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ymy Purchased

Hi there,

I placed a demo in this root But no messages are received Please your solution.

Thank you

Here are some solutions

1) Please check your email junk folder. 2) Make sure that you typed your email correctly and rebuild form. 3) Sometimes there is hosting mail service problem please contact your hosting andministrator.

Hello, when you update to SMTP it is a great script, great to have settings for smtp!

Yes I know, thank you


seboons Purchased

Hi ! I’m Seb from Lyon – France.

Great job !Aquaria form generator is real marvellous.

But, i have a technical problem with the php code and the sent mail.

The name of the sender that appears is the server name.

I can not change this in the code.

Can you help me?

Thanks a lot


Yes. Please sand your “dataToMail.php” file to me.. and note the name of the sender


seboons Purchased

ok, it’s done. i’ve sent the file in your mail. Thanks


Great script, well done!

If we want to add a second email to a web admin of the site, how would we do it from an editor after we have applied the code, files and scripts to a site?

I noticed the dataToMail.php has the current email address.

1. Do we add a second email address here and how would it be coded?

session_start(); $P = 'a:14:{s:5:"debug";s:1:"0";s:11:"captchaStat";s:1:"1";s:11:"rec_email_t";s:22:"This is Submitted Data";s:9:"rec_email";s:25:"";s:11:"rec_email_s";s:44:"Message from Dan OShea Contact Page";s:16:"from_email_input";s:5:"Email";s:13:"err_captcha_t";s:18:"Error captcha code";s:15:"empty_captcha_t";s:21:"Captcha code is empty";s:12:"sent_email_t";s:32:"Email has been sent successfully";s:15:"sent_email_body";s:81:"Thank you! your message has been received and we get in touch as soon as possible";s:14:"err_somthing_t";s:24:"Error email has not sent";s:9:"cc_emails";s:0:"";s:10:"bcc_emails";s:0:"";s:10:"files_prop";a:4:{s:9:"file_size";s:1:"1";s:8:"file_ext";s:3:"all";s:13:"file_size_err";s:14:"File too large";s:12:"file_ext_err";s:22:"Invalid file extension";}}';//Params

2. If we have to add the second email address to another file, which file and how? (Meaning, how would the separation of email addresses be – with a comma, colon, etc.) Please show by example.

Thank you!



Please don’t public my code here.You can email me at to get support in that case.

Thank you

I have just sent you instructions at

Hello I would like to change the email Of the one who will receive the form but I have an error at the top of the page ….. Is it possible to change it easily without creating the form again ? Thanks a lot

Yes you can… I will send to you instructions

In dataToMail.php you can find s:9:”rec_email”;s:?:””

Count chars of value and write that number after “s:” instead of “?” . In this case string “” contains 13 chars. and it will be s:9:”rec_email”;s:13:””

Thanks It works perfectly :)

I just purchased your module to generate forms but it does not seem to want to generate the form:

Location is right here:

When I click generate form – nothing happens. Please help.

I tried this a second time and on 2 different computers – when I hit the generate button nothing happens. Is there a file i need to set an action property to via ftp or something?

Tested it on my Mac it worked fine however not on 2 different PCs and my chrome is up-to-date.

Please email me your new form builder location

Hello!!! I would like put two diferents forms in the same page.html, but I don’t Know to do with dataToMail.php. Only work the first form, the second form don’t work…Is there a call or script code for this? thanks

Hello. You can do it easily with <iframe> tag.

1) create different forms 2) upload each in different location 3) in page.html insert iframes

<iframe src=”yourContactForm1/index.html” style=”width: 100%;”></iframe>

<iframe src=”yourContactForm2/index.html” style=”width: 100%;”></iframe>

Thanks so much!!! perfect and easy!

You are welcome :))

does it support RTL?

Unfortunately not

Error email has not sent.

Hello I have a problem that is the following message sending a message:

- Error message not sent

Hello I have a problem that is the following message sending a message:

- Error message not sent

Hello, please generate form again and double check your email address is correct and upload once again.. if error appears email me your hosing account information and I will check it