AQStore UI - Xamarin Forms E-commerce UI

AQStore UI - Xamarin Forms E-commerce UI

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AQStore UI – Xamarin Forms E-commerce UI Supporting Android & iOS

This is a Short UI version of our AQStore Shopify App

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This is an E-commerce App complete UI Build on Xamarin Forms

This is not only UI but also build on clean MVVM pattern.

You will find Business Logic, View Models, Models and Views with custom controls, custom Views, Renderers and Animation Extensions, specially Light and Dark Themes and Multilingual Support

Project Features

  • Complete Ecommerce UI
  • Custom Renderers and Custom Views
  • Multilingual Support
  • RTL & LTR Support
  • Light & Dark Themes
  • Animations & Custom Controls
  • Responsive Designs for Android & iOS
  • Comments Mentioned to Understand Code

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Latest Update 30-05-2021

2 New Themes

Light Theme

Dark Theme

Login/SignUp Screens


Not Included code which are easily available on Blogs because We don’t want to use their code for commercial purpose, so here are some useful links to complete the Application

Payment Gateway Integration

Braintree Payment Gateway

Credit Card Scanner

Xamarin Card Scan Plugin

Credit Card UI

Credit Card Payment UI in Xamarin Forms

Version 1.0

Products & Details

Collections & Checkout

Profile & Settings

Dark Theme