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Hi dear,
Great idea and implementation! GLWS.
I think if you change the business model of plugin to SaaS you can be successful because implementing and using your code needs technical requirements but you can create a service that does all of them automatically! Like what AppPresser is doing but in better way! Also you can create Android version in that site!.

BetterStudio, Ali


..and thank you very much for you kind words and your suggestions.. never heard of AppPresser before.. I’ll take a look for sure.. Thank you again!

Does this allow for comments or likes on posts? Can it read a blog that is hidden?

No it doesn’t work with comments or likes on posts and I don’t know if can read an hidden blog.. never tried before.. if you give me your url I can make a test..


ipadwo Purchased

Will there be Push Notifications?

No at the moment..

How does this handle photo gallery posts?

To be honest I don’t know because I’ve never tried.. if you install Rest Api in your wordpress website and give me the url, I can show you a preview on how it works..

Hi, Offline Article Save Option Can be added in future ? Thanks

At the moment, I say no.. :)

It is posible to comment or login with the wordpress user on the app?

No sorry..


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Can you provide some info about adding custom fields to the template? I’m using ACF and would like them to show up in the app.

I’m relatively new to iOS programming, but I’m also failing to see where the post content is handled in the layout. There’s nothing on the storyboard for it… I’m clearly missing something.

Hi and thanks for your purchase..

If you have setup correctly your categories path in “config.swift”, and you still can’t have access to your category, could be a problem of the plugin.. which version of wordpress do you have installed?


arains Purchased

Categories and posts show up just fine. I would just like to add some further fields to the iOS template that I’ve created with Advanced Custom Fields. I can’t find where, in the code, fields from Wordpress are pulled into the code of the iOS template.

I don’t know how it works “Advanced Custom Fields”.. by the way, in the code, you specify the path of your category in “config.swift”.. this path is used in “NewsViewController.swift” in the function “getBlogPosts”.. this function call the WP Rest Api, and show the categories..

One of the best work, good luck with sales

Thank you! :)

How do we install all the dependencies for the project, there are no installation instructions that explain what steps are needed to get everything setup correctly so that the project compiles. Please advise what I need to do to install all of the various dependencies used by the project so that the project compiles on my computer.


You don’t have to install anything.. If you have the latest version of Xcode (8.2.1) the project should build and run without any issue..

Did you open the ”.xcworkspace” file? (NOT the .xcodeproj)

If you still can’t build the project, probably there are some wrong settings in your xcode.. let me know the specific error you get..


How can I make the menu categories go to a page on my wordpress website instead of a category? I want to add my about page.

Thank you


is you the guy who requested the refund?

support iframe mp3 player on wordpress site?

No sorry..