip file, the button does not respond, what can I do to fix the problems?

Hello, I sold Aquaria Contact Form Builder 5. Everything else is possible, but no form is changed. When I save the transparent form with the project file heard, I get an error message that the file is not an app and is not a function. If I were also heard as a zip file, I wouldn’t feel it. What can I do to fix the problems?


Please email me your contact form builder address at

Hello and thank you for the quick answer. I tried to remove it via WinAmp but it didn’t work now I listened to the online server directly and that’s how it works. Thank you very much and sorry

Okay, If you have any problem to configure it on you server, just email me and I will sand you link where everything is already configured and you will be able to login and use it for your needs

Just purchased and installed on my site. Problem: Captcha is not working once I generated the HTML and added it to my contact page.


Please email me your contact page address at

Thank you for your reply. I figured it out. I thought that I could just generate the HTML and then add that to my web page’s HTML. When I did that, the CAPTCHA didn’t work. I instead used an iframe and nested the form and that did the trick. THANKS!

Hi there… Just done a test on the demo what a superb form generator. I just had one question. When I was creating new modules I couldn’t find how to make a field *required.. I see validation but due to the reading of the text I couldn’t workout what that meant. Are you able to confirm that I can add require to the fields? Thanks

Thank you ))

Just in regards to validation, are you meaning “No validation” “Empty value validation”? If so, may I suggest to use words like “Required” “Not required”... more user friendly I think … thanks

Absolutely true, thanks

Hi, I bought your form script as I thought it was a form script, but it’s a form designer?

I thought I would give it a try and tried to run it on my server and I cannot get it to load the page?

I can load the page on my windows computer, but the page doesn’t want to know the server?

Anyway, this is not what I was looking for, so would you please refund as I want a form script with database backend.

My licence code is: 45c0d5d2-7f11-417e-8709-b61b285c33ce

I’m sorry to ask.

Merry Christmas.


This is a form builder where you can set up your mail addresses, input styles, and use build forms for getting user’s responses from your web page.

It doesn’t use database, just direct email messages.

Hi, I realised that after I bought it. To try and not let you down, I tried to use it, it worked on my windows computer but wouldn’t do anything as I have no web server installed for security, but I could not get it to run on my Linux server, it just shows a blank page? Do you offer a form builder script with s database backend? Please refund this purchase as this is of no use to me. Thank you for your reply, it means a lot and have a good Christmas, let’s hope next year is a better one with this corona virus ended. Chris

Okay n.p. You can request refund. I will accept.



This form is impossible to make work for us as many conflicts within existing .JS and .CSS files on my html page which means form cannot work without conflicts and lots of extar work to recode. Please can you issue a refund as this is not workable solution for me,

Thanks Stew

Hello Stew,

Okay you can request a refund


Yes I sent a request – can you approve

please refund dont work on namecheap hoating

I’ve checked the link you sent to me.. Seems working, please provide more info what doesn’t work exactly


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