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do you have Android version?

No I’m sorry

Hello, the first screenshot is a simple tableview with a specific link related to the category on wordpress. For the second screenshot, what do you want to achieve specifically?

yes,how to maske a simple tableview link related to the specific categories on wordpress?

The link format is the url of your website + the name of the category. For example http://www.mywebsite.com/NAME-OF-MY-CATEGORY Take a look at the documentation in the template zip file and if you have other questions let me know..

hello .. do u have android version ?

No I’m sorry..

Hi, can I provide a rss feed url not comming from Wordpress ?

No I’m sorry.. the app use the Wordpress REST API plugin..

is giving me trouble with the import Kingfisher what do you do? thanks

No. The app home page must be your home website, otherwise the other categories links won’t work.


yanser809 Purchased

in what format does the picture has to be to show up on the front page?

The same of the post: “medium”, “large” or “full”

please sorry i am a victim of a plugin that didnt worked “iwappress” – i need an app that wont have problem when i want to publish in iOS app store. dear Author am i in the right place? ready to purchase please be sincere. thanks

The app use WP-REST-API and WP-REST-API Filter Plugin, that at the moment, works.

The app WP was incredibly functional in my previous mobile but when I have switched to iPhone 7s recently, I’m really worried that it is not quite functioning a sit used to be. i think https://applesupportnumber.net/apple-support-uk/ might help me out as it did earlier.

Sorry but I don’t understand.. the app works great on my iPhone 7. What’s your issue?